Monday, April 26, 2010


It's Monday as I type my Tuesday blog post. Pretty much standard procedure. I can see why folks got upset with me not posting for about a week. The survival blogs are dead as hell. Maybe people are getting tired of the trip. Maybe there are a few folks into it that are not supposed to make it. It really does require a lot of dedication on an individuals part to stay with the program. I went to and read Cliff High's stuff this weekend. Man! Is he ever taking a long walk off of a short pier. If we don't have a nuclear war by this late Fall or early Winter Cliff is going to be a failed prophet, because he is surely saying it will happen. Not many people will come out that boldly and say what Cliff is saying. His business would most likely fail if his predictions don't come true, so he is risking quite a lot. George Ure is backing him all the way and I reckon that is what friends are for. But you see the connection, right? Say something like that and if it doesn't come true you are up shit creek without a paddle. I do not have anything on any war at this time and except for Cliff High I don't know anyone that DOES have anything on a coming war. It is all supposition as far as I am concerned. But that does not make him wrong. Not in the least. Time will prove him right or wrong.

I have been thinking about writing a piece on what I would like to have. You know, things that are above my financial grasp but I would still like to have. And leading off the parade is a bolt action 45-70 rifle with a 1000 rounds of ammo. Pretty expensive little toy but it would sure take out an engine block at a modest distance. A big ol' piece of lead running out that barrel! I probably will never see it but it is something I think about. It will hammer anything on the continent, bear, bison, you name it. Just a fantasy of mine. The other dream is a 1-ton Ford Diesel crew cab with a full length 8' bed in it. You know, the tricked out non-electronic Diesel, Four Wheel Drive with heavy duty transmission, manual windows and seats, air-conditoning, heater and defroster. Sure would be a nice thing to have if the SHTF. A big fancy hauler that is EMP proof. I sure would get some admiring glances at the drive-in from the ladies. Especially if they had to walk or ride bicycles to get to the joint. But that is it for my wish list this morning. A monster bolt action rifle and a monster pick-up truck. High class for a guy living back in the hills.

My next topic of discussion is the plane crash in Russia that wiped out the Polish government. I don't hear about that any more. And I can't find anyone who does not think it was a set-up, a murder, if you please. One little crash and the whole Polish government is wiped out from top to bottom. The media showed us some pictures of flowers piled up as a memorial and that was about it. I ain't going for the accident story. I think it was murder. You can think what you want but you know where my vote goes!

I laid in bed last night and tried to pin down who would attack us and it came up RUSSIA. Russia is probably the most heavily armed country in the world outside of the USA. They never stop preparing for war. And every major arming they do is always blamed on something the USA is doing to destroy the balance of power. But they go on 24 by 7 to keep their armaments up to snuff and ready to go. They are arming other people all over the world. Iran, Venezuela, etc. They do not get into big infrastructure projects like other countries seem to do. You will not find any THREE RIVERS GORGE projects going in Russia. Those big dams are stationary targets and not liked by the Russian high command. The Russian military likes things it can move out of harms way. And they have the equipment to fight a major war. They are especially good at missile technology. Those Sunburn missiles that Iran will use to sink our carriers to the bottom of the Persian Gulf are Russian made.

Russia has the oil to make all the energy it wants. They are the worlds leading exporter of oil. No one can touch Russia for oil production. The same goes for natural gas. They basically supply Europe and can cut them off at a moments notice. Europe would freeze to death in the Winter if not for Russian natural gas. So there they are, the biggest producers of energy and the main competition for the USA as the leading arms dealer in the world. And they are stockpiling. They will have plenty of bombs and guns to fire at us when the time comes. They were a big supplier of Saddam when he ruled Iraq. They are very matter of fact in their thinking and they are thinking of blowing us up. The de facto ruler of Russia is a man named Putin. He was head of what we used to call the KGB and then he got into the big time. He is as cold blooded as a snake. If it is time to pull the trigger he will do it and do it promptly. Don't look for mercy from a Russian. It ain't there. You don't get into the top echelons of Russian politics by being merciful.

All of this war talk and arms build up are making me want to prep even more than I have. I want more food and more ammunition. I want more water filters. I want more medications. I want more trigger fingers around to help out. I want huge gardens full of things we can eat all the year round. I want hogs and chickens and cattle. I want, I want, I want. I suppose God gets tired of hearing about my wants. But we are so few and the enemy is so vast and we are tuned in enough to know it and we know we need HELP. Good old fashioned HELP. But we will get what we need and that is a fact. But the old song says "He has answered every problem before we ask or even think," Take care and stay alive.



