Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, merrily we roll along toward our individual destinies and there ain't much we can do about that and I don't know that I would change any of it. Besides, the man in charge of that is way smarter than me and I'll just trust him. I acknowledge and accept his divine plan. It seems to be the way to go. There surely is no better road.

I have surfed the Internet this morning and found no word on the URE-thquake out in Los Angeles. But the day is young and you just never know. We do know that every day that has passed is taking us closer to the next big quake. If the New Madrid Fault ever goes ballistic I might feel some tremors from that but then again I may not. The first floor of our building is rock with steel inside of it and it is pretty solid. No great wind has ever made it shake.

We got all the garden seed out last night and still do not have our minds made up as to what to plant. There is SOOOO much stuff to get into the ground. But it will be a month and ten days before frost date and we have plenty of ruminating time in front of us. My Garlic out on the hillside to the South of us is doing well and I will have my first ever garlic harvest, God willing. I have never grown Garlic and since I have found it's wonderful medicinal properties I think it wise to plant this stuff. It is pretty simple. You just go out to your presumed Garlic bed in the Fall and you put the Garlic cloves in the ground with the proper end pointing up. You plant so that the cloves are about one inch from the surface. Then you just forget about them because they will do their thing and they don't need you. But this is how you get a bulb of Garlic from your plant. I just used Garlic my wife got from the Amish and it is coming along very well.

It is supposed to be in the 70's for the next five days of our weather forecast. Fantastic. Five days in the 70's will warm up the ground and get it ready for planting, if you can wait until May 10th. I have lived in this Valley for 39+ years and I have only seen it frost once at a later date. Pretty good marker on the road to food production if you ask me. I think this Summer is going to be a scorcher. Some global warming guy and a journalist froze to death in the Antarctic. Should have been somewhere else, I reckon. Well the global warming guys can go totally crazy with their predictions of earth heating up and cooking all of us. When we had our last Global warming trip about a thousand years ago, England became a grape growing center. I can hardly imagine grapes being a big crop in Britain but the records say it is true. It might be nice to have it that warm again. Extended growing seasons would sure help the food supply. We be getting quite a large crowd on this planet. It will get purged but that ain't up to me. Way above my pay grade.

I just checked the news for any rumblings of an Ure-thquake out in California. Nothing as yet. But do not give up on it as yet because the day isn't half over. George Ure has a marvelous way of expressing things like his prediction of an LA quake. If he hits the thing right, he is a world beater. If he gets it wrong then he is just fatigued by all the emails he gets about the subject. Also, as the Handmaiden pointed out, the vision said Wednesday but not which Wednesday. But if George hits on this one he will be financially taken care of for the rest of his life. Nice gig for a goat herder and professional typist in Eastern Texas. I enjoy his writing and wish him well. Odd ducks like George Ure and Cliff High have always interested me. These are the kind of guys that get strange thoughts from SOMEWHERE and they look at life a little different. They can stumble on to the damnedest things. I pay attention.

As a note to prepper/foragers, our Dandelions are up. We can't get enough of them. I love the blossoms floured and dosed with salt and pepper and fried in hot butter. Just right next to fried mushrooms on the taste scale. We also eat a lot of the greens. They are nutritious as all get out and taste mighty good. The Handmaiden uses the roots for some sort of healing stuff I don't know anything about but she swears by. Pretty valuable plant if you ask me. And it is just a weed. The Handmaiden just got in with a sack of Dandelions, chickweed, wintercress and wild onions. We be eating good now!

Not much on the economic news front that you probably don't already know. Ireland is going to bail out it's banks and save the economy. Man! What a unique idea! That reminds me that there is nothing new under the Sun. It's a case of Same Shit, Different Day.

One more thing to add. We are not pumping any oil out of our Gulf oil rigs and have not pumpered out of them for almost a year. The oil leases of Obama are just another hoax to act like the mental dwarf is trying to do something for us. Stay alive.


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