Thursday, April 1, 2010


An interesting morning, reading the blogs. Remus, over at the Woodpile Report, got into the fact that Muslims are exempt from having to buy health insurance under the new Obamacare we now have on the books. Muslims consider insurance to be against God so they get a pass on this one. But they get their medical free just the same. How nice. Remus also went on to mention John Galt telling everyone that if they can get out of the country they had better do it NOW. It seems we have currency controls now and you can't take U.S. money out of the country. John Galt gives us a time frame to 90 to 180 days before something ugly is going to happen here on our shores. This sure is a wonderment to me. Of course, I am still wonderingn why Los Angeles didn't have an URE-thquake yesterday. But we will have our day and there is nothing to stop it. Just follow the bouncing ball and sing along with the music. My trouble is I don't know a good funeral dirge. That would be most appropriate. The little Marxist we have in the Whitehouse will learn some good ones though.

I had some grave misgivings this morning about what the fedgov has in mind for us peons to experience in the near future. Something dark and troublesome I am sure. Obama is intent on working us to death. We get all the debt he can rack up. We will get pennies on the dollar for our labor. The rest of the cash will go to the banksters, multinational businesses, and our favorite government workers. And in the bill the Senate sent to the fedgov and Obama signed, there is a stipulation that two and a half billion dollars will be given to black universities and community colleges. This is racism in a pure form. You don't help only black universities you help all universities. But America ain't the country I was raised in any more so why am I startled by this. I suspect we have just scratched the surface of the degradation and horror to be brought us in the near future, if any of you are planning on a future of any meaning. I am wondering why, with the American Dollar being the reserve currncy of the world, it cannnot be transported out of the country to where ever we wish to do business. Seems like there is a legal violation here on the part of our fedgov and no one is crying out because of it. Just those troublesome bloggers again. They are gonna shut us down pretty soon and we will not have each other to lean on like we do now. We have too much power and ability for a tyranical government to tolerate us blowing off at the mouth like we do.

But we have gained some valuable lessons. We know to prepare and to get ready for the hard times. We know to have food stored up clear to the ceiling. We know to have our shortwave radios hooked up and running. We have our guns and ammo piled deep and cheap. We have our medical covered and stored up. Most of us can grow food and feed ourselves. We have gotten out of town as best we can. But we have not run and we ain't gonna run. This is our country and we intend to keep it. Screw the politicians and their pet businesses. We will have an alternate economy set up before the fedgov knows what happened. And if the fedgov tries to run us over they will pay a hell of a price. We ain't backin' down. No way.

I was reading Pete Smith over on Patriots Against the New World Order this morning, as is my normal routine, and I sensed a great determination in his soul to resist the coming crud and corruption headed our way. I just want him to know that he is more than welcome to come get back to back with me! In fact, if the whole thing goes down a whole bunch of you are welcome here. We will all need each other. I guess that is just recognition of the last step in successful prepping, the massing of the preppers. The bringing together of the clan of people who have the will to live and the guts to see to it. And what a force we will be!

I got on some news site this morning that was from a British tabloid and the stories are about people living on another planet. Famous people on vacation. Famous people shopping. Famous people out with their little kids. Famous people out for an evening of clubs and partying. It's like they are completely detached from the real world. It is like they are not part of the rest of humanity. And this sells? The human need for escape is so great that they will support these "Stars" so they can read about them and see their pictures? I know that Gerald Celente forecasted this but it is still amazing to see. Sick. I still haven't seeen a "Star" come out and tell people to prep. Not part of their reality I guess. Oh well. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

Thanks Michael
I may have to take you up on your offer. It's getting bad here in CA and I only see it getting worse.

Mayberry said...

I'll keep yelling obscenities at the PTB as long as I have breath. I'll keep doing what I wish, and there's nothing they can do to stop me, except kill me. I will never be arrested, sorry. I'll die on a pile of spent brass before I am taken...