Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's quiet in the house. The next door neighbors are away on a fishing trip and the wife and brother-in-law have gone to Amishland for eggs and what not. I am holding down the fort and writing. Writing is good. It gives a person a purpose and a goal. Both important things. The brother-in-law is going to get me some gadgets that will hold my antenna wire up away from everybody so it does not get torn down. The antenna is fine but the wire I am going to run to the radio antenna is not secured as yet. But all good things in their season and it will probably be finished today. Then it is shortwave city! Jim Haddix has sent me a copy of an article from Jim Rawles' blog post of March 7, 2010 called Radio Communications for Retreat Intelligence Gathering, by R.Y. And it is a huge repository of data for the novice shortwave seeker. I could not believe the stations that it lists. That location is, by the way. But it is a home run at this stage of the game and that is what we will be needing in the future. I am thinking this is gonna be some good preps. Rawles did a good job, again. Jim Rawles and Big John Lipscomb are two of my absolute favorites in the prepping world. They are worlds apart in their approach to life but they are on the same path. I like them both and I feel that you should too. We cannot stand too much division among ourselves in this hour in which we live. There is too much at stake. We have too much to lose if we fight and disagree. Let time and circumstances smooth over our differences as we make our way down this busted up old road called survivalism and prepping. I like Remus's attitude over at the Woodpile Report. He is a friend to those who make him a friend and he writes some damn fine stuff. Mayberry and Dragon kinda round things out for me. And we can all get along. We have to.

I am noticing a schism is society. It is more and more becoming a divided camp. There are those who will tell you that things are getting better and stay with the system and Obama and a lot of other things. Then there are those who say the message of hope and change is a phony collection of bullshit and we had better prepare for bad times. I am firmly standing in the latter camp. And I cannot lose. All the prepping I have done over the last two and a half years is usable even if the collapse does not come. I won't lose a cent. But the Change and Hope guys can lose their asses. Literally. I guess they never see that aspect. And the media is not telling them this little clue to what is what. Media should be telling them to plant gardens and store canned goods. Media should be telling them that being armed may save their lives in the collapse. Media should be telling them that they should have plenty of medication stored up in case of a medicine drought. But it is not happening. And a lot of innocent blood will be on their hands when the die off comes. The one camp is non-functional as to being prepared and the other camp is getting ready come hell or high water. It is with great happiness that I read of Main Stream Media having difficulties staying afloat financially. Financial ruin is what they deserve. Our response has been in direct opposition to what they tell us and we are looking better every day. May they rot in the hell they produce. And millions of people will enter hell because they believed in Hope and Change. They are sheep following Judas Goats. When the sheep go to the packing house they have a goat that leads the sheep to the slaughter floor. The goat gets them started and then is let out a side door and goes back outside. The sheep go on in to become meat for the table. This is necessary for control at the packing house but it ain't my idea of a good future for me and mine. Kick that old goat on into the slaughter floor and me and mine will slip on back outside. Yes.

One thing we cannot do is let the perverts of society bring dissension within the midst of those who would live on through the calamity. They are the Judas Goats we need to be aware of in our lives. They would bring dishonor and shame to every prepper in the country, if they could. Their masters expect it of them. With our cries of get out of town and get out of debt we bring people closer to freedom. And freedom is a fight, not a retirement plan. You will fight like hell to retain your freedom, if you get a chance to keep it. And your kids and grandkids will fight also. There is a battle on this planet for our very souls. The money boys want to rule it all and they want you in debt and sold out! Damn right! Their look at the future has you buying a house you will never be able to pay for from a bank that will never let you alone. They aim to make you keep on paying through the nose FOREVER. And the government will back them and keep you working your ass off paying them taxes for their wondrous salaries and retirement plans. You talk about a stacked deck! So get ready to fight with everything you have. Be wise as a serpent and harmless ass a dove but don't let them win, at any cost! This is the most perverse attempt at controlling the world that we have ever witnessed. These people have accomplished more than any other gang of thieves in history. DO NOT LET THEM WIN!

There is a newspaper that we read at our house called The Idaho Observer. It is actually a national paper. It ain't as big and ritzy as USA TODAY but it gets the job done. It comes out once a month and has some very good stuff in it. They have a website at and you can subscribe from them at that point of contact. Very good people with a message of "KEEP OFF OUR BACKS" going out to the fedgov and other clowns. Ingri Cassel heads it up and she has a very fine staff helping her. There is no big "I" and little "u" in their attitude. They try to tell it like it is. If you have any money left after prepping give them a shot. They have been at it for years and I thought they should have some recognition. They just don't give up. Stubborn folks. You will like them.

That's about it for today. Stay healthy and stay alive.



Mayberry said...

By the end of the day the garden will be planted. Then we break ground on another one. Next weekend I'm moving the Beast out to the farmstead. Michael, it has begun:

Pete Smith said...

I think Mayberry is right it has begun. And it's coming on faster than I thought.