Thursday, April 29, 2010


Such a boring morning on the blogs. Maybe a half dozen had something to say. And there is a lot of flak being tossed at the slackers. It IS a hassle to go to 40 or 50 sites and maybe find six that have something to say. My browser is getting surfing fatigue. Let's get it together brothers and sisters and start producing. We need to keep the ball rolling. We are the last of the Mohicans in the news and opinion world. We are the final line in the sand to tell people how it is done and how to go about it. We are about the living and the vigorous, not the brain dead types who are going along with all of this shit. If you can't think of anything new to say then rehash some of your old thoughts. Lots of people have not the slightest idea of what you know and how you take care of things. Print it up and let it roll. We need to know that everybody is alive and well.

I got to reading George Ure this morning and he had the good news that the new Treasury Regulations are going to force me to go to electronic money. Man! I don't know about that! I like to lay my money down and get what I want and I don't want an electronic trail of everywhere I have been and what I did there. I'll take the cash if you please. If this spreads to other segments of the economy then we will never know jack shit about our currency and that leads me to think they don't WANT us to now about our currency. They do not want us to have the freedom to roam about the country as we damn well please. STAY IN YOUR CUBICLE AND CONSUME. I don't have much money and that is fine. I can live in my world. But woe be onto those who would fool with it. I do not trust the fedgov and I don't want them stepping into the management area of my money. The fedgov cannot manage it's way out of a wet paper bag so why should I trust their little scheme to take my check away. But I was told I have three years left so maybe we can get that bullshit stopped. Not that I think Social Security will last that long or the fedgov's money to have any value for that long. I just don't like them telling me what to do or how to do it. I am going for a ride with my brother-in-law and will be back to finish this later. If I can see it! HAH!

I was reading about Little Timmy Geithner this week and he had an interview where he said he had not ever had a real job. But you understand that a man who has never had to work for a living is qualified to lead a responsible part of the nation's government in times of great stress. Atileast that is what Obama is telling us. Dear Little Tim. His name is pronounced Guytner. Like guy with a 't' on the end of it and followed by a "ner". Words cannot describe the contempt I have for him. Nope much else to say this morning. Just read the news. It will give you lots of stuff to question. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Lots of blogs are rather dormant these days. That's why I like the "updated on top" feature of my blog list. Then I can hit the fresh stuff, and skip the rest.

"Electronic" money fits in rather nicely with the EMP thing don't it? WHEN the fedgov decides to pull the plug, it'll be real easy to trap and control the sheep....

Pete Smith said...

We need to keep the info out there for all to see. So I'm with you we all need to keep posting the info to help.

Pete Smith said...

Me and my wife were talking today about the Oil spill in the gulf and how we know it will push up the price of gas over the summer and then we both said at the same time that this would fit real good with the EMP thing you posted about. Keep people at home and off the road this summer with the high price of gas and then hit us with this EMP thing to push us into the FEMA Camps. Sounds to fake to be true....We live in a real time of evil when the junk going on gets you to thinking like this.