Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is showing signs of being a beautiful Sunday morning, as I write my Monday post. The sky is pretty as a picture. The blogs were fine this morning. Everyone is mellowed out and calm. Someone had a post about COSTCO having a years supply of freeze dried food for sale at the cheap price of $800, delivered to your home. That ain't a bad deal at all, considering today's prices. Of course that is just for one person but it is a good start on a stash if you have the funds. And I believe in having a stash of food. I've been working on mine for over two years and I never seem to get quite enough. I was reading a blog this morning, I think it was Jim Rawles, and there was a link to COSTCO and their one year supply of freeze dried food for one person for $800. That is a super price. With a deal like this going on around the country there is no excuse for anyone to not be prepared. We are going into garden season here real soon and I intend to get some of that "inexpensive" storage food. It looks like it will be another year for beans. They grow like gang busters and they taste very good and my wife and BIL like them so it looks like beans in the forecast. If you do like me you had better get to your dollar store and get plenty of spices for your beans. Spices sure do keep them from being so monotonous. But they fill you up and they are nutritious. A little cornbread and you have it made. Just do not forget to have something to flavor them. Jowl bacon is good if you can keep a supply of it. But just do the best you can and get the stuff stored away. You might buy some non-hybrid seed while you are at it. It is nice to be able to go back the next year and plant without buying seed. Hybrid seed is just another trick to make you buy every year. It makes you a slave to the seed companies and you will pay what they ask when the times get tough. And the times are going to get tough and the price of seed will go to the moon. Be alert to this. I am not joking one little bit. This food thing can get really severe in a bad economy and bad weather. Buy and store. Grow and store. Dry and store. I hope I am making myself clear. This is not a game. It is in all seriousness. You might do like I did last year and buy lots of Cayenne Pepper plants. String 'em up when the season is over and hang them where you will. Just don't put them in a damp place. You want these little darlings to dry and make you a good pepper powder come Winter. I want to get the squash thing going this year. The ones the Handmaiden planted stored very well and were tasty as all get out.

We may as well talk about a dehydrator while we are at it. The Handmaiden used one to great success last year and we still have dried food left. The machine was especially good for preserving 'flavors' to season the rest of our food. Onions and Bell Peppers and a host of other things you can grow to flavor your food. We have had night time snacks of reconstituted fruit with high cream content Amish milk all Winter and into this Spring. Sure is a nice way to end the day. You can freeze berries for the same purpose if you want to take the chance of being able to afford electricity after Obama gets our rates raise up to the ceiling. He needs a lot of money to convert us all to nice little Marxist slaves. But while you can use your dehydrator you may as well dry all you can. And speaking of canning, that is another way to store food for long term. You can can just about anything you can eat. We have canned tomatoes and butter and I don't know what else. You get that Blue Book and follow the directions. If you have a friend who has done it then have them over to show you things. The canned goods you buy in the store are 'canned' and they are safe and delicious. So are the things you can at home if you follow the directions. I cannot stress the following of the book's instructions too much. If you do things properly you will have advanced quite a bit in the food storage scheme. And you can't have too much stored food.

While we are on the matter of storing things, it would behoove everyone to get some form of weapons to protect themselves and their friends and families. I prefer guns and knives but your tastes in weapons might very from that. A gun is a very efficient machine for self defense. Shoot what you have and get plenty of extra ammo. The common thread of survival gun writings are a pistol, a shotgun, and a battle rifle. The guns are to be what you can shoot and hit with. I prefer a 30 caliber rifle for my main battle gun. There are those who don't like it so much, and that is fine. It's your ass that's on the line. But I cannot fault someone who is shooting what they can hit with and they can afford. As long as you can get some lead headed down range with some sort of accuracy you are better off than having nothing. Believe it. For close in work I like a 12 gauge shotgun. I am a large person and the recoil does not bother me in the least. I have a Colt 45 acp in a commander set-up. It ain't a huntin' gun. It is for making holes in threatening creatures at short range. But if it only a .22 it is better than nothing. Shot placement counts. Put it where it needs to go and let nature take it's course. Keep shooting until the target goes DOWN. That is very important. When you shoot a deer from a blind you don't go down to check your prey if you shoot and it falls. You sit right where you are, jack another round in the chamber, and wait and see if that devil starts to get up. The same goes for shooting two legged critters. Only you don't stop shooting to see the effect of your first shot, you keep shooting until the hombre is down and stays down. If you have a shot gun, figure on it being used to defend your home site. I can hit with 00 Buck at 60 yards with no problem. Once you light an area up with your shotgun make sure your opponent is down and not getting up. And look for any helpers that might be with him. Burn their asses up too! That will be all for today. But there is more, lots more. Stay alive. And do the best you can.



The Urban Prepper said...

Great post this morning. Your comments on defense are spot on and when times are desperate common people turn animalistic in a heart beat. Common sense and courtesy are long gone as survival takes over and we’re no longer dealing with civilized people but savages…never turn your back. Here’s what happens when a credict card service is down:

I was grabbing a doughnut this morning and the Shoppe’s credit card service was down. The lady in front of me spent minutes deciding on her dozen picks and handed the clerk a credit card (the clerk from the first advised their systems were down) the clerk again advises that card systems are down and ask if the lady has cash...$5.59. The Lady now is in a full blown fit yelling at the clerk who is apologetic. I stepped in and said …you don’t have $5-10 bucks on you? No cash? She said she never carries cash and started swearing at me so I said what kind of responsible adult are you…what are you going to do when there a Bank Holiday in 2-3 months and you can’t get cash? I asked her how many days of food she had and she said they eat out all the time…she flipped me and the Shoppe off and left swearing…burned a tire in the parking lot…a classy lady…and candidate for…An All Expense Vacation to CLUB FEMA! This just shows how people will react when they rely on Plastic.


Mayberry said...

I've got a .22 revolver. Just the sight of it will send most sheeple scurrying off. If they stick around, I reckon a half dozen .22lrs don't exactly tickle. A few in the head, and a few in the heart will most likely do a two legged varmint in nicely. If not, I'll be moving for my Mossberg or my rifle while I'm poking little holes in the offending creature. They're always nearby....