Sunday, April 4, 2010


Nothing much to write about this morning. The PTB are still firmly entrenched and suffocating our freedoms as fast as they can go. Gardening time is fast approaching and I am going to get into it this year, I think. Beats the hell out of reading the news. We either collapse or we grow garden. Actually, we grow garden either way. The need to eat does not go way just because we have a global meltdown.

I would like to stress group defense as much as possible. The lone wolf approach to living ain't gonna cut it. One shot and you are out of the picture. Your wife is raped and your kids are turned into slaves. Get with some FRIENDS. Get with some people you trust. And I know that is a tall order in a lot of cases but you better make it happen. Learn where the choke points are on the road to your retreat. That is where you stop the Zombies from getting any closer. Make your stand as far from the retreat base as you can. You do not want the battle at your home. Learn where you can drop a tree or three and make the road impassable. KEEP THE ZOMBIES AWAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. These people will not do you any good except for target practice and they might be the kind of target that shoots back. Practice your shooting. It can save your life and the lives of your family and friends. If you have game in the area it will also put food on the table. BUT DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR DEFENSE. Drive up and down the road looking SERIOUSLY for things that will be an advantage for you. There ain't any war right now and you can scout as much as your little heart desires. And some day you will be glad you did. There are people who like to hide in the shadows and attack you. I figured out a long time ago that my best bet was to get to the shadows FIRST. When they come sneaking in to the hiding place you can just shove a long knife up their ass. FUN! But I hope I am getting through to you that you need to be ready to fight. And you need to plan so that you will WIN. Winning is much more fun that losing. Ask any loser.

I am going to compost my garden this year, God willing. A few bags of commercial compost will be put on the soil before tilling. Since I have grown a horrendous amount of beans the last couple years I doubt that I need any Nitrogen but there are other things getting used up that will need to be replaced. Just taking steps to win the garden battle. And we will not refuse any food grown by someone else. Keep an eye on folks who grow but do not harvest thoroughly. They will give a ton of stuff away. Especially things like squash and turnips and such. They get big ideas in the Spring, as we all do, and when eating time comes around they just are not that hungry. This set of circumstances can increase your Winter stash to a great degree. We had squash up until a couple of days ago from last years garden ventures. They were given to us. We are the eccentric preppers you know, and we have the reputation for keeping stuff over the Winter. We also get offered a lot of tomatoes. People plant a lot and don't have the capacity to can them or eat all of them so we get the call. Poor us. But it is all food and it is food we don't have to buy and we store it and eat it. The Handmaiden is very good at this. A lot of our grocery money goes for meat. We can generally scrape through on the other stuff, unless the wife wants to get fancy or has a deep craving. We go organic as much as we can and we go commercial when we have to. But we are always looking for the best quality we can find. We have hundreds of acres here that are not planted in a damn thing. Too steep, too rocky, too whatever. But that is the ground that grows FREE food and the Handmaiden is getting to be quite adept at gathering it for us. We have already started eating the free food that God has given us. It is amazingly nutritious and quite tasty. It is for people who eat to live and not live to eat. You know, there are foragers in Nu Yawk Sity. Right in the heart of the beast system is free food if you know what to look for. And out here in southern Indiana there are tons of great vegetables growing all over the place. People don't even see it. It's invisible. It is hid right out on the open where no one can see it. America doesn't see food unless there are golden arches up in the air. What a joke! Some of the best food on the planet and people drive right by it to eat to McDonald's. Someone had better get the word out to all of the homeless people that there is free food, more than they could ever eat, just off of that stinking highway. Just don't eat where they spray for weeds. Be sure to bring a pot to cook it in!

I have had a couple comments about shooting at helicopters. Very interesting stuff to read but so far no mention of drones. Those bastards can spot you from so far away that you don't even know they are around. We gotta work on those drone things. They can put a permanent hurt on your ass and you not know it until it is all over and you are headed to glory. That's all for now. Just stay alive!



patriot_ohio said...


If you go to the feed store and get a bag of crushed oyster shells and spread them out all over the garden before you till, you get a lot of your calcium content back. Use washed plaster sand the same and you add extra silica. I put loads of tree leaves through the shredder each fall and let them stand the winter. They create a ton of earthworm activity, better than composting most of the time.

Also, if you pick up all your limbs and brush now and burn them on your garden spot, you add a lot of organic material as ash. Save up any charcoal and wood stove leavings and mix that into your tree leaf pile, run over it with the tiller and spread that stuff out. You will increase a lot of stuff that you can't spell or pronounce very well in that way.

I have quit trying to do symmetrical rows in the spots I'm planting because I want them to be harder to identify from the air, those pesky drones ya know?

Plant in piles where you have some cover on a couple of sides but get that morning and afternoon sun. Pole beans actually do ok under trees with strings hanging from the branches... as an example.

Be creative and stealthy all at the same time. And keep locked and loaded while you are working. Our ancestors had the long guns near at hand when they worked the land. We need to as well.

Good Gardening


Nyneave_almera said...
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Terrence Maddox said...


I'm not seeing any negativity in Mr. Boone's post.

It reads to me as being appreciative.

You may want to re-read and keep reading.

Mr. Boone handed a bit of surplus to me this past week-end and it will be put to very good use.

Mayberry said...

Tamara, I concur, you took it the wrong way....

Group defense is a must. Gotta get my kin into some rifles, I'd rather shoot the undesireables from a long ways off rather than let them get close....