Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The news is not comforting or disturbing. The bloggers are kicking ass as usual and seemingly enjoying it. The guy at has a couple of very nice posts up and you will enjoy them. Mayberry is giving the government hell in a most wonderful manner. The Dragon is crusty as ever. Ferfal down in Argentina is grinding on Jim Rawles quite a bit. My money is on Rawles at this point. Ferfal's syntax ain't good enough. But Ferfal is on the money trip and that will tell you where he is heading. Visions of sugar plums dance in his head. He ain't gonna make it because he is a city boy and as far as the serious preppers go, the city ain't the place to be. Ferfal ought to get a couple hundred acres out in the country with some plantable ground and start his survival trip in earnest. He has some good ideas and some personal discipline but he needs to get the hell out of town. We shall see. But getting out of town would subject him to the philosophy of his competition and that might prove to be insurmountable.

Cliff High has a new download for sale. George Ure is talking it up quite a bit. No one has sent me a copy and the $10 fee is a bit much so I have to pass at this point. But I will nab a copy somehow. I always seem to do it. My money has to go for staying alive and preps. There ain't much room for anything else. Cliff has some mighty fine reading in his papers and it is worth the time and trouble, if you can afford a copy. You can order it a if you like. The report is a bit on the left hand but it is amusing and informative. And they might get something big every now and then just to keep things interesting. I think they are going to get it on their prediction of some major earthquakes this year. Sometime between now and Saturday we are supposed to have a big one due to the CME of last Sunday. If it happens we may have a method of predicting earthquakes that we never had before. Fascinating stuff.

Looking off my porch my Handmaiden has seen several of my Garlic plants starting to arise. I am especially proud of them if they make it. I have never planted Garlic before. But as far as growing food and making gardens is concerned, I have read on the blogs that garden seeds are shooting up in price quite a bit. This will not hurt non-hybrid planters. We have seed from last year and we don't have to buy. Thanks to Big John Lipscomb I will not have to buy any seed. I did not get my Cranberry Bean seed from John. Believe it or not I got it from my local feed and seed place. They actually had a non-hybrid bean seed for sale. And it is a real producer. I mean to tell you that they really kick out the production. I think I told you that I am going to try to go big on Butternut Squash this year. They keep well and are delicious. Not much trouble to fix either. I will try to get some Acorn Squash in the mix also. They are just out of this world for flavor. I am thinking of going after corn this year also. That Bloody Butcher corn that I got from Big John should really put me ahead in the ground corn area this next Fall and Winter. We had some homemade Chili and Cornbread last night and it was some good eating. My son was down the road making 6 ounce sinkers for fishing next month and he stopped by for a late supper and really got off on that Chili. The Handmaiden makes some GOOD Chili. Write to her blog and make her give you the recipe. It is worth the effort. Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

Your comment about Ferfal confuses me. Unlike most of us, he isn't basing his information on theory. It's based on real-life experience - since the 2001 crash of Argentina.

He's living the circumstances most Americans will face - living in a city when a country's economic system crashes.

Mayberry said...

Tiller meets soil in Texas today! I wish I had money to blow on those web bot reports myself, but like you, preps come first...