Sunday, April 25, 2010


The smell of freedom and enslavement are both in the air this morning. The usual suspects who want to be left alone and not bothered are taking their normal stance. The "slavers" are wanting us to jump joyfully into our chains and get into lockstep, with the NWO calling the cadence. And then there is a whiff of another animal, an animal we shall call a prepper. This prepper person is not wanting to join with many people at all. And this is for the simple reason that not many are preppers. Preppers realize the importance of what they do and are not interested in stupid, misplaced interests. "You aren't prepping? See ya around." In checking my list of possible catastrophes I find so many that there is not time discuss much anymore. The time remaining is to be used very carefully and constructively. Your money and your time are big bullets to fire in this engagement. Frivolity is not in the mix anymore. Not saying you can't enjoy life but rather that a move must be thought out and followed through. And preppers follow through.

Remember when we first got started on this mission? We thought a good supply of beans and rice would take us anywhere we wanted to go. So in came the rice and beans. And then we got into storing them. Remember when we learned about vermin? I figured it out that vermin was just added protein but I can't get anyone to go along with cultivating it in our stash. So we learned the three day freezing technique and the Bay Leaf technique and then the diatomaceous earth technique. I remember Charli Gribble telling me about freezing my stuff to kill off the vermin. There have been others along the way who came up with great tips to help our survival thrust. Thank you all!

Then we found out that variety was a big thing in storing up your food. We had to get into variety mode and do it in a hurry. Man! Did we ever get into variety. Variety released us from the bondage of a rice and bean diet. We now had an assortment of things to eat. And that was good. Then we had to learn about nutrition. Some things are just better for you than others. And you want the best nutrition you can afford. Nutrition means health and health means you are staying alive and that is what the whole damn thing is about. About that time we got into "shelf life" and that meant an entire new study was underway. So confusing! And after almost three years I get to the point where I read on Preparedness Pro that the "use by" dates and all of that are strictly a mode of the people who can the food. The fedgov does not give a damn about anything getting too old on the market except baby formula and some baby foods. The rest of the dates and use-bys are just propaganda. Who would have thought?

We got into spices and things to make our food taste better. We bought a lot of canned meat. I had picked up on the fact that minus the water, the remainder of the human body is formed up 70% protein. With the rice and beans and the canned meat products I figure we will be okay for a while. Our spices will go a long way toward making the protein acceptable day in and day out. Our next big swing through the grocery was for canned vegetables. Get the vegetables you like and get ready to eat them when the time comes. A lot of vegetables are loaded with fiber and fiber is what you need to take a bowel movement on some sort of a schedule. Vegetables also have great nutrition, if you remember to serve them in the juice they come in. The canning process puts a lot of the nutrients in the water so be sure and get the water down the old tube.

Nest we got into non-hybrid garden seed. Even I knew that we would need to save seed and that hybrid stuff was not going to get the entire job done. Then I met Big John Lipscomb and a lot of the guess work was removed, You get non-hybrid seed and you buy a book that tells you how to SAVE seed and you are at the top of the game. You get a crop to feed you and to preserve for the Winter and you get some seeds to plant the next year. Is this the way things should be or what? No more Monsanto frankenfood. Just good old heirloom vegetables that will keep you alive the way you are supposed to be kept alive.

Then we got into harder things. We got into a shortwave receiver with an antenna from Pete Smith over at Now we can get the news even if the bastards shut down the Internet, which they will do and don't ever doubt that. The system wants you to be as ignorant as dirt. They do not want their plans and schemes exposed to the light of day. They want them sprung on us with no warning and no recourse. We also got a NOAA weather band radio with it's own solar charger and hand crank. Supposedly this will not only give you the weather but it will broadcast emergency news from the Whitehouse in the event of a national emergency. These radios were preceded in acquisition by the Handmaiden's dehydrator. I'm still eating my nightly fruit snack from that dehydrator. Every now and then we start to run low on the nightly snack and the Handmaiden will get out several baggies of dried fruit and put it in water and our stock of snacks get replenished. Blueberries, apples, cherries, strawberries and I don't know what all. But I know if you put it in a bowl with some good Amish milk that is loaded with cream it sure days taste good. And I ain't been sick this Winter. That is enough for today. Stay healthy and stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Grat post, glad you are back online! I am only a year into prepping but I find it harder and harder to associate with those that are not serious. Watching them throw money away at the bar or on a new TV just makes me sick. God Bless the Preppers!

Mayberry said...

Variety is why our garden this year includes chili petines and jalapenos. Nothing like a little spice to add some pep to those beans and such. Especially atop some fresh fish fillets on the grill. Ohhhhhh man..... Along with some corn chips and salsa, there ain't nothing better!

Pete Smith said...

It's so hard to look back and see where I started with my preps. I think the first thing I bought was a box of MRE's