Friday, April 16, 2010


I am writing this post on Friday night. The last couple of days I have just typed a short post in the morning and that was that. My head is in a strange place tonight. I cannot get used to the idea that we might have WW III this Fall. What a kick in the butt. There is a BUNCH of stuff to do to get ready get ready for a nuclear war. Nuclear war is a SERIOUS MATTER. I just don't know where to begin to prep for such a thing. I suppose I should get me some good picks and some sharp shovels. I want to be very far underground when the nukes arrive. I have read the stuff on the internet about Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rays. Alpha and Beta particles can be blocked with a handkerchief. Gamma particles are the bad muthas. It takes massive amounts of concrete and dirt to stop those little buggers. Five feet in thickness is where you start felling at ease about being safe. You get into a concrete bunker with five feet of solid soil over you and you have a chance. If you are at ground zero when a nuke goes off just give your soul to God because your ass belongs to a thermonuclear explosion. Church has let out for you. You are on your way to glory and are not involved in this melee any longer. But I have not planned on this little event like I wish to hell I had.

The God of heaven told us at a meeting one night twenty some years ago to "Dig In!" And we ain't done it. There is no tunnel under the big sandstone hills for me to enter with my friends and family and reside safely after a nuke attack. And for that reason I think the WW III trip may be a bit inaccurate. Now I ain't saying that some bunch of maniacs won't set a nuke off somewhere. God knows we have some of the craziest people in positions of power around this globe that anyone could imagine. But I believe that God would give another warning to us before he would allow such a thing to happen on a planet wide scale. And maybe give us the funds to accomplish the task of digging in. So I am not going to get too upset about this WW III stuff until I get something from God. There are too many people who have to get a message before he will turn the insane loose up the face of the earth. And that is biblical.

I am going to continue to prep for the economic mayhem that is before us. I believe that will have a severe effect on humanity as it is. Millions of people starving to death is enough of a burden to start the ball rolling. That will bring down governments and such things quite handily. We may get to string up a bunch of banksters yet! And Goldman Sachs has been sued for fraud by the SEC but I will believe the effect of it when I see it. I am skeptical of the SEC's power to bring Goldman Sachs to it's knees and send the big boys to the slammer. They certainly deserve it and I agree with the SEC that they did commit fraud. I just ain't seen any signs of real hope on the issue. Goldman Sachs is going into that courtroom with the best legal representation that money can buy. The SEC is going in with the best they can get for what they can pay. It ain't gonna be pretty. But it ain't over yet so we can always hope. Maybe Goldman will have to present a couple of sacrificial lambs to pacify everyone. We'll see.

That is about it for today. Surprise me and comment! Stay alive.



The Urban Prepper said...


Regarding nuke preparation I strongly suggest the first defense is Potassium Iodide to combat radiation fall-out. Here’s a great product and description I found on line for a product call No-Rad:
A 20 day supply is $12. We have these at home and in our cars. The Potassium Iodide blocks the absorption of radioactive iodine carried in fall-out. Let’s face it the PTB are going for “Maximum Effect” this time and the Minot Nukes that Cheney/CFR stole offer serious Megaton collateral damage….which targets large population centers. For most of us the main concern is the first 24-36 hours with fall-out…for example: Pending predominant East/West wind directions Toledo could be hit by fall-out from a west wind-Chicago or east wind-Toronto or Cleveland…if Minneapolis was hit Madison & Chicago would see fall-out as the trade winds dip from Minnesota south & so forth…fall-out is far more dangerous. But there is some light, pending fission material, fall-out and life in general could resume in weeks ad as I understand half-life’s cobalt 60 would be almost gone in 4-5 years (hell in the interim) but survivable if you don’t mind hair loss or growing a third arm.


Mfskinner said...

I also believe that we have more to fear from the economic situation right now. And we are prepping the best we can to be ready to have a fighting chance.
However since more people are waking up all over the country I also think the fedgov is getting nervous and may pull another false flag event. The so called leadership of this country is not above anything.
As far Golden Sacks is concerned I think this is just a distraction since so many people now see how corrupt they are and how deeply they and JP Morgan are involved in fraud and manipulation of the market and commodities. If this does not work then we will IMHO be in more danger of a false flag to distract and quash the people demanding justice.
Any way you look at it this is going to be one interesting year.
Hang in there and we will all enjoy a nice cool drink on the other side.

Pete Smith said...

I'm not sure what is over the hill but I feel something evil is about to happen. Is it the collapse or WWIII I don't know I just keep prepping and a year ago I added the potassium Iodide pills for me and the family. All I can say is keep up the prepping and keep your eyes open for the trigger.

Dr. Richard said...

Your very first step in nuclear defense is to get one or more calibrated radiation survey meters capable of measuring fallout radiation from nuclear explosions (e.g. a CDV-715, CDV-717, or CDV-720 all of which can measure upto 500 rads / hr) and several calibrated CDV-742 dosimeters along with one calibrated CDV-750 dosimeter chargers. The survey meter tells you the current rate of radiation (e.g. RADS per Hour). The dosimeter tells you your total exposure (e.g. 22 rads today). Having this gear gives you the local intel to know when you can leave a shelter, how long you can leave a shelter, and how much radiation exposure you have had. Shane Conner's site and store is the best source. I bought my survey meters and dosimeters from him.

Potassium iodide is not the first step. It is of marginal use for adults over 40 and of more benefit for younger adults and children. All it does is overload your system with iodine so one particular radioactive isotope does not stay in your body if ingested.

You can help your self by building a fallout shelter. 5 ft of dirt will protect you from 99.99% of radiation BUT you can get by with much less if you are outside the core blast area and the area that gets fallout from the blast during the first day following the blast. Typically, 8" of concrete over a basement is enough.

Get a good reference on nuclear survival. Dr. Kearny's book is free on the internet and is probably the best.

Nuclear war is survivable as long as you are outside the immediate blast zone -- even if you are within ten miles of ground zero.

Dr. Richard

Western Mass. Man said...

I think if it came down to it, nuclear war will be survivable, but I don't think I would want to live through one. I'd have to draw the line there. Guess it would also depend on how many went off.

Mayberry said...

I'm not concerned about nuke attack. I don't think it will happen, and if it does, I don't even want to survive it, unless I am FAR away from ground zero, assuming there is only one or two....