Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A very pleasant morning here at home but I am afraid we have some rain in our future. And that does not bother me because I do not have to work in a garden as yet. And old friend who I have known for many years sent me a message yesterday to tell me that we would have another freeze yet this Spring. I believe him to the maximum. There is no way it is Summer already. And the other three seasons will give you a good frost at any time. Simple explanation of the seasons. At least for around here.

The Obama administration is still trying to make a positive change in this country. I want to wish them a lot of luck. So far I haven't heard a damn thing from them that was going to be beneficial to us poor peons. You know, my mentor told me after the Berlin Wall came down that since the government didn't have a big bad communist enemy to fight any more they would turn on their own citizens and we would all end up being like Mexican peons. That old man sure did know what he was talking about. This country is becoming so degraded as to be unrecognizable. And we have not gotten to the CAP AND TRADE end of things as yet. Now there is huge talk of a VAT tax, commonly known as a Value Added Tax. Sorta like a super sales tax. Here we are, working our butts off and trying to survive, and this moron of a president wants to heap on the taxes. Kinda shows you what he thinks of us.

Over in Kyrgyzstan they have kicked out the government and he has left the capital. A coalition of politicians (yuck) have formed a new government. They have agreed on a new Prime Minister, a new Minister of the Interior, and a new head of security. So the Kyrgyz's get a new ruler. I wonder if he has the good of the people at heart or if he will be another tyrant. Time will tell. But it looks like the Kyrgyz's have an idea of how to handle a tyrant. We might find ourselves kicking someone's ass out of office one day. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Times are headed in a rough direction right now and unpopular politicians are finding things to be precarious. Like in this country, if we can kick out the pack of coyotes we have in there now we might get a group that will serve us, instead of the banksters and the big corporations and the lobbyists. I think that is what the Tea Party people are all about. I don't know much about the Tea Party folks but I know the democrat party does not like them at all. There are some common, ordinary democrats who like the Tea Party but the big wheels don't think much of them. I think it is because the big wheels will have to roll out of town if the Tea Party gets their way. Too bad for those Big Wheels. We have to turn this country upside down to get it right side up again. I think there is a scripture to that effect in the Book of Acts. You might look at it like the Ark getting turned upside down. The Beasts were then on top, the workers were in the middle and the anointed of God were on the bottom. Not too good a place for the human race.

I am going to have to postpone my wood stove installation for a week and a half. I thought I could use some existing chimney pipes but I can't. It would burn the building down. Terrance Maddox is coming weekend after next to boss this thing for my BIL and I. It is always good to have someone who has really done it successfully on site to make sure things are moving properly. And chimney installation has to be done properly.

We are being buffeted by a solar storm right now. People who know about such things say it has a very small chance of being harmful to us. A picture of it's power is at the top of this blog post. I will tell you true, I do not know if these things have any effect on our planet. And by that I mean earthquakes, huge hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and all those other invasive things that can happen to Earth. Some people believe is can mess with us. And maybe it can. But we are in this storm right now and who knows where the ride will take us. I'm just a prepper in southern Indiana, trying to keep family and friends united and safe. This other stuff is in the hands of God and he don't ask my permission. Those lights you see in the top picture are over Antarctica. Those are southern lights, not northern lights. Stay alive




Mike great post, I wanted to share my experience with you concerning your cook stove, but I did not want to get into your business.

But since you brought the subject up, I will comment. You must use a triple wall stove pipe, and a wall thimble.

This is for maximum safety, and insurance reasons.

Now the pipe is very expensive mind you. I used the Dura-Plus triple wall product.

My wanting to comment on the subject is because of your blog and wisdom.

After reading about your wanting to get a cook stove, and the reasons why, I saved up the money and purchased one and installed it my self.

Thank you for your wisdom. My dehydrator is ditto. These were not concepts that I was ignorant to, you put it in a context that made me get off my arse and get it done.

My family is much more secure and safe today because of your blog. I never really had a mentor, my father died at a young age.

I am 43 now and I use sites like yours as mentor's.

We may not always agree with everything, I may be a tad misunderstood sometimes, the only point I try to make on my blog is that the blog is a very very powerful tool.

And we must be very careful and understand that many will come to the blogs for mentoring.

Mike thanks again for all of the wisdom you have offered on your blog, like I said earlier my family is much better off because of your writings and wisdom.

The Urban Prepper said...


Great picture and article. The effectiveness of the Tea Party has come and gone, tactfully diffused by TPB. The initial concept was driven by “change and re-establishment of the constitution” but became too easily co-opted by the likes of Benedict Beck and the Schmucks/Liars of the Republicrat Party Frauds like Palin & Perry. I agree with Celente the populace will create, through frustration, third and fourth parties. Displacing the Uniparty now in control will likely take a new Robespierre and a modern version of the French Revolution…off with their heads! We are experiencing a new political Elitist Class which is flaunting their disregard for the Constitution often stating in public “they” can make laws without procedure or public approval…a “let them eat cake” attitude! What concerns me is; in every case of revolution in the past 125 years the end result has been the establishment of a dictator and third world status of that countries populace. A “Tipping Point” is in the offing and you can detect it in conversation and discussions with people from all walks of life and politics…we are so close to Pre-Revolution America and Pre-Nazi Germany from 85 years ago. We truly live in interesting and historically changing times.


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