Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was on the Big John Lipscomb show Tuesday night. As usual it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed Big John's company. We touched on several things and I hope you all got to listen, as Big John was bringing out a lot of stuff you won't hear on corporate media. And a lot of it was provable and not tin hat stuff that a lot of radio people like to talk about. Sensationalism is a waste of time in this current distress. Reality is much too apparent to mess with bullshit. Big John and I both agreed that the states running out of money was a good thing. It is shutting down the system little by little and you take any victory you can get. I brought out the fact that the states will use the lack of money to bring to a halt programs that the people can use or that they like and they will continue those that are disliked. Never give a tax payer an even break!

One of the money and banking scribes has brought out the fact that we have given the banks more money that they are worth. Time to bring that to a screeching halt and start a new banking system. Limit what they can do, abolish the federal reserve, and screw this fractional banking system. People need to learn to live within their means. I know my wife and I have to do that and if we screw up we pay the penalty. So we look things over pretty close before we make a move. Life is better that way. Our finances are pretty open to the both of us. We both know pretty much what the hell is going on with the money. There is two trillion dollars that has disappeared from the Social Security fund. Where did it go? There was two trillion dollars reported by Donald Rumsfeld a couple days before 9-11 as being gone. Where is it? There is untold amounts of money missing from our banking institutions. Where is it? Have we been ripped off? Our major industries, those we still have, say they have lost untold billions of dollars. Well who won the money? Many questions unanswered but still being pondered. We must never for get to look for the answers. If we are faithful in this, we will get answers sooner or later. And do not forget the two trillion dollars in cash that Bush had printed up three years ago. Where is it? Why don't we hear about it? And I keep remembering that statement that a failed government's last act is to loot the country. Someone will find out where the money is and we will know. We will find out where the hideouts are and who is living in them. Then we can hunt them down and kill them. Not because they took the money but because the are such horrible bastards deep down in their souls. We will make it an act of cleaning the gene pool. The gene pool needs a big dose of chlorine anyhow. Chlorine, fresh air and sunlight will do wonders for us who remain.

And I would like to know how many of you are planning on doing a goddamn thing about this mess I have described in the previous two paragraphs? How many of you have felt a quickening, a resolve to beat this system of rip-off and bondage? Or do you just finish the post and go on to your next amusement? You are getting ripped off! Your very livelihood is being gutted by the parasitic bastards who are in control. And they are spitting in your faces because they sense no danger from brain dead TV addicts. They sense no danger from those who are in bondage to banks and debt and feebleness. They sense no danger from people who can not make up their fucking minds to fight back. They sense no danger from people who are ruled by paper! That's right. You are ruled by paper. If you misbehave you get a bad paper from the system. You get repossessed. You get foreclosed upon. You get eviction notices. All bad paper. But your good name and your credit rating is tied up in all of that system bullshit. Screw that! Your name will be honored by those who fight the good fight. If you can get some land of your own and get some shelter and grow some food you have broken the bonds of paper that now bind you. Scissors beat paper and so do matches. Get rid of your bonds. Get rid of the ties that bind you to this corrupt system. Strengthen the spine that the good God gave you. Get up off your ass and get out into the country and get to building a new life! You can do it if you really try. But you have to have the guts and the resolve to make the initial move.

Priorities are a big thing in life. And you have to pay attention to what you are doing. You can't build a house unless you have some land. So there is where you start. You must get out of town! You must get your name on a piece of ground one way or another. And then you must get your garden in and a shelter in place. These are necessities for us poor folks. Once you get this underfoot then you can get you some guns and ammo, for you will have something to protect at that point. What the hell is the point of having arms if you don't have anything to fight for? I guess you could be prepared to fight for your point of view but that can be a bit stifling. If I got armed for everyone who disagreed with me I would be carrying my shot gun just to go to the toilet!

I'm gonna do something I never do. I'm gonna cross post from This guy is pretty cool and I think he has his head screwed on properly. This is a post from February 15 of this year.

enough bitching... Yep, just had to add... I know my last few posts haven't been very positive... just venting about the bad stuff. I still have to say, even with all that bullshit, the land is great, its nice to finally be out in the country, and I really enjoy all the hard work. It doesn't really feel like work when its your own land. I've been outside from about 6am till its dark and if it would stay light longer I think I would keep working. I got a riding mower and I've been tearing shit up out there... having a blast, its even got a cup holder... lol... I have a feeling my beer would shake right out though. I guess my point was, all said and done, even with the bullshit that is sure to come with it, the move is worth it. Its nice to have some kind of freedom in a time when we have less and less.
This guy plays some kickass music while his page is up for reading. He has a strong country feeling so be advised. I really enjoy him.

Stay alive.


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The show was great, as always Michael. And thanks for the link, great blog!