Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's Sunday morning and I am typing to tell you that I will not be blogging regularly. For how long I cannot say. But I can tell you that my peace has left me and that is a bad sign. I am not getting anything from God and I called some spiritual people around the country and they are not getting anything either. This must be a time of watching and waiting and prayer and meditation. God will move when he decides it is best. But my peace leaving me is the main thing in my current feelings. I know more than the average ape when it comes to world events and dwelling on the events of today is not doing me any good. I will be gardening and prepping and enjoying life instead of being ate up and angry. I have made some good friends out there in bloggerland and I will continue to email and correspond. But I am tired of not enjoying what I am doing and that is that. I want to live to see some new life on this darkened old planet and I will not make it if I don't get my peace back. All the folks who email and comment are welcome to write to me and can expect a reply. I will be working dirt today.



Dragon said...

I don't know if the original went through, If this be a duplicate, don't allow it to post. Trying again.

I believe that Your peace will be returned to You and Yours shortly.
The forces of darkness have been active of late and the creator isn't happy with them. And I'm not talking about those low levels minions like Bam Bam or Pelousy or even HRC.
Though I am disturbed by rumors that HRC is aiming at a seat on the supreme court.
The coming storm will be felt differently in separate locations in the CONUS. I for one am not worried overall as we have prepped to insure our chances, but in some areas that will not be enough. In other areas, it will look like over kill... Protect the garden from frost and garden like all hell, as this summer will be a cold one in the upper latitudes. Pennies spent in the garden will be a wise investment. If you have a doubt, Plant it. I'm advising folks to double or triple their gardens and to plant wisely in diversity. I expect another bad year for grains. Ammo is another wise investment as one cannot have to much powder and shot stored safely away.
Barter now for goats, rabbits and chickens. Think to dry/jerk,can some of the meats to insure long term storage.
On the nuke angle, I only expect a 50-50 chance as of now, that one or more will be used by perpetrators unknown and against population targets and not hardened facilities.
I expect that they, whomever they may be, want to cull the herd. I surmise that they don't care to occupy the land, but in fact control it.
The current brave new world scenario playing out is doomed to fail. I fully expect us to feel natures wrath sooner than later, you and others will note that I have always been more worried about nature than any acts of Men.
Worry not, Your faith has well taken care of You in the past, as it will in the future. Peace shall be returned to You as we witness the gathering storm and prepare to weather it. When Your peace returns, I feel that it will bring with it a calm and steady resolve to see Us through. Sorry about being all wordy, Dragon Out.

Mayberry said...

I kinda feel the same way Michael, pretty much said all I can say, save for commenting on the news. Soon I'll be able to DO a lot more than say/think/wish.

Dragon, I hope yer right, oh wordy one. On the nature front, methinks this hurricane season will be interesting....

Pete Smith said...

I hope your peace is restored and you stay strong in your faith. With that said I pray we all can stay strong and prep to be ready for the coming collapse.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,I feel ya.Guess we should all try to enjoy life while we can.I hope peace comes back to you.


mama4x said...

I am glad to hear you are taking off. Better to be busy in the garden and at peace than angry online.

HermitJim said...

Enjoy the dirt time, my friend! It's like chicken soup for the soul!

Peace and good thoughts to you!