The Urban Prepper said...


Excellent discussion as usual and I like your strategy on Russia. I do want to throw out the possibility of a (2) maybe (3) front war. We have no idea what collateral was recently negotiated by Barry Soetoro with China, you can’t hold trillions of monetized debt and expect nothing in return….did Barry give away our resources, oil off the coast or as some speculate land, possibly California to Utah? (China needs food and what better than fresh produce from California) Russia is more outspoken in reclaiming Alaska…could Russia and China form an alliance? What about Cuba & Venezuela on the east coast? Cuba still has missiles aimed at us and Chavez recently purchased billions in arms from both China/Russia. With so may of our forces committed to foreign policy we are susceptible and vulnerable to one let alone multiple front attacks. The resources required in both personnel and finances to support a multi-front war are immeasurable…but would support the military industrial complex quite nicely…for awhile would it?


Bitmap said...

Why the custom bolt action .45-70?

I know custom guns are nice, but why not a Marlin lever action in .45-70? Much less expensive and they work.

My big question about the Polish flight is: Why did they have so many top officials on the same plane? I seem to recall hearing something about putting all of your eggs in one basket.guiests

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the video from the Polish plane crash? Very weird. A loud claxon then clearly gun shots. Odd way to respond to a plane crash. There was also a story that the guy that shot the video was killed in his hospital room (after surviving an attack) a few days later by 3 unknown men. Another scary thought- Look at a map. The US armed forces in the mideast are between Russia and China. A quick attack from both sides and the majority of our ground forces are whipped out. Remember the Russians are chess players. A dollar collapse or political turmoil at election time would be the perfect opportunity to kill a weak opponent. There have also been 3 papers in the last 6 months by PLA officers calling for China to ascend to its 'rightful' place as world leader. Scary times.

mama4x said...

Do you read the Coming Economic Depression? Had a graph on there yesterday that was depressing as all get-out. Said the world would run out of oil in the next 2 years. I would encourage you to go to my blog and read my article "End Times." It has a lot of links to back it up. It's discussing a Christian viewpoint of end times. What made me think of it, besides your discussion of Russia, was the guy you wrote of who was stating certainties about the future. One of the articles I link to has such a guy. He thinks that on May 20th some crazy s will go down with Israel. I'm real curious to see how that pans out (or doesn't).

I know all generations think they are in the end times. I think it is very interesting how all these worldviews (economic, Christian, Jewish, prepper) are culminating to a heinous climax in the next few years. Russia has a large role in end times from a Biblical standpoint.

You're right about the prepper blogs being dead lately. I know I've been doing more prepping and less writing. That truck you dream of sounds sweet! I daydream of a root cellar under the house with a secret access. As always, love the comments almost as much as the post.

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Michael.I'm glad you are still with us I thought you might be taking a break from it.Russia,China,Iran,etc.We have many enemies even in our own government.Prep prep prep.


Pete Smith said...

I see China in the big deal but I to still think it will be Russia who hit us with a big war. Some other small country my stir the pot but it will be the big dog who jumps off the porch to fight. All I can say is prep like hell and learn as many skill as you can so you are ready to survive.

Dragon said...

Hi Mike, I'll not be sneering or laughing at anything coming from Cliff or the web bot. I've watched some of his predictions go almost to the wire to turn at the last second. It is consistent with trends that I have been noticing lately. Predictive language is a tricky thing and I would not put it past someone to deliberately muddy the water.
The astute observer would not that the media talk is similar to the talk just prior to Gulf War1.
Preppers and survivalists might just want to refresh their CBR skills. There is a ramp up of Nuke threat language all over the web lately, some from unlikely places.
In other news I saw a clip of Obama talking up in Iowa today and He seemed off his game and distracted, not himself. But he is a front for the machine and not the machine. The machine is getting ready for something and I do believe that will not bode well for us. Keep your eye on the Clinton. She will not be far from the fracas.
As I see it the leaders will continue to pillage anything of value, and that won't he much with the direction we are going.
I feel the leadership will abandon the grassroots crowd when the fracas starts.
They will not be welcome back when the smoke clears.
I'm working on getting that M35A2 multi-fuel truck I posted about sometime back. It's getting closer to being a reality. All I can recommend is that people stay serious about their preps and keep their heads down and their eyes open. Dragon