Saturday, March 20, 2010

BEANS AND BULLETS it is...a beautiful Saturday morning. You don't get to read this until Sunday but that doesn't hurt anyone. I have read where Congresswoman Slaughter had a brick thrown through her office window in upstate New York last night. It appears the Sons of Liberty are at it already. Too bad for those people who would put us in tyranny. Just too damn bad. And one thing we have here in southern Indiana, in great, never ending abundance, is rocks to throw. You got the glass, we got the rock. Hell yes. I will pray for the future success of the Sons of Liberty. I don't have the arm I had 50 years ago so I might have to get me a WHAMMO slingshot to take care of any business that might come my way. Would not want to come up short in any endeavor that might aid and abet the Sons of Liberty. Coming up short would not please me at all.

Just waiting for the tiller to do it's thing down in the garden and the 10th of May to come. That is our frost date. The Handmaiden is getting antsy as hell to get to planting. I am persuaded to do a big bean crop again this year. Those Cranberry Beans are something wonderful and we grow a very big crop of them whenever we put them into the ground. They are just great producers. And they taste so good! My brother-in-law did not even like beans and now admits he likes them, especially the Cranberry Beans and the Butter Beans I buy at the store. I might try to grow some Butter Beans this year. Rutabagas are now way up on the priority list for the garden this year. Butternut Squash, Cranberry Beans, and Rutas are the main promises I have made. We will see if I can get Butter Beans in there. They are just so damn good it would be a miscarriage of life to exclude them. I suppose I will end up looking around for Butter Bean seed and all I'll be able to find is Monsanto Specials and I will be pissed off. I do not like ANYTHING from Monsanto. These people are against everything I stand for. But they keep making inroads into our national diet and pretty soon our non-hybrid seed will be the only thing left that is worth a damn. Then we will have to worry about cross pollinating with their crap. Everything in this country is for sale and that includes our political leadership and they are bought and paid for by Monsanto. But the Sons of Liberty are on the move and an ill wind blows toward Washington D.C. And I do not know who the Sons of Liberty are and I don't care to know. I have heard the Militias have been called up and I can't find out a damn thing and that just pleases the hell out of me. Apparently the Militias have advanced in their procedures and are not open to easy examination. Maybe they have not all been infiltrated by the FBI like they were 15 to 20 years ago. Maybe they have lots of guys trained in the Sandbox that know about keeping a secret and staying alive. Sure hope so. 'Cause if Obama gets his hands on them they are a lost cause. And he will try to get them run out of business. If they are not the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam, they are just there for the grinding.

I was worried about he fighting strength of the preppers and survivalists in this country and said so in a blog post but the emails I have gotten tell me that there are plenty of people getting ready to fight. And that is comforting. At least I will not be by myself. The main body of writers say that there is 3% of the population ready to go on the "defensive." Call it 1% and you still have three million fighters. Figuring a lot of women and kids you can still count on a half million guys out pulling triggers. That sure is a lot of ammo heading down range. And lot of these ol' boys are crack shots and don't miss. One shot, one kill type of shooters. Those deer rifles get made fun of but not if you are in front of them. They will put you in the long sleep in a heart beat. One of my friends came by yesterday and he had been out last week getting re-acquainted with his Moison Nagant and it's 7.62X54R cartridge. He says he can still hit center of mass at 300 yards with iron sights. Not bad for a guy who is getting some age on him and wears glasses. This country might be in pretty good shape for battling these bastards of the NWO. I can still hit something from the prone position pretty damn well. Of course I can hit from a bench rest but it is hard as hell to get enemy troops to march in front of a bench rest. They just don't seem to want to do it. Party poopers is what they are.

But we are looking okay and with the help of God we might survive the coming calamities. Please. All of you. STAY ALIVE.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,good Sunday morning to you.It seems there are many ready to fight for America.The waiting is wearing on the nerves of many of us.They are using the time we wait to pass as many of there Socialist LAWS as possible.I never wanted to see America in another war at home.But it is Time,before they try to send Patriots to camp fema for atittude adjustments.I guess in the mean time its stocking up and getting ready.


madmaddy said...

I recently bought sugar beet seeds to grow. Thought it would be a great renewable replacement source of sweetner if for some reason white sugar is no longer available. There are many sites online that show you how to cook and reduce the beet juice.

Mayberry said...

I just hope the cockroaches in CONgress have been advised that the kettle is about to boil by their internet snoops. Maybe they'll think twice before pushing that "yea" button today. Either way, myself, and a wonderfully growing number of people are done with those criminals. They no longer matter, because we no longer grant them our consent to be governed....

Andrea said...

"Call it 1% and you still have three million fighters. Figuring a lot of women and kids you can still count on a half million guys out pulling triggers."

There are quite a few women out there raised sensibly, knowing HOW to shoot a rifle and WHEN to do so. Especially if my, I mean their, children are in harm's way. The lessons my grandpa preached didn't fall on deaf ears.