Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ain't really seen the Sun for a while. Maybe it will break through today. A lot of people get real low emotionally when the Sun does not shine. The light seems to lift their spirits. I can understand that, the lifting part, but I do not give too much credence to becoming of a low mood when it doesn't shine. You just have to accept that and go on. But the whole population is not like me and that is a fact, and we are probably better off that way.

There is a dichotomy in the debate on the Healthcare bill. On the one hand we have constitutional law and on the other hand we have "Am I my brothers keeper?" The constitution is a good document but it does not have all the ingredients of being a brother keeper in it. It is like living with two sets of laws and one of them is of a higher order than the other. But the lower ranking law is in effect and the higher ranking law is mostly a personal feeling. The lower ranking law is of men and the higher ranking law is of God. I personally feel that the higher ranking law is the one to rule your life. But we all do the best we can. And the fedgov will do it's best to screw us with the Healthcare bill. That is an indication of their lineage I reckon. We bear the burden and they keep the rewards. But time is running out for those bastards. The American Revolution II is on the way and those in power had better find some deep holes to hide in. The people have just had enough. The shit is so deep we can no longer breath decent air. And the air is not getting any better! Something must be done or we will suffocate. We will have to break out of these prison walls.

http://www.desgringueler.com/degringolade has an interesting twist in the action of the day in an article called WHERE ARE YOU. He postulates that a young man of maybe 25 or 30 years old is going to get an idea of how to trigger this thing off and we will all be jealous as hell because we didn't think of it. To hell with jealousy. Let this dude come on with it! I was disappointed by some of the comments though. I would gladly follow one enlightened guy. But to call for 535 of them to send to Washington is just a waste of brain power. But we have a major amount of souls in this country who do not believe in a new world a comin'. And they will be trying to rebuild this poor old beat down system for a hundred years. Hell, let it go and die an honorable death. Let the new guy have room to operate. We know who will be sending him and for that sake let us not saddle him with a committee. But there will be more than one. There will be seven. That is a promise we have been given. Believe it. Degringolade leave the article with the thought that we will have less under the justice the new guy will be forced to administer but that will be better than the nothing we would have otherwise.

I have been reading one of my favorite blogs, THE COMING ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, and I am seeing the collapse coming along nicely. Housing is totally screwed. Manufacturing is out of here. State budgets are being cut with a blowtorch. After three years of preaching of this impending doom it is finally going to happen. But because I keep them informed on things, my brother-in-law and my wife can sit out on the porch and not freak out when I talk about what is coming up. They can read Cliff High and sleep at night. They have prepared along with me and they are happy they did. I am putting in an order for Ravioli and Lasagna. Good additions to a survival stash. And my son loves Ravioli. Stay alive.




hamyheadmp said...

My personal thoughts on things...........One cant dig a hole deep enough. But it will be amusing to watch one try.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,Yes bring on the Sun.I am one of those people who has that problem.If I wake up and the sun is shining I am Mr happy go lucky full of energy.Clouds roll in nothing in life matters.Its just happens no control of it.Winters are hard for people that have.


I am Stan said...

Yo Michael

We dont see much sun here,thats why the nation is permanently pissed off hahaha,

Not me though,I love to feel the rain on my face.

Nyneave_almera said...

Ravioli and lasagna are a good addition!