Thursday, February 26, 2009


Watched the great speech. It was written up in the mass media as the state of the nation speech. When I was a kid, and certainly a little older, it was called the state of the union address. I guess they want to do away with any thoughts that we are a union of states and we are now just a nation. What the hell. We had the best deal on the whole planet and the dumbasses are wanting to change the rules. And like I have been telling people this morning, what they do doesn't matter as far as what WE think. If we think that we can prevail in an emergency situation then the powers that be will have a horrible time changing us even the slightest little bit. They are sort of like teenage punks who think to challenge a group of adults. The adults put up with it for a while and then they kick the shit out of the kids and run them away.

I listened to Obama make his big speech and he did a fine job. That boy has a lot of hope and faith. And he is printing the money to cover his ass. Think for a minute about what government can actually do. They can tax and spend. They can punish and kill. And they can make huge orations full of bombast and hyperbole. You could call this orating ability PROPAGANDA. And that is essentially what government can do. All the work is left up for WE THE PEOPLE to get accomplished. And the politicians take huge amounts of credit when WE THE PEOPLE are successful. They award themselves pay raises and all kinds of perks and pleasures. You are merely told to keep consuming. So I will continue to keep consuming. I will consume wild game and homegrown vegetables. I will consume eggs I get off the Amish. Yessir! I will be a good little consumer. I already have enough ammo and guns to last me a long, long time. And so do a lot of my friends in survivalism.

Obama did everything last night but cure cancer and he promised that would be done. I was so proud. Spending money is such a powerful effort of labor. And Obama was working very hard. He spoke for 51 minutes. We should be honored. But in talking about the nations problems this morning with the Handmaiden I was confronted with the idea that we would be much better off if we just shut down most of the government. The drugs they sanction don't cure us. The food they qualify poisons us. The emergencies they are supposed to handle are not handled at all. The wars they fight are never over. So what good are the bastards? I can grow more beans in my garden that Obama can grow in his. So just shut the motherfuckers off. Run them out of town and let us go about our business. Of course that ain't gonna happen. I watched all of those folks in D.C. last night all shaking hands and kissing and hugging. You talk about an inbred bunch of folks! And they have power and they are not going to give it up. I dwell on the strange tendency of all problems to try and solve themselves. Error being it's own reward. But problems really do want to be solved and solved in a manner that is correct.

I have had an epiphany and I will share it with you. My mind is on some close friends who suffered 4 or 5 years each before they died in the flesh, before they passed on to the next school or realm. I think that amount of time they spent suffering was what the Bible called their regeneration. Their self nature was being burnt out. The nature they manifested before the world was is being brought back to the fore. So you want to follow someone in their regeneration? Get ready to have your ass kicked. You are not going to take your human nature back up to heaven and try to have it live before God. He don't want it. He wants that pure soul that seeks after Him.

Stay alive.



TEAM HALL said...

Oh Michael! Your epiphany has me weeping this morning!!!
I have read your posts for quite some time...but this one really touched me!
Thank you for writing the way that you do!

Bitmap said...

This is not correct:
"The emergencies they are supposed to handle are not handled at all."

The "emergencies" are largely created by the government to allow them to "solve" them.

If you don't force bankers to loan money to people that probably won't pay it back, then you won't have a crisis like this.

Staying Alive said...


Each human spirit reacts a little differently to the feeling of the spirit of God. Some shed tears, some laugh, some sing, some dance. But no matter what the reaction may be, the spirit behind it is the same for us all. I'm a tear shedder myself. A casual observer might think I am in misery, but really I am very happy.


riverwalker said...

It is indeed most unfortunate that our government has failed to solve most of the problems they have inadvertly created through their somewhat misguided efforts at helping.