Monday, April 5, 2010


Here I am, sitting at a computer on Monday morning typing my Tuesday morning blog post. Not exactly hot off the grill stuff but it is what I can do. We have had a Coronal Mass Ejection headed our way since Saturday morning and no one knows what the hell it will do. But a good stiff CME can really screw things up on good old Earth. Maybe we will be lucky with this one and escape planet wide disruption. Then there is always the chance we WON'T escape. Then it will be time to fire up the wood stove and start eating the preps. May as well start eating them now as to wait, I reckon. One minor point in this discussion is that IF the CME is powerful enough then you will start seeing those transformers on you power poles blow up. They can set the poles on fire. We will be plunged into electrical darkness. You will cook your food on anything except your electric range. It will be a bitch of the highest magnitude. Should we get hit with reverse polarity then nothing will work, period. But reverse polarity is something that we can recover from. It should take anywhere from a couple days to two weeks. The planet itself will, or at least should, restore polarity. It will be something like 1800 until polarity is restored. I am tired of this CME, Ure-thquake stuff. But if it has to be then let 'er rip. If any of you have been out of the loop, we are going to get earthquakes, CME's, and nukes for a certainty in the near future. And I hate to be the one to tell you this but I believe you can count on it. Got preps? Dragon has not sent me an email telling me good bye as yet so I think he still feels it is safe enough. Your definition of safe may vary with his.

The closed meeting of the federal reserve is this very Monday morning. I would assume that Herr Rothschild has issued his instructions and they will be followed to the letter. The bankers have the deck right now and are dealing however they wish. But they have not encountered many rednecks at the federal reserve board meetings. Those friendships will come at a later time. Got rope? It is a shame this mess has to drag out like it is. People get so fed up with no action that they start to let things go in their normal pursuit of life. But Obama will start on Cap and Trade or some other dumbass thing and we will be in high gear once again. The last thing anyone with half a brain would do is raise taxes in a depression. It's insane. Only a mortal enemy would do such a thing. Keep that thought in your little thinking machine for the next few months. If Obama tries to raise our taxes he is proving his non-love for the people of this country. And Cap and Trade is the biggest single revenue bill to ever come up in this country. Obama is fixing to bleed us like a stuck hog. But he is a Socialist and that is the way they believe things ought to be. Your electric bill is about to double or triple and it won't matter to Obama one damn bit. Pay up slave! The people who voted for him wanted change and they are damn sure gonna get it. He is gonna change their money from their wallet to the fedgov Treasury in one Cap and Trade bill. A Master Stroke of a good Commie. Don't you just love how they want to control your life? Get to work you ignorant serfs! Too much.

Nothing coming out of Washington is going to do you a damn bit of good. They don't make anything in Washington. They merely write checks on YOUR MONEY. All they do is spend money. And they are gobbling up control of our nations businesses as hard and fast as they can go. And so are the banksters. All of these banks that are being take over every Friday are going to bigger banks who will consolidate and become part of even bigger banks. Hell, we don't need all of these local banks when a half dozen big boys on Wall Street can handle the action. By the time the consolidation is over they will own practically all of America anyhow. They will own your mortgage and thus your living quarters. And you give them any shit and they will call your mortgage due and what the hell are you going to do about it? Nothing! You balk at their orders and a squad of cop cars will be headed your way very quickly. Sound ugly? Well, Brothers and Sisters, it is ugly. It is called tyranny and suppression. You be scheduled for the bottom of this particular heap. Sorry about that. But it is the Socialist way, don't ya' know. Mao used these techniques, Stalin used these techniques, the dweeb over in England, the Prime Minister don't ya know, is trying to use these techniques. The rope is getting shorter and we have less room to roam. And everywhere you turn there are those who are trying to make the rope even shorter. It is turning into a "no fun" world. But preppers like to have fun and we ain't gonna let these bastards spoil the party. We will get a truce or something every now and then and just party like monsters. With proper security on duty of course. Socialists do not go into the market place to work for their daily bread. They work for the state. You rednecks work at the mines and make the living for the folks working for the government. Obama made his living as a Community Organizer. What does a Community Organizer make, condoms for termites? This system is getting out of hand and needs to be reined in. Pull back hard and stay alive!


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