Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Good morning to you, or good evening , depending on your time of reading. It is a bit chilly outside. Of course, any chill is magnified by moisture in the air. It's that old bugaboo WET COLD again. I hated wet cold as a kid, I hated it as a working man and I hate it as an old man. I just plain don't like the stuff.

A lot of people are making declarations and voicing opinions as to the quantities and qualities of preps and so forth and so on. Good things. People are showing a little gumption, a little resolve. And we will need both is large amounts in a few months.

I thought a lot about the fedgov going after the Hutaree and the barrage of anti-opposition rhetoric emanating from the same source. Too many innocent people are being labeled as possible terrorists. Too many people are being called possible heirs to the legacy of Timothy McVeigh. I mulled this over for a while and it dawned on me that this anti-opposition talk was the beginning of a possible war between Americans and their government. If you want to go to war then you must first prepare your people for the conflict. You must demonize the enemy and make them out to be monsters in the eyes of the beholders. I am not saying, mind you, that the beholders have the slightest clue as to what they are seeing but they do have the message from the creators of the message.

The creators of the message are the smart guys. They are the bearers of the Masters Degrees in marketing. They are the Doctors of Psychiatry in human behavior. They have all the goodies in their little minds to cause you to believe in the evil of the governments latest victim. The politicians point their fingers and the smart guys get to it. And it has worked that way for hundreds of years. The profession of Accounting was first populated by the guys who kept up with the supplies the King could count on when he went to war. If the King wished to go to war then the number guys told him what he had to do it with. They knew how much food he had and how many weapons. They knew how much gold was in the royal treasury. All this data was presented to the king and he said yes or no to going to war.

Now days we have a propaganda machine set up ready to churn out the message as to who and why and when we will go to war. Pretty slick operation. And it is very effective. And it is effective because most people are DEfective in their minds. Not many people have the mental capacity to dig a little deeper than what the boob tube tells them about life. But you can see how it is done. Be thankful .

All of this government mind machinery is aimed at getting YOU prepared for war, for violence. As we look at it we can come to the conclusion that our government is getting ready to make war on US! This is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. I haven't done a damn thing to provoke the government to make war against me and my kind. Therefore I can only surmise that the government is afraid. It has had it's cage rattled. It is ready to lash out and quell any rebellion. And why would this be so? Is it because the government is guilty of something really evil? I think it IS guilty and I think we don't know the half of it. Treachery in high places does not take guilt from any one's mind. It may in fact make it more painful, It can eat on a man to stand up and say "God Bless America" when he knows he is ripping it off and selling it down the river. Even a beast can fear God.

My next conclusion has lead me to the place where I think the only thing that can save us is a bigger issue that a few malcontents who really are not bothering anyone. How about the issue of an atomic war in the Mideast? Could this take away the threat posed by the disgruntled? I think it would. In fact I am sure it would. So let us hope that the Middle East will come to our rescue and bring the attention of the beast to bear elsewhere. I'll get more time to prep that way, I think.

The garden plans have been altered to include more corn this year. We are going to harvest our beans on the basis of time. We will not worry about the moisture this year we will just pick the damn things when it is time and forget about it. Since we already have plenty of beans I will get to plant corn this year with a little more attention to volume. Just gonna do the best we can! Stay alive and prep like crazy.




Pete Smith said...

It is so not even funny Michael because of our blogs and blogs like them we can be labeled possible terrorists just because we don't think like the great leaders of the doomed country. Where the hell are our rights like the 1st amendment, our right to free speech, to free press, religion, and the right to assemble in protest. It looks like the only rights we have now or will have is the ones that the leaders at that time think we need because we all know they know what's best for us, we are all just dumb ass anti-government terrorist. God Help this country because it is going to collapse very soon.

Mayberry said...

I think your analysis is spot on Michael. My preps are taking a turn toward "other" items....