Thursday, April 15, 2010


This will probably be a short blog post. I did not type it in advance. I generally stay about 24 hours ahead of post time. But I was not going to post today. So many are taking days or a week off anymore I figure I can lazy off a bit myself.

My thoughts are on how adroit the politicians are on working the "Don't look over there, look over here!" little trick they use. Things are not looking up in this world economy and that is a fact. But the media is acting like it is all over, merely a note in history. Screw them. They are a bunch of liars. It is in the tank and we are not being told the truth by our politicians nor our media. For this cause should the politicians be voted out of office and the media ignored to the point they go out of business.

It's like all the news about the Hutaree Militia. All that shit being said is merely what the prosecution is saying at bond hearings. It is stuff being cast out there to get the court to deny bail for these poor fish. Little or no proof is required. But they want you to look that direction and they will bend and twist their news headlines to get you to look. And as per usual it is so you will not look at something they do not want you to look at. They do not want you to know that we have almost twenty million empty houses in this country. They do not want you to know how much money they have loaned the banks and what banks they have loaned the money to. They are fighting in the courts to keep that information from you. They do not want you to know! Just another example of the federal reserve bank asserting it's authority over the country. "Shut up peasants. This is secret stuff we do behind closed doors that affects the whole global economy and we don't want you in on the deal." They don't want us to know where the trillions of dollars were sent to bail out the banksters. Well, they sure as hell didn't sent it to my house! Over forty million people in this country on food stamps now and the banks get trillions. What is wrong with this picture? I think I will get on food stamps myself. I sure as hell qualify.

That is all I am going to write today. Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

Yep. I call it the, "Oooo, look... Puppies!" syndrome.

I did a post yesterday about how we're being told everything is coming up roses, yet the FDIC found it necessary to extend the TAG (Transaction Account Guarantee) program.

5 non-elected officials have voted to saddle us with $266 billion in deposit guarantees for deposits that would not normally fall under the FDIC guarantees.

All banks are now considered Too Big To Fail.

Bryce B said...

The problem is that the media is not in the business of producing real news. They're in the business of selling advertising. In order to sell more advertising, they sensationalize everything and focus on the most negative shock value of any story.

I think we the american people and our love of seeing dirt and blood stories is the bigger problem. If our society didn't want shock, the media would focus on whatever it is we did want, be it real news or soapbox derbys or whatever.

Pete Smith said...

To be a short post it was right to the point! Great Post.

Mayberry said...

Smoke and mirrors....

Speedgene said...

Get on the food stamps. It helps starve the pig. You paid in long enough.
Three BBB's is all we need to spend on now. Use the food stamps to prep.

PaleRider said...

Good post, right to the point, as you and I discussed weeks ago that the business was picking up heavy on overseas freight but I said it was a fools market and all that are in this business better put just about every dime away for later. Well now it is later, rail projections and history are out and the real drop and projected drop is 28% combined and with knowing that the drop was 12% over last year we will have a 16% drop of overseas rail freight this year and into the 1st qtr of 2011, noq add that with the past 24 months of my freight business drop and I see that we have fallen off roughly 65% which reflects well with number of unemployed and no longer drawing unemployment benefits of truly 25%+ of working age population multiply that by 4.2 people per household and you have over 50 million plus people not buying, selling, trading or anything.

I wonder how that "Hope & Change" thing is going for the followers of stupid?

Last week we were informed by the trades that most Steamship Lines are berthing their ships around the globe and just letting them sit there. German banking is is having a rough time with the 1,000 ships that were order to be made when things were booming and are seeing orders put on hold or down right cancelled.

Now with ships being in a sense "grounded" that means what freight there is for shipping will cost more $$$/per 20ft unit along with Fuel Surcharge increasing as oil barrel prices increase.

So translation is we pay more for Imported products and we Export less due to our current currency value.

Now this is why I say " It's Later"

Grumpyunk said...

Oh Hell. If you meet the qualifications for food stamps sign the hell up. It's not like you never worked in your life like so many of the dirtbags I see at work everyday. Damn sight of preps could be acquired that way.