Saturday, April 3, 2010


Busy day yesterday and today is slower than my grandmother today. Besides that it is gonna be 15 degrees cooler and it is raining. If you don't like Indiana weather then just wait three days and it will change. I've heard that all of my life and it seems to be pretty accurate.

Got to talking war yesterday and found out a few things. The first thing is that we preppers will have to be on the lookout for sleazebags more than anyone else. These are people who have some contact, no matter how slight, with a prepper and know that food and other goodies are in the vicinity. You may actually know some of them. Their big wish is that you feed them while others are starving. In fact they may just try to kill you and take what food you have so you won't have to bother feeding yourself. Whew. That's a load off of my mind. Thought I was going to have to be responsible there for a while. But that is the way it is supposed to turn out. We won't have to worry much about National Guard and so forth, we will have to worry about folks living close to us. There has to be some sort of great lesson in all of this but the one I am getting is that I had better have my ass ready to do some shooting. I reckon we bought these guns for something, eh? Hunting comes to mind in all of this gun acquisition but I can see other uses for the sweet little things. Saving my own precious ass comes to the front with no prompting. And there are others who I will defend should the need arise. Friends and family. "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." Pretty sound reasoning. Our wives have followed us all through this great task of prepping and learning. Their help has been very great. Our children didn't come onto this era of time through any fault of their own but they are here and most will try to be a benefit. Our friends, the real ones and not the guys who we meet at the bar, will be getting our back as we strive to cover theirs. These are the kind of people we will lay it all down for. You pay your money and you take your chances. Life can be a bit of a crap-shoot. So be it.

And talking about a crap shoot, if you have been paying attention you will have noticed that the federal reserve is holding an emergency meeting this coming Monday. It would seem that the precious metals scam is about to catch up with the banksters. All these people investing in Electronically Transferred Funds on the precious metals market are dabbling in sheer idiocy. The Gold and Silver do not exist! It is a fig-newton of their imagination. It ain't real! And if you are in it, get the hell out! Don't buy a goddamn thing you can't hold in your hand. The so called bullion banks are J.P. Morgan Chase and the American branch of HSBC. These folks are not to be trusted. They will leave you in the lurch so fast it will make your head spin. If you want Gold or Silver, fine. Just be sure you have it in your hand. If it is on paper then you are screwed. Preppers have been told for years to concentrate on tangibles and if you haven't done that you are missing the boat. We have to look out for each other and this is just part of it. I was reading a post by a banker this morning and he was looking for some good food producing land to buy and live on. Does this tell you anything? Am I getting through to you? All this talk about an economic collapse is ABOUT SOMETHING. And it is no game. No game at all. This situation is serious as a heart attack. If you are spread out in your situation then you had better get concentrated pretty fast. Get rid of what you don't need or what you can't hold in your hand and get stuff that is needed and you can handle. The day of the fedgov promise being any good is over. The day of self controlled existence is upon us. The day is in your hands so take good care of it. And stay alive.



The Urban Prepper said...


Allow me to wish you and the Handmaiden a Happy Easter and may God Bless you and your family!

Regarding “The Moocher” we all have that family member that never chips in for the “Big Christmas Gift” for the parents (even though they always say they will knowing that others will cover their costs) or the “Outlaw” who stabs you in the back to make themselves look good to your Mum thinking she’ll be included in the Will….these same stereotypes are the “Brown-Nosers” at work we know them as those that take credit for your hard work while jabbing that butcher knife ever so deeply in your back. Survival should have the same expectations and we all should be prepared for these Master Manipulators. Always and I mean always hold you cards close, never under any circumstances let these individuals see your hand because they will sell you and your provisions out faster than you could ever fathom to look superior and wiser to a crowd…these are the “Glory Takers” and they will do anything for a few brief self-indulgent accolades and ultimately leave you “nothing”. Psychology 101 can be a brutal reality but can also help understand society under stress…and under stress the worse and best nature of human beings is portrayed.

God Bless Us All,


Mayberry said...

Thank God I have two places to go nearby. Both have plenty of space for crops and critters. Now if I could get these folks to arm themselves properly....

Pete Smith said...

I say stand strong and trust very few people and keep what is yours and share with the few people who you do or can trust. The moochers and the bums need to move along and not waste there time or yours. I have some friends that think when the collapse hits I will open my door and welcome them in, but I tell them every time they say something like I will just come on over to your house if anything happens and I tell them if you don't have food, water and survival supplies for yourself and your family then DON'T COME most know I mean it and a few may think they can come but will have a sad day, that is even if they can find me because I have to trust you 110% before you know where I live.


We will also need leaders, and leaders who understand the rifle barrel will not solve all issues.

True good decent men will not shoot an intruder stealing from the garden.

People will do very heinous things because of their ignorance.

None the less we are people of God and we must remind ourselves of that, if I must plant 20 gardens to care for the ignorant so as they will not steal from me or kill my family members than that is what I will do.

We as preppers must understand that we were given the gift from God to understand what is coming, some came as dreams others it came from wisdom, none the less if we turn our backs to the uneducated fools, then we have become what we despise right now.

If we are going to change then we must also understand kindness and forgiveness. I am not stupid I do understand that some will need to perish for their crimes against us.

It is indeed Easter Sunday, May the Lord protect us.