Monday, February 9, 2009


Still hanging loose in Boise. Working to finalize what I can under my current confinements. Am moving some supplies to "Alternate Locations." Going in with In-Laws already running that small farm for Seed & Meat Animals. We are also buying them things they need but don't have the cash, while we have the cash but not the property. Will start some Bug Out to Tents on their Land Drills shortly.

Had a sit down chat with the misses about what was going on & what I see coming. She doesn't like to hear it, too much Gloom & Doom for her. I point out to her all of my Annual Hurricane Preps (Done in April) while we lived in LA that she thought were quite silly, until of course August 29th, 2005!

We have gone to Standing Yellow Alert, certain items do be done without fail to maintain a CSOR, Constant State of Readiness. As I used to tell some of my foolish co-workers in LA when a storm was looming in the Gulf, "What do I have to do to get Ready? Absolutely Nothing!"

Sure made handling the Katrina Khaos at our jobs a lot easier! And the Post-K World as it was called seriously SUCKED ASS!

But we still lived out of our house for 8 Days while it was Grid Down except for Water! It wasn't great, but it was home. My wife thought I was enjoying it too much because I finally got to deploy all my Emergency Shit!

Going to be Snowing on me for the next 3 Days, try to stay warm over there!

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