Monday, March 8, 2010


In reading other blogs and comments on them plus my own, I have come to the conclusion that many people are planning on rebuilding the same system once this one falls off the cliff. I will not be with you in that endeavor. This tired old form of government has failed and it needs to be consigned to the dust bin of history. It just ain't working any more. And the same thing happened to Rome when Julius Caesar took the throne. The Republic was over. The old way was dead. Hail Caesar! I am not looking to be the reformer of this government. Dig the word reformer. Re-former. The guy who will make it over again. Not I said the Michael. It has failed and it failed before. Far be it from me to try to shine up it's corruption and make it look pretty again. I will step over the body and go on my way into the future. I will let it fully decompose in peace and privacy. The Russians think we will split up into 5 or 6 different countries. The fedgov is planning on a 10 region affair that is still united under Washington, D.C., of course. If you think they will go to work and feed themselves you are crazier than I ever suspected.

I read some article on "Conspiracy Theories" on Lew Rockwell this morning and I just about puked. There was some mention of conspiracy theory alright, but the gist of the text was about State Crimes Against Democracy. What democracy? I have lived in a Republic all my life. My Pledge of Allegiance calls it a Republic. But these clown of academia who wrote the article want to talk about things happening within a democracy. Kiss my ass! There is not even a cover-up going on any more! Our Elite, that is the major politicians, big time preachers, major academics, big shot business men, and some renown scientists are all calling our system a democracy. So it must be a democracy. Plus, Caesar gets to sign his name and make any law he wishes. He just has to say we are under a condition of emergency once a year and it's Katy-bar-the-door. Anything goes. Our influence and the rule of law seem to be on the wane here in this country. You don't reckon we have sat back and smugly let a coup take over our country do you? Naw! Couldn't happen in America. We're too free!

But your freedom be damned pretty soon. The fedgov is getting ready for a take over and that means Martial Law. And then your Constitution is out to lunch and you will march as you are ordered. Then we have TEOTWAWKI and SHTF all in one day. What a blissful occasion. And I would bet that America will be at Walmart at the first sign of trouble. You thought we would be trusting in our preps and God and all those things but come to find out, America has trusted in Walmart all along. What a spiritual discovery! Ol' Sam Walton would be proud. His store has become the real American Idol. I buy mostly from the Germans, the Aldi family. But Kroger is catching up fast and you never can tell, things may get tight in food merchandising. The Handmaiden bought a beautiful whole pork Tenderloin for $1.79 a pound from them last week. A huge piece of meat. It ain't gonna last long. That Tenderloin is sure good. But even Kroger can't get us out of Martial Law. It will be the end of the line as a country, as far as I am concerned. On that day we get into the salvage business. We will salvage metals, building materials, animals, land, food, water, tools, seed, and all the decent people we can find. We will be busy as any Beaver you ever saw. If you don't believe it just hide and watch.

In reading Comrade Simba this morning at I got quite a lift. He is happy when something fails in society and so am I. He likes his good, nutritious food and so do I. He gets along with his critters and I do that also. This guy can rant with the best of them. I had not seen this demonstrated in his writing before but the guy has some acid in his pen. Give him a look. He don't care. Stay alive.



hamyheadmp said...

I pretty much followed you up to this point. But if I am reading you right you are against what this country stood for for 2 centuries. Personally if for what ever reason this country goes face down in the ditch I would want whatever comes out to be based on the original Constitution and Bill Of Rights, but thats just me. Call me a dreaer but I still pray that this country, as a people will wake up, but I dont hold my breathe. I think that if I live through this I may have to eventually have to leave this country of my forefathers. We have been here for a long time and many have shed blood and lost life defending it. No less can be ask of me.
Hope that I have read your post wrong.
Best wishes to you and yours

The Urban Prepper said...

Great read…In “Wally World We Trust”! If anyone has time the Fall and Rise of the Roman Empire is a great read…We are Rome and the twisted Caligula’s & Nero’s like societal parasites awaiting to take their place in history each will impose and inflict their own unique destruction and despotism upon a once great mighty nation. On the other hand I feel we, the Plebeians will rise like “Spartacus”…Better to die a Free Man than a Slave of Caesars! For all of mankind’s achievements greed and power will always corrupt! Remember it was the Barbaric Hordes that brought once Great Rome to her knees… Et tu Michael and Dan!


Patriot said...


Not sure what kind of system you would like to live under? With all respect I don't think you have enough guns to live under anarchy. I believe the Constitution to be divinely inspired, we've just lost our way.

Dragon said...

Amen Michael, Damn fine Post.
To that other feller. Anarchy is freedom, to prosper, to fail.
It is not about chaos or disorder.
It is about less government and free government as in not a paid government.
In other words it is not the parasitic kind of society you know and apparently love. I will not lift a finger to build the same system back either. The maggots living of the corpse of the old world will have to work for a change. Because if they don't, they will be free to die.

Pete Smith said...

I don't want to live under the same old greed and misstrust that this government has run on us for far to long. And I to think that Martial Law is coming along with the collapse of the country. Stand strong Michael and keep up your prepping.

Mayberry said...

The Constitution is a wonderful document, but the people have no will to enforce it. Therefore it is a failure. Anyways, my trust now lies in Mosin Nagant and some surplus ammo, along with my wits, skill, and preps. And just a handfull of people I trust. Screw the rest, they are weak...