Friday, April 23, 2010


The times are not a changin'. The dumbasses in Washington are still sticking it to us. I wonder if they can feel the razor blades as yet. Some mangled flesh should come out of this little national rip-off. Very mangled flesh. Shredded flesh if you please. Ahh, sweet revenge. And revenge is the Lord's but that don't mean I can't cheer for it and give thanks. The bill to reform the financial world has passed the Senate and it is just a big smelly piece of shit. Unlimited bail out money for the banksters. How in the name of all that is Holy can they do this to us and say they are making things right? Ain't gonna happen. Can't happen. The greed and theft continue unabated. And Chris Dodd has $6 million dollars in his re-election campaign chest and he is not running for re-election. Inquiring minds want to know what is going to happen to this money? Do you think he will donate it to widows of servicemen killed in the Mideast? Do you think he will use it to promote business in a down-trodden area? Will he make the first years health insurance payment for a large group of poor folks? Or will he pack up with some young tender sweetie and head down to the islands for a long extended vacation? Who knows?

The Handmaiden is making up some survival bags. Three of the muthas. Today we got in three new Firesteel Rangers with strikers and three bundles of 50' lengths of 550 Paracord. We got 'em from Survival Topics dot com. Ron Fontaine runs a classy little operation over there and that is where we buy our Firesteels. We have a bunch but you can't have too many. These bags she is fixing up are not Get Out Of Dodge bags or Get Home Bags or Every Day Carry bags, they are just survival bags. Don't know what she will put in them but it will be interesting to see how she works it.

Garden time is approaching and it will be time to plant. The garden is all tilled and ready to go. I have to get a new hoe and that is about it for me. I be ready. Going for Beans and Squash this year, I think. We have salad garden here at the house that should do us quite well but it can in no way build up our survival stash. That takes a little bit of land. I got word from Georgia that folks are stealing garden produce quite frequently. Seems too be a lot of hungry people out there. Hungry enough to risk a load of buckshot in the dead of night. Could be some surprising headlines this Spring and Summer. I got told that lots of older folks won't even plant because of all the thieving. It's turning into a sick world out there. When your garden is not safe then times are tough. Be advised to be on the lookout.

The numbers I get from the media are very crippled and lame these days. Those folks can't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Employment numbers are always getting revised. "Last week we stated that 570,000 people applied for unemployment but a revision of the figures says that only 540,000 really did apply. This is a sign that things are getting better!" To me it is a sign that things were not as had as they first seemed but they are still bad enough. One of my friends said there were jobs out there if a person wanted to work. But they are not full time jobs. People do not get hired for 40 hours a week anymore. 40 hours means you get benefits and all that stuff so the companies are only hiring people for 32 or 35 hour a week. I know a woman who has a full time job where she works because she is a supervisor. She had to take over a completely different department plus the one she is responsible for and she got the great some of a 38 cent an hour raise. Double the responsibility for 38 cents an hour. What a great life. But someone is always out to kick your ass wherever you are.

It does not look like there is going to be an armed insurrection in this country. People are scared of their government. Something is dreadful wrong for I feel a deep burning pain in my ass. No matter. I will stand my ground, Lord willing. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

Well put and well said. Good to see a post from you again.

Nairb said...

Good to see you back. I missed reading your blog as part of my morning routine.

As for insurrection, it will come. Even at the beginning of the revolutionary war, there were few who were brave enough to take up arms against the British. Then others gave support and/or joined.

People are hurting now, but not enough for real crisis (a badly misused word these days). When people are actually getting removed from their homes and government benefits end, we may see a sufficient level of crisis.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again. Armed insurrection? I hope to god not ... but I fear that this is the only way out of this mess short of capitulation and slavery for the masses.

Grumpyunk said...

In regards to survival packs. You or some of your readers may be interested in this ALICE pack deal I saw the other day.

2 large ALICE packs with frames for &50 bucks.
I have no affiliation with this company, etc, blah blah blah. I do know that that's a pretty good deal on a decent ruck set up with a proven track record. I already have Rucks from my service days but intend to get a couple for the sons.

Good to see ya post, Michael.