Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's a beautiful morning. Supposed to get up to 85 degrees today. That is warm as hell for April. The weather people say El Nino is about gone and that means a drier Summer, I can dig having a drier Summer. Last year was a bitch for weeds. The rain would not quit and it was great trouble to get into the wet garden to weed and cultivate. I lost a ton of beans because they were just too damn wet! "Sprouting in the pod" kind of wet. I have plenty of beans though and plenty of seed. We will go back in and get more beans this year. I have not checked rice prices lately but I have heard they are going up. Pain and suffering. We need a grain to go with our beans. But we have quite a bit of rice as it is so we don't worry too much about the supply. We just inspect the bean and rice supply now and them and look for traces of vermin. Vermin seem to stay away from our dried grains and beans. We freeze them for three days and it knocks the hell out of the vermin. The Handmaiden also puts a pinch of diatomaceus in every bag and that kills the ones the freezing misses. Or vice versa. That stuff is also good for humans too. Kills any parasites that might be around in your intestines. You can worm your dog or your cat the same way. But dry weather coming means a bean crop that will make it all the way through the process. I hate doing shell-outs with a wet bean. I am already proclaiming this to be a bean year.

The economic news is not very good. It's hard as hell to get accurate news of the market these says. Makes you think there is some hanky panky going on. And there is. These are the crookedest markets on the planet as far as I know. One little tidbit that came out just the other day was that market volume, that is shares that are bought or sold, is down 25%. Less volume of shares, the easier it is to manipulate. The trading going on is basically being done by computer. Our market is being driven by what computers tell it to do. So who owns the trading computers? Well, Goldman-Sachs owns a big one. Fast and powerful. Makes a trade so fast you cannot even tell it happened until the market ticker brings it to light. And that could be 15 minutes later. This whole stock market thing is completely out of the hands of us common folks. We don't know and we ain't supposed to know. And when the market starts to crash the big boys will have everything sold short and clean up another box car load of money. They figure to get us coming and going. Pretty clever. Just one mistake. If they think they are going to get a freaking DIME off of me they are mistaken. I am starving the beast as much as possible. I have nothing they can get their hands on. The property is paid for and all we have to do is make the taxes, which is a bunch of money these days. But I can live and live fairly decently on little or nothing. We have game and fish and gardens and plenty of wood to heat and cook with. We can make it! Screw Obama and his Marxist plot to take over America. I don't believe in him and I have never believed in him. I didn't vote for him and I didn't vote for McCain. I thought they were both highly suspect and I still do. It is good to not have my vote invested in either one of these guys. And McCain may get his ass beat in the primary out in Arizona. I hear he is in trouble. Sounds good to me.

Short blog today. Stay alive.



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