Friday, March 26, 2010


Things are looking okay for us preppers right now. But don't fall asleep because that can change in a heartbeat. But we don't have a new war and we don't have Martial Law and the money is still good at the store. Keep your eyes open and prep on. I got a favorable comment about the Grundig radio and that has bolstered my feelings quite a bit. Nothing succeeds like success. Now comes the idea that we will need a list of stations that have good news. Should not be too hard to handle once the stations are discovered. My brother-in-law brought me part of a spool of 18 gauge speaker wire this morning for getting my radio hooked up to my antenna. It is insulated and has two wires in it which be split in two lengthwise. Then it will be search and discover time. I really think this shortwave thing may have some benefit to us doomers. A friend of mine in Ohio will be up and running this weekend, I believe. I have no other details to report other than that. No one has broken the broadcast barrier that I am aware of. But should it happen and I find out about it the readers of this blog will know the details as soon as I do. It would be very cool to have a broadcast network to pass news along to friends and preppers. Very cool indeed. We will have to have codes and things to say stuff we don't want the fedgov to get but other than that it will be a benefit. Good for us, I say. And those with a spirit gift can share their nuggets with the rest of us. You never know what some one may receive. God is pretty merciful.

I think I should add that anyone wanting to contact me personally should use the email address I provide at the end of most of my posts. I read all comments and seldom comment in return. The comment section usually belongs to the commenter's and not to me. We ALL read the blog.

I read some consternation concerning non-hybrid seed in an email this morning and I thought to address that subject. I beg to differ with the idea that non-hybrid seed are readily available at all local feed and seed stores. I know one place in my area that sells Cranberry Bean seed and another place that sells some Golden Bantam Corn seed that is non-hybrid. Beyond that it is a dry well. I am not saying there are no other seeds available but I am not into driving around looking for them. I went to one other place and struck out. The point I have to make is that what is genetically inclined to grow where you live is what you should plant. I live in a fairly northern climate and things grown in the northern climes should have a tendency to do well here. My Cranberry Beans just really get with it and the crop yield is terrific. The person who emailed me said that seeds from Europe are acclimated to our more northern climate and I am willing to go along with that, as long as they produce the first year. Vegetables that I grow and save the seed are a sure thing. They are already acclimated to this soil and climate. They are producers or they would not be planted a second time anyhow. But heirloom, non-hybrid is no guarantee that you will get a good crop. If your plants are acclimated to the desert you might not have much of a success story to tell the next Fall. Then again you might really get a super yield because desert plants normally take of like rocker ships if they get plenty of water. You experiment and you decide what is good for you and your family. I think along the lines of growing a CROP and not a salad bar. When I have planted Cranberry Beans I have planted LOTS of them. Thirty gallons of dried product are nothing unusual. I have one 35 gallon metal trash can that has so many beans in it you can hardly pick it up. The Handmaiden puts Diatomaceus earth in every package and they are frozen for two or three days before their storing is complete. Works like a charm.

We don't just store Cranberry Beans. We have Pinto Beans and Black Beans and Split Peas and other goodies. We also have plenty of spices to make things interesting. Do not forget to store spices. Eating bland food every day can get old in a hurry. We also have a LOT of rice. I love to eat rice. Our canned butter will make it just to my liking. Naturally I have plenty of salt.

In watching the news I see the MSM talking a lot about Sarah Palin the ex-governor of Alaska. My guess is that she is to be groomed as the heir apparent of the Republican party and get the nomination for president in the 2012 election. What a travesty that would be! This country needs a real strong person who has some love of country in their heart and the Republican PTB want to give us Sarah Palin. She is strictly a party hack and has not had an original idea in her political career. No matter what your party affiliation is, fight like hell to keep party hacks off the ballot. This country needs a lot more than some dumbass servant of the PTB to lead it. We do not want to make peace or friends with the PTB. We want to stomp their asses in the ground. We want to say NO WAY to all of the banksters and all of the debt. You DO realize that if everything collapses, as it is sure to do, the banks will foreclose on every home in the country and we will all be paying rent to the federal reserve. Then you will obey as a good slave or you will face eviction and you know you aren't going to find another bank to sell you a house. Or give you a mortgage. You will be ruined. Head for the overpass out on the Interstate. The next two years are going to see some very heavy duty political decisions being made in this country, if there is still a country to make them. If you have anything to do with the process do NOT let the PTB pick the candidates. Stay alive.




Sarah Palin and the GOP to also include Glenn Beck have hijacked the Tea Bagger Movement. Sarah Palin is being used by the GOP as their NEW Contract With America.

It's all smoke and mirrors, you are dead on in respect to not allowing the PTB or the MEDIA to select our canidates.

Western Mass. Man said...

I don't know about Sarah Palin being the next GOP pick. There are too many others who think shes a twit. I like her. Me thinks it will be Romney.
Yeah the guy who signed into law, Romney care here in Mass., but who protests Obamacare. Yeah, I know, 10th amend., states rights.
Still ironic though.
Also the same guy who signed into law the continuation of the AWB.
It will be interesting to say the least.

Nairb said...

You should be kinder to Sarah Palin. She ran for governor of Alaska as a reformist and delivered, to the consternation of the hacks in her own party.

We may disagree with some things Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck do and say, but dissing them unnecessarily shows just how easy the Marxists who currently govern can divide us.

Although I was born and raised in Alaska, I would not support Sarah Palin for president because I do not think that she is a strong enough candidate. Unfairly maligned to the degree saving her is difficult, much like Dan Quayle.

Too much bashing of politicians and public figures who sympathize with us will leave us alone and marginalized.