Friday, April 9, 2010


It's a great day "to go to the tavern and talk a little treason." I got that line from "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and a cast of great actors. And I am in love with the concept. Like I was telling Remus this morning, I am not a member of any country who has laws against thought crimes. I think I can talk about any goddamn thing I want to and that is the end of the matter. I can say what I want, write what I want, make a movie of what I want, and act out on stage anything I want. And if the fedgov does not like that they can get close enough so that I might spit in their faces.

Like I was saying yesterday, we must get prepared to get out in the streets this Summer. It is going to be one hell of a show as we battle Obama and the New World Order for the rights and well being of the people of this country. They wish to enslave us and we wish to remain a free people, so there is this rub. Me, I like that freedom stuff and I think I will take that side of the contest. And my God, it is going to be tough. Tough as hell. The enemy is not going to give up without a helluva fight. They will bring troops in from where ever they can get them so be ready to face folks you don't know. There will be US troops but maybe not all that many. But Canada might put some in here and Mexico could do the same. Don't know about England, Europe and Russia and China and some others. But there are a lot of backstabbers in this world and it may be an ideal time to get rid of a bunch of them. They compost, don't ya' know. Hah!

But it is going to take hundreds of thousands of us. We cannot go into this with a handful of guys and expect to come away with the win. It ain't gonna work thataway. And the more guys you can put into the fray at the beginning the shorter the battle will be. Hit 'em big right from the first and don't let up. Take all the weapons and ammo you can carry off the battle field. The enemy has some neat stuff and there is no sense letting it lie around useless. Those Barrett 50 calibers are some hard hitting muthas and are particularly usefull. Any hand held missiles will make a big difference also. Don't be afraid to take command of any drones that come across your path. Those suckers can wreck havoc from the sky. If you don't have anyone who can use them you may as well destroy them so they can't be used against you later. Don't leave them behind, what ever you do.

I am thinking of getting a back pack to carry a few things in case I am engaged against the enemy. An old guy with a bad heart can use a few creature comforts during a lull in the battle. A rope and a couple tarps and a change of clothes and some food would be a nice little stash to have with you. A couple blankets would be good. A fire steel would be nice to have along. Some tinder seems like a good idea. And of course that old favorite, an army mess kit, will be necessary for food and beverages. The Handmaiden just informed me that she is getting us all some larger personal firesteels with a striker on the cord with them. I informed the Handmaiden that SHE is not going with me to do any fighting. She agrees with this but thinks an escape bag would be nice. The bag is going to be a backpack. 'Nuff said.

The point I wish to emphasize most strongly is to get your ass out of the house and get to the party. This time it will not be a matter of waiting to see who goes first. YOU GO FIRST. I'll be coming in from another road to join you. And we have to go! If we don't show a strong resolve we will just get put on trucks and put into camps. When it happens, GO, GO, GO! This is how we will win and be able to face our grandkids. Hundreds of thousands of us must show up for the festivities. We cannot back down. We can not stay at home and expect Ol' Luke and Joe Bob to handle it. You and me have to go and give a hand in this reckoning of our future. It is mandatory if we want to be free, if we want our self respect, if we want to be considered as men.

And this must be take place all over this broad land of ours. We are too damn many for them to whip us if we get on with the fight. We have them out numbered by a terrible margin. If we all show up they are on a suicide mission. They can't whip all of us! No goddamn way! The answer lies in us getting off our butts and going to the battle. When you get the word that it is going to happen near you, get up and go! Bring other folks if need be. Just don't neglect to come yourself. We can't win without you. Coast to coast should show us fielding an army of about three million people, armed and on the field ready to fight. There ain't an army in the fucking world that can match that! We have the victory if we will but get off of our asses and get to the battle. Hope to see you there. And stay alive!



Tattoo Jim said...

We keep an E&E bag for every one in the house... Just the basic's any meds you may need.. A G19 and spare mags in each.. Because ya never know !!

Mayberry said...

I've been ready...

Northwoods said...

I'm just waitin' for that "sound of the guns"..
And I'm gettin' damned impatient!