Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good morning out there in the blogosphere. It is kinda soggy from where this is originating. It rained to beat skin hell last night. The big field across the road is flooded to the max. The spillway from the pond is working overtime. It's wet, I tell ya, wet. The temperature is going to stay in the 50's today. Fine by me. I have no crops in the ground. The BIL is downstairs doing some type of woodwork, the wife is down cooking the 82 year old friend his breakfast and I am mostly by myself except for Mia, the Pit Bull. Mia thinks she is a human being and is taking her morning snooze. I think it is in her contract that she gets a morning snooze. She was out on the porch this morning try to make friends with the cats. The cats were having none of it. Mia is just too big a hulking monster for the cats to feel good about. She belongs to my son who has trained her very well. Excellent watchdog and very obedient. We all love her. He is going on a fishing trip and does not want to take her so we are watching her. She likes that just fine. Probably because we spoil her.

I was reading a post today about the Obamacare bill and the guy writing it said that there is provisions in it for putting a chip in a patients drivers license so that the patient can be identified in the future. Or even under their skin. Ain't that sweet! In order to get our medical care, which we will pay for, we will get chipped. I swear I don't want this damn chip business. I have made it 65 years without a chip and I can make it the rest of the way, thank you very much. These political people are so into control it is amazing! You think they are passing a bill to get you medical insurance and then you find out they want to chip you. I come from a time when there was no picture on a drivers license. How did we make it? Well, we made it just fine. We did not need pictures and RFID chips and all of that. But the PTB want us to have those things. And it is for control. You get an RFID chip in your drivers license and they can go by you with a detector and read who you are without you even knowing it. And if you are trying to get away from the police because of some action involving you protesting the actions of your government then you are just out of luck. Unless you subject your license to some microwaves generated in your kitchen. Microwaves will kill the chip. Let's have a big round of applause for microwaves! You can also make a shield for your wallet out of metal and that might not be penetrable by a chip reader. And of course, you can make a metal covering for your license itself and put it in your metal covered wallet. If they put a chip under your skin you will have to either get it cut out or devise some sort of shield to cover it. Screw the nosey bastards.

I, probably like you, have been reading about the unpaid pension funds out in California and now General Motors. I don't know if my spelling is any too good but I seem to be seeing the words "fiduciary malfeasance" coming into my brain. Someone should be doing a little time in a federal slammer for this. For any kind of fund or pension fund, there is a person or group of persons who are to be the watch dogs for the fund. If something is not right they are supposed to scream bloody murder. The way I have seen the courts work, this is the law. If you don't scream the alarm then you are just as guilty as the people who stole the money. And there ain't anybody gonna tell me that there has been no glimmer of the day arriving when three pension funds for California government workers would come up short a half a trillion dollars. That's right. FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. What the hell is going on? Are people so stupid that they can't realize that this money has not been paid as directed? That it has gone elsewhere? I realize that California has gone way up around the bend on their pension promises and all of that but where is the money that should have been in there in the first place? It hasn't been paid. And if it does get paid, even at just a percentage of what is supposed to be paid, who do you think is going to get stuck with the tab? John Q. Citizen, that's who. Folks who were never in on the deal. People who were not involved in any of the shenanigans. But the money has been spent elsewhere and you and I are going to have to make it up, if it ever does get made up. The winning is private but the losing is public. What a gigantic scam.

And I really ought to get off of this rant and just say a few things. Someone wrote a book awhile back called A Nation of Cowards and I am half tempted to believe it. And I am tired of it. We will hit the streets this Summer and get it on, people. We will take back our freedom and our country. We will kick the asses off the PTB. And we have to do this! If we don't we are going to end up as nothing more than field slaves for the boys in Washington. They are passing laws that we have no idea of the content. Who the hell reads a 2000 page exercise in legalese? And why are the bills being written this way unless it is just for the reason that no one will read them. This country is being stolen on a 24 X 7 basis. Every minute of every hour of every day is the witness to the theft of our national strength. It is going to banksters, politicians, lobbyists and so forth. But you have heard all of this and more and I know that you are ready to man the barricades and stop the degradation of we the people. It must be stopped and it will be stopped. There ain't anyone with the right to steal us blind. There ain't anyone with the authority to enslave us. See you out on the streets! And stay alive!





I have had to from time to time remove a foreign object that got lodged deep into my skin.

This chip business will be the same, keep your pocket knives good and sharp, and keep some whiskey on hand.

commoncents said...

Thank You for posting this! I really like your blog!!
Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Mayberry said...

It seems to me that there are some former Enron folks in the pen for "fiduciary malfeasance". It's time they got some new cellmates...

Pete Smith said...

CA is the most messed up place I have ever seen, and at the same time it has some of the best places to go to like Lake Tahoe, The Redwoods, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, channel Islands and death valley. Camping at lake tahoe is the best, I hate this place and love it at the same time.

Staying Alive said...

I have scapels to remove foreign objects from under my skin.

Methinks the Enron boys might need a litte companionship in the slammer.

Not many of us question the CREATION but we develop problems with the bipeds inhabiting the creation.