Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Helluva morning. I feel fine and all of that but the last half a day has been interesting, to say the least. I got a message last night from a friend who has an ex-CIA buddy. The CIA type said that in June or July we will have a shut down in the power grid most likely from an EMP explosion or a keystroke from a Chinese location. It will occur in a manner to cover up a collapsed economy around the globe but mainly here in the USA. Far out! I'll be buying candles today! My neighbor said he had fishing tackle to last 5 years, fish traps, animal traps, and lots of hunting guns and ammo. And I mean LOTS of guns and ammo. Not much military stuff but enough to put a lot of lead in the air. He asked if I had garden seed for three years and I said yes. He then said we had our asses covered. If nothing else, we eat. Whew. Glad of that. We have kids around here and they need their protein and minerals. Looks like they will be getting them. I am thinking about buying a substantial amount of lead. Lead is good. It is used for sinkers and bullets and both of these items are going to be in short supply. You first have to take care of the home team and then you might be able to barter with some left over.

And taking care of the home team is looking to be mighty important in the soon coming days ahead. There will be people to feed and defend. That in itself will be an amazing accomplishment to behold. There will be THOUSANDS, MAYBE MILLIONS of people out looking for safety and sanctuary. It looks like the fedgov will try to move people out of the towns and cities and get them to God-only-knows where. Maybe FEMA camps. Maybe labor camps. Maybe just get them out of the way of what they have in mind to do. But those folks will be out there and they will be looking to accomplish quickly what you have devoted long hours and hard earned money to do over a much longer period of time. They will want to become instant preparedness people. How cool! They will want good housing and good food, well cooked, lots of free beer, and a band on Saturday night. Lots of luck, you idiots. I ain't forgetting the sly looks or the hurtful remarks as I preached the salvation of the new day to come. And so many did not heed my message. And they can fall by the side of the road and die at this point. The lines are long and the resource is limited. If you have helped, then you may receive help. If you have not helped then get ready for a rough hard life. That is pretty blunt and non-forgiving, I know, but that is the way it is going to be. Life is about to get difficult and that is a fact. Don't delay getting what you need to live and don't forget that when the SHTF what you have is what you got. Be very thoughtful as to what you spend your money for these last few days or weeks. Play no financial games like the stock market or the commodities market. Get real serious and prayerful.

I get so fed up with the treachery of our government and the governments overseas. They are lying, cheating bastards and they will not tell us the truth so help them. The problems we face could all have been settled and the country going forward, if we had been told the truth and the facts allowed to play out like they were dealt. Yeah, some rich bastards would have been sent up the river but who the hell cares. The only rich person to fall to the fedgov has been Martha Stewart and that was such a travesty that I try to buy her stuff whenever I can. Not that she needs the money but because she is a fellow rebel toward federal prosecution. But the fedgov goes marching on with it's fake prosecution of Goldman-Sachs and it's prosecution of the Hutaree. I ain't forgot about the Hutaree. They might be a little crazy but that ain't a crime. The fedgov is wrong in prosecuting them and we may have to go bail them out. In whatever fashion that works I reckon.

I think this will be all for today. Please prepare and stay alive.



Bitmap said...

"I got a message last night from a friend who has an ex-CIA buddy."

I enjoy reading your blog, but I had to laugh at that. I heard the same thing from my mother's cousin's next door neighbor's brother's best friend.

chinasyndrome said...

I think the main point regardless of who said it or didn't.It is a possibility along with a lot of other life changing problems.And no you can't believe crap from Govt or media.


Pete Smith said...

If the info is true then this summer will be the start of the collapse. Here we go, CAMP FEMA!!!!

Mayberry said...

Funny, two days ago I had a sudden urge to replenish my tackle box. Which I did. Cleaned it out, took stock, tossed the rusty stuff. Then I went and bought some line, some lead head jigs, and a couple topwater lures. Found a pretty good deal on a rod and reel combo, so I got that too. I already have a very large variety of soft plastic lures, various hooks, and weights, as well as floats and other tackle. Haven't been fishin' in ages. But I think I will go to Packery Channel tomorrow and try my luck...

Shy Wolf said...

Sorry, Pete- no FEMA camps in my future, unless you're talking about a pine box...
"The Summer of Our Discontent" may well be upon us. Well, it's about damn time, far as I'm concerned.
Mike, I think you're right about not helping those who come wandering by to take what they want: shoot first and let the crows have the carcass. Those who truly need help can have what we can share.