Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's a lovely day outside. It may be too hot except for a very nice breeze on the porch. But it is sunny and pretty and I like it.

I was reading George Ure this morning and found out the El Centro, California is actually 50 feet below sea level. If you live in the Imperial Valley I would get the hell out of there. All those after shocks from the Baja Ure-thquake have produced gurgling sounds under the surface of the soil. Could be the "Fountains of the Earth" are about to open up and get things a bit wet out in sunny California. But it is okay with me. That will protect land in Arizona from being invaded so easily. Things just seem to work out. Ure had a writer tell of a very vivid color dream of a mass evacuation from southern California. Same old stuff: bumper to bumper traffic. Lots of wrecks and burning vehicles. Devastation. Black clouds in the sky. You now what I mean. All the lovely things we have talked and read about for the last few years. And I am starting to believe in them more than ever. I know certain things that others don't. I have the clues to what is meaningful and what may not be meaningful. And some of these reports I hear of dreams scare the hell out of me. Actually they don't scare me at all. I think I will make it through just fine. And I think people like Pete Smith and Mayberry and others will cruise through will little problem. I also have friends like Pale Rider and Terrance Maddox to come on and move in here. Pretty stout hearted men. Make wonderful allies but fearsome enemies.

The new water filter with the Black Berkey filters is being completed this morning. Looking at lots of good clean drinking water in the future. I finally got the dope on the Primer system. It's a piece of cake and is really simple if they will just explain it. The Handmaiden is going to buy 4 more filters a.s.a.p. Tomorrow we are to start the actual installation of our wood cook stove. Just getting too damn close to Cap and Trade for me to let it go any longer. I told my neighbor I had the stove to cook with and he said he had the wood. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Terrance Maddox cautioned me to get the wood stove hooked up for emergencies and for outrageous utility cost raises. We should get on that tomorrow while my brother-in-law still can use his battery driven drill to get the stove pipe screwed together. You just never know when this crazy bunch in Washington is going to pull some sort of crap that will ruin things for the rest of us. I went to my BIL and saw the water filter first hand. It's working like a champ. Lots of clean water in our future. and clean water is VERY important. And tomorrow we DO install the new cook stove. That will get Maddox off of my back. And things are coming together. I am missing my friend Charles Bell right now. I believe he is out of the country and I will be glad when he returns. He and I think a lot on the same topics. He is a prepper to the max.

I was reading a post about Rick Santelli this afternoon and he is forecasting $150 a barrel oil this Summer. This is a maximum bummer. But maybe it is what is needed to get America to pull it's head out of it's ass. Some folks must feel the pain before they even know a fight is in progress. We humans are sorta slow on the uptake at times. Someone has to get it though their little pointed heads that we are about to go down the tubes. Ain't no joke, Baby! Times are going to get tough. The economy is going to be hard to deal with. There will not be the volume nor the variety that America has been used to. Got any of Big John's non-hybrid seed? Beats the hell out of going hungry. Stay alive.




Chief Instructor said...

You're going to love the quality of the water from the Berkey's. BTW, when I built my homemade Big Berkey, I found that adding a couple of regular garden hose washers gave me a perfect, no-drip filter.

Mayberry said...

$4 gas didn't do much besides make folks bitch as they filled their tanks last time around....

Toss into the natural disaster mix that El Nino is dissipating, and we should have several hurricanes make landfall in the US this year. The water is warming quick in the Gulf. 71.4 degrees at the 50 mile bouy already....