Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is Saturday as I write my Sunday post. It will be a slow day on the Internet. I think everyone is out stocking up for next week. I hope you are getting preps too! I don't like Saturday much. No one comments or writes an opinion on Saturday. Saturday would be a good day to attack this country because most people are in to other things on this day. And I didn't make it this way. It is just the way things work out. The Handmaiden and my BIL are over in Amishland getting eggs and supplies so they are gone for a few hours. I'm telling you, things are dead on Saturday. But maybe people are tired. You can get tired of waiting. And that is what we do. We wait for the call to arms. We wait for the blinding flash from a nuke. We wait for the news that the dollar is no long accepted in the world marketplace. We just wait for all kinds of stuff and we get short tempered and grouchy to our families and just generally worn out. Maybe we need a Saturday break in the routine. Don't seem like it would hurt to get a little refreshed once in a while. But we go on, doing what we have to do and keeping a watch for the enemy. And that is the way I look at it. I'm full time. I am into survivalism and that is that. Anything else is suicidal as far as I am concerned. And I am a little crazy that way. All I generally need is a good nights sleep though, and I am fit as a fiddle, ready to strike up a few chords for the dance. And the coming dance is what I am about.

There are many things threatening to plague us here on earth. There are natural disasters like hurricanes. We have a bunch of hurricanes predicted to hit our shores this coming season. It appears that El Nino is fading out completely and the conditions for the big winds and high water are very strong. We can brace ourselves for the coming thrills. We don't get hurricanes here in southern Indiana but we get the after effects and we are just south of tornado land. We get a tornado once in a while, every five years or so, but it is generally following a major river to the south of us. But they can still hurt people in a major way and folks need to be cautious when one of those devils is in the area. The major thing is that a tornado does not hang around very long. Maybe some have in the past, I don't know, but they seem to come and go in a hurry. My thoughts on surviving a tornado always come to the point: GET YOUR ASS UNDERGROUND AND COVERED BY CONCRETE. Best way I know to avoid getting beat to death by the spinning monsters. You can't stomp 'em out or shoot 'em down. Avoidance is the way to go with these things. Get away!

The other major thing for around here is the coming financial collapse. That is going top be quite a show. The banksters and the politicians are going to burn this country and we are going to be left holding the ashes. It will not be pretty. A collapsed system and hungry people are never easy on the eyes. There will be blood. It is unavoidable. The fedgov knows this and is getting ready as best they can to control us. This will not work, at least for very long. I cannot predict the level of violence in the big cities but I would not want to be anywhere around them. That will be some ugly real estate. You see, the collapse will fall on the middle class as well as us poor folks and those folks are going to feel anger unmatched in this country in a long time. The middle class plays by the rules and when they get their butts ripped open they are going to be stomping the hell out of somebody for changing the rules and not telling the rest of us. Their revenge could be completely remorseless. And I can't say that I blame. They have gotten educated and they have played the game at the office and they are educating their children and the rug is getting pulled out from under them. They are not going to be happy campers. But they will be good troops on the line. They will not flinch and they will not run. They will be pissed off. They are going to have a lifetime of work and investment taken from them and it will be a sad day for whoever takes it. You government lurkers out there may as well get out of the country because your asses aren't worth a plug nickel hanging around here.

The President of Poland, his wife, and almost a 100 people died in a plane crash in Western Russia. They were flying in to Russia to hold an annual memorial service at a small little town in the countryside where the Russian NKVD executed 22,000 Polish military men during the very early 1940's. Most of Poland's mind pool was on the plane. The heads of practically everything they had to run the country was aboard. They were the only country in Europe last year to show any growth. Now it is all in a pile of twisted metal in some Russian scrub woods. There are no accidents. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I don't know about the rest of you but I feel the collapse coming and coming very soon.

Staying Alive said...

I give a big 10-4 on the collapse coming very soon. We got some more candles yesterday. The Handmaiden is a joy to prep with. I feel the pressure rising and I believe things will start to get flushed by the first week of July. Obama is just starting his Marxist blitz on our people but he is not going to get away with it. It ain't gonna take root in the countryside. Hang in there and keep socking things away!


mama4x said...

I am new to prepping and I don't usually comment because I am overwhelmed. I don't feel like I have enough time or money to do what I have learned I really need to do. I think it is going down in the next 6 months or so. It's nuts.

Mayberry said...

Saturdays are very slow. Sundays ain't much better.

Now that I've got a pair of solid retreats to bug out to, I'm selling the Beast. I can make about a 50% profit on it, which will go into some last minute preps.

Good news, the terrorist farmer is buying a Mosin Nagant 91/30 and some ammo. Common caliber and weapons amongst our group is a good thing!