Thursday, March 25, 2010


The things that are in play right now, in this nation and the rest of the world, are not the mind of a man or a group of men. Whoever thinks that men could concoct this scene are very wrong. And we do not need to worry or stew about who is with us or not. Everybody will be in this little game. There is no way out of it. The plan is in motion and everyone is hell bent for entry into the next big thing. Ain't no escaping it. Because the BIG GUY up in heaven is running the show and always has run the show. Something this big and this important is not going to be left up to the fragile feelings of mere mortal men. That ain't the way things happen. Men are craven cowards, liars and thieves, lazy and changeable. No way in hell are they going to be left in charge of this affair. You may not feel the spirit moving in all of this but that is exactly what is going on. There is an Army in the invisible that is moving into place and it is not quick but it is very accurate. And some folks will not like to look at the work underway and consider that the BIG GUY is setting it all up, but he is, so get used to it. We are headed toward a period of the little "i" and the big "HIM". He gets the credit. Nothing will transpire without the approval of the authority of Him who dwells on high. This thing is laid out from front to back and it will go as planned. Don't ever doubt it. Don't ever doubt that when actors are needed on the stage they will be waiting in the wings, eager to burst upon the scene.

I write this for anyone who may think that this is going to fail. That the collapse will not come. That the morons of present day governments will somehow come out on top and we will be screwed even worse than we are now. It ain't gonna be like that at all. The stench of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man has reached up to heaven and it is going to get blown away by the winds of change. And we all know, or should know, who is in charge of change on this forlorn old planet. Those who lack faith must trust in waiting for the events to transpire. They will transpire. Those who have faith will sleep easier at night knowing that the plan cannot fail. But which ever group you are a member, be ready for your feet to hit the ground running to the battle. If he is gonna need you, if you have a part to play, get ready to go on stage. The momentum is building and the earth is shaking with the dread of the coming calamity. Don't be afraid. Care not for tomorrow for the evil of today is sufficient thereof. You have done what you needed to get done, so stand your ground and wait. And there is always more to do! Prepping never ends. God knows of our impatience. So busy yourselves in what will benefit you and others in times of need. This thing is not on OUR schedule. It follows the dictates of him with whom we have to do. So be ready.

I have my Pete Smith Slinky Antenna strung up on the porch out of the reach of my cats and sometime today I will become a Shortwave Radio Listener. It will be a minor miracle if it works because I am not a radio person. But from everything I have read the slinky is way up at the top of the list for those of us wanting good reception. And we don't have to be Electrical Engineers to get the job done. You don't have to go to the bookstore and buy Antennas for Dummies. This thing is gonna work. A guy I know took one look at it and said it was great. A great design and a great idea. Pete Smith has done us a favor. You can see and buy a slinky from Pete at his website, . The man puts in a daily effort to help people get prepared and he helped me by inventing this slinky. Can't say enough good things about him. I am doing this thing with the shortwave radio my Handmaiden bought for me because I want to hear what is going on in the world after the SHTF. And I do not trust the corporate media for an instant. They are sold out, controlled, and dictated to by the Powers That Be and only tell us what we are supposed to hear. They are essentially the Voice Of The Enemy. You can shorten that by just saying VOTE. Voting got us into this mess and ain't likely to get us out of it. But I will trust the rebels before I will trust the PTB. Just like I do now with the bloggers. The news from the blogs is so superior to the stuff from the MSM that there is really no comparison. Let me read those preppers any day of the week before I read the MSM. After the fedgov shuts down the Internet we will have to rely on shortwave. They do not want us communicating. They do not want us encouraging each other. They want us silenced. Well, they are not going to silence world wide shortwave very easily. Too many smart guys are out there with mobile set-ups that are very hard to track. It would cost ten million dollars a night to police the national airwaves and even then a lot of stuff will get through. And a few crazy muthas will come up with 50,000 watts of power to broadcast nationally. That should give the PTB stomach cancer of the highest order. God bless the radio guys. Stay alive.



Tattoo Jim said...

I just bought a Grundig Shortwave and love it... Do you happen to have a Station List ? I'm not having much luck finding anything helpful..

Pete Smith said...

Thank you Michael, I do love my Slinky Antenna's I make. And please thank you friend who said that they looked great.

erniesjourney said...

Amen Michael! We have found a few stations on our shortwave with a little antenna that we just hung up on the door LOL! Planning on putting up better one soon! Hope you gets lots of stations. Happy watching too as we circle the drain.

Cliff said...

Ernie, you can't go wrong with one of the slinky antennas from Pete Smith. I have mine stretched across the walls in one of the upstairs room and while it doesn't bring in the signals quite like my multi-band dipoles at 45 feet in the air, it still brings in a whole lot of good listening and it's so easy to set up and use and it's way inexpensive too!

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,best ever.Sometimes in all the turmoil,I forget everything is in Gods time not mine.I have always received everything I need ,in his time.Great reminder he doesn't always work on mans schedule.


Mayberry said...

Michael, when you put it that way it brings me hope. You were inspired on this one....

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