Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday was a great day. Today ain't been too bad either. I had Dragon and Big John get me going yesterday and I had the audacity to buy $100 worth of preps today. Mostly food but I am getting some firesteels from over at I am convinced of their worth when the chips are down. Tomorrow the wife and I are going to our shooting range and get tuned in a bit. She will probably shoot her Ruger 10-22 and I will go with Mr. Wingmaster. Nothing like getting your enthusiasm kicked into a little higher gear. Makes the air a little more pleasant. I hate to think what will happen to folks who have not prepared when the shit hits the fan. I reckon you will just have to get in the squad car and go along with the program. Me, well, I'll be standing my guard mount with my 12 gauge and thinking about that home grown supper I will be having when my shift is over. I reckon the unprepared will be hoping for the best from their masters at the FEMA camp. To make things go quicker they will probably be offered the reward of a sucker when they willfully accept their chip. They will be offered the choice of Lime or Orange. The guards will take all the Strawberry for themselves. I will offer them a lead treat. Hot and fresh. Served up quick and sudden. Hell yes.

You know, I never dreamed America would turn out like it has in my lifetime. We were the light of humanity. We had fair play and good opportunity. There was some problem with racial things but we got started cleaning that up in the 60's. Our reputation was pretty clean. You could be proud to be from this country. But we are turning into a dog-eat-dog people with very few scruples to inhibit us. Drugs, homosexuality, crooked financial dealings, a lack of respect for God, the glorification of Hollywood, and numerous other assaults on the human character have pulled us down in the pit. And in turn it has pulled the other nations of the world down there also. We were once the idol of the world and now we are the scumbags of humanity. But I will not accept that scumbag title. I have tried to live my life as clean as I knew how. I have raised my kids to be honest and forthright. I have tried to follow God and his order, his rules. But it does not seem to be a much of a difference in the state of life's affairs. The people went another direction and they will pay the price. And the price will be paid all over the world A small minority will try to do the right thing. A small minority will try to survive and bring forth a little decency to the world. But the majority will persevere in their wretched ideals and will be flushed down the commode of history.

Do you have any idea what the value of having these survivalist bloggers and radio people telling you what is coming down is worth? It may very well be worth your life. I listen and read and it amazes me how much work and time goes into telling you all about what we could be facing. Is anyone getting the message? I think we mostly preach to the choir but I reckon that is okay too. The choir needs up lifted like everyone else on this planet. The thing that plagues me is that how many are doing their best to get out of harms way and be able to stay free and be fed when this thing gets to rolling. Did you see the article on Mexico on the front of Foxnews.Com this morning? Mucho grande murders taking place down there. The mayor of some town has moved to the USA in order to keep his family alive. Trade is being blocked, which is no skin off my nose, but a lot of Mexicans are losing their ability to make a decent living because the narco punks are taking over down there. And people are being killed like flies. There is no peace. Just killing. And they are going to do their best to bring it to the USA so get your ass ready. Most of the punks are spray and pray guys so you who can get prepared with some accuracy practice will have a decided advantage. Remember, you want those guys to see THEIR buddy's blood misting in the air. They see that a couple times and they will not be brave at all. Cause most punks, American, Mexican, whatever, are basically cowards and are afraid of dying and afraid to face another man. They do not like to deal with people who will fight back. And survivalists are telling you to get ready to fight back! It can save your life and the lives of your family and friends. There are regions where it is common for a man to be ready to fight back, and there are places where the sissies have castrated men to the point that they think 911 will save them. 911 ain't gonna get the job done, folks. 911 gets you the police stenographer to come out and write a report about how you died. It does not protect you from the initial encounter.

Being prepared is a difficult thing in this country. The sick mind is so prevalent in our society. People don't like preppers because they think it is wrong to prepare for something they don't want to see happen. You see the logic of that don't you? HAH! The sickos do not want to realize that the best defense is a good offense. They want to believe that the government will take care of them. Well, the government WILL take care of them, about like you might take care of some extra groundhogs in your garden. It is sad that things have come to this. But there is a better world, I believe, just on the other side of the storm. A place where we can rebuild a land of milk and honey. A place where honor and loyalty to the cause mean something. A place where free men dwell with their free families and friends. I look forward to it and I look forward to staying alive.



Joel the K said...

God bless you Michael. I found canned chunk-chicken like in a tuna can yesterday. For $1.29 each. A really good price for chicken. We are switching over from tuna to chicken on the preps. I think we would get burnt out on tuna long before chicken. Just touching base with you, and tell you about the canned chicken. Oh, Krogers is where we got the chicken. Be readin ya.

Publius said...

Nice post Michael.
Yes, the resistance and anger that you get for prepping is amazing. I do not tell anyone anymore.. for one thing, I do not want them to line up at my door when things go down.

Natog said...

Great post.

Cracks me up to think how many people will be mashing 911 on their phones with cops already unable to handle the crisis. How many will die because they thought guns were evil. Too bad a gun is an inanimate object as evil as a rock or tree. It's the person using the gun that's evil, or good.

Dr. Richard said...

I have gotten little resistance or anger for prepping. Most of the resistance comes from my wife. I am very open about the need to prep and store food but I give no hint what so ever of the depth of my stock pile or of anything associated with security, guns, or ammo. Even my wife does not have access to my inventory data and has no clue about how much ammo or food I have stocked.