Friday, April 2, 2010


Lots of people prepping and getting it right. It's not all fun and games but it is valuable and effective. Today I have a friend coming to visit. He is ex-Special Forces and knows a thing or three. We will palaver and then maybe go look at some possible sites for defense of our property. The road is narrow and full of turns. We will see what pops up on the defensive area. I don't think you can get too familiar with your home ground. I sorta follow the guy who says to NOT defend your home site but defend a few miles up the road from your home site. You don't want to be fighting around the women and kids if you can help it. Makes sense to me and thus I will operate on that principle. We are not big into suicide bombers and that sort of thing so we will try and protect as many of our people as we can. No movement of martyrs around here. We be preppers, not suicides.

Just got back from looking over the terrain with my Special Forces friend. He knows what he is talking about. We looked at choke points and things like that. An interesting point he made was that any civil war fought in the US is going to be a quarter mile to a half mile war. Long shots. Not expected to be a "carbine" war at all. .308 shooters will appreciate this information. I think you defensive minded guys out there will know of what I speak. If I am not clear enough email me privately for greater detail.

Things are looking to get rough, I think and those who are prepared for that sort of thing will probably come out on top. I keep getting "Autosave Failed" notices while I type this. I ain't getting paranoid or nothin' but it does make a fella wonder. Now it is telling me that cannot be contacted. That means I can't publish or save. Lookin' bad for the home team. I heard a company makes a 52 caliber black powder rifle with rifling in the bore. Sure is an interesting concept to dwell upon. Huge glob of lead. It could make life HELL for a helicopter.

But like I was saying, things are looking a little rough for the citizenry right now. This Obama creature does not want to be the guy who has the country slip out of control on his watch. And I can see that. No one wants to fail at their job and responsibility. But some of us would consider him having a failure as being a great success for us, at least in the area of prepping and Obamacare. But a lot of folks I talk to think there is gong to be big trouble in this country and it will take .30 caliber ammo to take care of it. My latest estimate says that our real danger is from people coming in to take your food and what ever else you have. They will come in between three and six in the morning, the time when the earth is deeply asleep. It is also the time the bars let out in some places. Stop them at a choke point and wipe them out. Stop the advance and pour it on them. Don't let them get past you and get to your living area. You are in deep trouble if you do. That is all for today. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

Great post Michael, and I like the idea of the 52 caliber black powder rifle with rifling in the bore for hitting a helicopter. Great info Michael keep up the good work. Pete

Mayberry said...

This is something I'm trying to work into the skulls of my kin. They're too "pistol happy". They need big bore rifles. They do have shotguns for close in work, but nothing to "reach out and touch someone"....

Shy Wolf said...

That "autosave" on blogger has been acting up a few months now- so far it's worked when I post, or it will eventually save- just takes a while for Blogger's puters to catch up with all the new info coming in from us writing at the same time- my opinion, anyway.
I think it's going to be a .30 caliber war as well, though in this neck of the woods a 400 yard shot is a long ways through the trees.
Happy Ressurection Day, Michael.

chinasyndrome said...

Bad news fellas.R3V and I were researching this very subject on minuteman,because I found an older F.M. called active air defense.His contacts in military say the only thing that will penetrate newer aircraft including attack helicopters is 338 laupua mag and 50 bmg.


Mayberry said...

China, aim for the intakes. Even .223 will play hell with turbine blades. Take out the engines, and down she goes. If a few compressor blades are "liberated", they will slice and dice their way through the engine, even coming out through the housing, cutting fuel lines, hydraulic lines, wires.... Trust me, "FOD" (foreign object damage) is a huge concern. Note the fact that birds getting sucked through the engines have brought down jumbo jets. A few well placed rounds will do the same. On foreign enemy aircraft only, of course.....

chinasyndrome said...

Mayberry,makes sense.