Monday, April 12, 2010


Just doing my normal thing for the morning, reading the blogs and thinking about things. The thing I seem to be thinking is that the Left in this country is nuts. And I mean crazy as hell! Deranged. Bonkers. Out of touch. I am amazed at their inability to fathom the human nature. I am amazed at their trust in things written on paper. And their trust leads them into thinking that will get them killed. And countless others killed. including their kids and mates and good friends. But I did say they were crazy, didn't I? They don't have lives of their own. They are devoted to their 'card', which is the group they support politically, or their children, or their job. They are seldom involved in any religious endeavors. They are the most 'led' people on the planet. They do not fight. They do not wish to have lots of children. They do not live outside of town on farms. They are urban to the core. And they are helpless in the face of a politically opposing force. Let someone of a different political persuasion gain power and they are lost. They cannot conceive of anyone failing to comprehend and to agree with their twisted thinking. It makes you an enemy of the people of the earth if you disagree with them. Their main love in life is YOUR money. They will solve all of the ills of humanity with YOUR money. They will relieve all pains with YOUR money. All goodness flows through the government as far as they are concerned. And generally their paycheck comes from the government also. They dislike working out in the marketplace and likely refuse to do so. The state is all and they are the state. How convenient for them. But it is all done with YOUR money. They will throw YOUR money at any and all things they judge to be unfair. They are like little spoiled babies unless they get YOUR money. They are your garden variety sociopath. We must relieve these people of any responsibility within our country's leadership. We cannot afford them.

Yesterday I got on a bit of a refresher course in preparedness. I wrote about guns and food. Today I will finish it up with thoughts on medical preps and garden seed.

Medical preps are standard and yet individualistic. People have different ailments they treat constantly. Heart meds, insulin, blood pressure meds, etc. And there are the general run-of-the-mill first aid stuff. So whatever your individualistic needs are you had better take care of them. You can store insulin. And there is a cry of "Oh no you can't!" from the disbelievers. But you can. As long as the insulin is kept cool. not frozen, and that membrane on top of the vial is not punctured, you can store it up. I know a guy who keeps his insulin stash in a plastic bag he lowers down a well casing on a little rope. He has used one year old insulin with no problem. But the instant you puncture that membrane your insulin is on the clock. It will go bad in about the time they tell you it will go bad. Boniface has the scoop on this and he got it from my friend Mike Kemp. Heart and blood pressure meds should keep for a while. I have used blood presure meds that were almost six months old and they worked just fine. Your best bet is to talk to a lot of people who use these medicines and see what they have to say. But you CAN stock them up.

The standard first aid stuff is all over the place and readily available. Bandages, tape, gauze, anti-biotic creams, Iodine, Merthiolate, and you can go to the farm coop and get all the anti-biotics your little heart desires. You can buy scalpels and stuff to sew you up with and on and on and on. You can buy injectable numbing stuff to make the stitches painless. It's all out there. You CAN take care of yourself. The AMA has not taken over the whole system as yet though they are trying like hell to do it. And there are over the counter meds that are as good as what you can get from your doctor. For upset stomach you can't hardly beat old Pepto-Bismal. Even Bill Sardi, the guy who writes health columns for Lew Rockwell, will tell you to get Pepto-Bismal for your preppers medical kit. And on and on. Get on Lew and look up Bill Sardi's recent articles. He is very good, folks. I am especially anxious about having BIG bandages. Little cuts and whatnot can be taken care of easily but BIG cuts are a whole different ball game. They have stuff now days that will stop bleeding real fast. I have never seem it or used it but other folks, especially troops in battle, swear by it. Get some if you can. You just never know.

The last thing in this little refresher course is garden seed. There is a lot of hype about garden seed and that is to be expected. There is a lot of fear in the world right now and the fear of going hungry is a major fear. Now being a dumb old country boy I KNEW that being able to save your seed from your garden from year to year was the way to go. You just gotta know how to so it. They make lots of good books that will tell you how it's done. These seeds are called non-hybrid seed or heirloom seed. They are generally from stock that has stood the test of time and helped man survive. Because most of them are from a time when man had to have the seed for nest years crop and he could not go to Walmart to buy them. You did not screw around with your plant seed. I use Big John Lipscombs seed and it does just fine by me. His website will give you the lowdown on gardening with saved seed. John is a fine example of bravado but he generally backs it up 100% on his gardening. Try him out.

I want to take a little time and let you know there is some good reading at They have a post up called the Dorthy Theory. And right within its words is an explanation and analysis of what the hell we are looking at economically. Some of the best writing on the subject I have ever read. Ilargi wrote this piece and it is a good one. Even an old country guy like me can understand it.

I got to reading Grumpy Unk this morning and he was complaining about the Zombies that come into the Emergency room on the weekend where he works. Then I got a comment on yesterday's post from Urban Dan and he talked about a young woman at the donut shop this morning. A petulant little bitch she was. And I got to thinking about trying to help anyone in this time of calamity we live in. There are just MILLIONS of worthless idiots out there and I would be remiss to try and save them. The gene pool needs a good cleaning. But it ain't up to me. So try to stay alive.



mama4x said...

I got some seeds at Sustainable Seed Co. online- they give you a ton of seeds in each packet. If you are a vet, or a disable vet, you get an excellent discount at a place online called Everlasting Seeds.

Dr. Richard said...

Lenin got it right when he called leftists "useful idiots". The entire lot of them are either insane or act like child shunning personal responsibility and duty (both foreign concepts to leftists).

HermitJim said...

Very enjoyable post, my friend...lots of useful information!

Guess we can use as much info as we can get before someone decides to disallow acces to it, huh?

Thanks again!

Grumpyunk said...

Note on Pepto-Bismol. It contains Aspirin so if you or yours have an allergy to Aspirin don't use it.

1/2 teaspoon of Arm & Hammer baking soda in a 1/2 cup of water works well for upset stomach or heartburn.
Tastes like crap but works well.

Mayberry said...

Yep, there are millions that this world would be better off without. The number of brain dead stupid out there is astounding....

Brian said...

Here's a good tip: try buying antibiotics on ebay. They are labeled for fish use only, but they are 100% pharma grade. I've used them several times and they work great- there is amox, penn and erythromycin. Works great! About $30 delivered for 100 pills- or 10 doses. Not bad!!