Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It seems I have insulted a group of folks who are not into salvaging the necessities of life in the event of a collapse. Sorry about that, folks. And I respect your opinion but I have a lot of people to feed and lots more coming. Men and women and kids. Real honest to God people with a real need to eat. We are not talking about folks who go steal 50-some inch TV's as being the kind of folks we wish to protect. Those kind of people can participate wholeheartedly in the coming die off. I'm talking about people who will work and who will look after their brothers and sisters. I am talking about real people who have an interest in the construction of a system that will not fall again. The goody do-good idiots out there who who quote the Bible as the word of God just quote the part they like, not the whole thing. But the book I read says that God told the Israelites to SPOIL the Egyptians. They ripped them off by using false pretenses (lies) as an excuse to borrow a bunch of gold and not pay it back. (theft) This gold was later melted down to make the furniture in the Tabernacle of Skins where God spoke to the High Priest. Sorry to bum you goody two-shoes guys and gals out but that it the story. I believe it. And I don't want anyone quoting me the ten commandments when the guy who delivered them was the guy in charge of the spoiling of the Egyptians.

If a group of people were separated from the rest of humanity and one guy had a beautiful young wife, he would likely want to make a law that said committing adultery was a crime. The guy who came along with a hoard of Gold and Silver and precious jewels would want a law that said stealing a man's valuables was a crime. A man having a lot of plant seed and a herd of cattle would want a law that said taking a man's commodities was a capital crime. A fourth man who had a gun and some ammo would want the right to keep and bear arms to be untouchable. Thus the law is used to strengthen the human nature. It has nothing to do with the nature of God, it has to do with protecting humans and their stuff. Get a grip on this coming age of SALVAGE. It has happened every time a society has fallen. Do not be deluded into thinking you will revive it because you won't. God will not allow it. Go on into his new move and leave the old behind. Just a word to the wise.

I am a stubborn old SOB and will more than likely remain that way until God calls me home. I am just the way I am and that is that. Can't help it and don't care to. Such is life. I was raised most of my years by an obstinate old man who heard a voice from out of this world and not much else impresses me. If you hear a voice, let me know what it said. Other than that just read and comment. It's the way we live.

I am still disturbed by the two voices I hear in America. One voice says things are getting better and we are coming out of this financial calamity. The other voice says things are terrible and we are not going to make it financially. I am throwing in with the latter voice. I think it is true. I don't care what the politicians and the Banksters are saying, the economy is one step away from a monumental collapse. And this one will go down in the books as the big Kahuna of them all. It will be talked about among peoples for many generations. The World Financial Collapse. Our great grandchildren will study it. They will also be living in the ashes and remains of it. We will use the salvaged material of the past to build our new world. All those granite tombstones in the cemeteries will make great granaries. So will all the stupid churches. Who needs them? You can't keep God penned up in a building. It should be apparent that you keep PEOPLE penned up in buildings. It's much easier to milk their paycheck on Sunday that way. Get 'em in the big barn, er..church and get them into their stanchions, er.. pew, and get to milking them. I know a lot of you will find that distasteful but nevertheless, it is the truth. And if you don't believe what I tell you then ask God about it, if you can shake yourself away from the TV long enough to contact him. I will give you this opportunity for a while. See what he says.

I'll sign off for the morning. I hope you prosper today, and stay alive.




Anonymous said...


Great post!!! you are spot on and nailed this one perfectly. I read your blog everyday, and I must say this is the best post yet.



Great post you are spot on!! I must say you nailed this one perfectly. I read your blog daily and this post has to be the best one yet!

Cliff said...

Good Morning Michael,
It's a rainy day in Georgia today, lots of thunder and lightning and ominous sounds.
I really enjoyed your post today and especially the part about the church. I watched a movie on TV the other night called "Stigmata" and the key was that God was speaking through a woman saying that He is everywhere, just look around, and you don't have to be in a church to commune with Him. In this movie the Catholic church was deeply involved in trying to play down the message because it people hear and believe then one of the biggest religions will no longer have the chance to live in opulence, have hot and cold running choir boys and power almost unmatched in the world.
Enough for today, I am assessing the tomato and corn shortage and not liking what I am seeing with empty shelves and inappropriate prices. I am going to Wally world today to stock up on canned tomatoes, tomato paste and sauce before they are affected by the upward swing in prices.
Take care and stay alive!

The Urban Prepper said...

Michael: Our Toledo radio (WSPD-on line if you need to yell at your pc) every morning at 6:40 we have an update with Dock on how good things are and he spews the BS on we’re through the worst of the recession and how stocks are strong and everyone should re-invest vigorously blah, blah, blah. At times it’s hilarious the tripe that comes out and at other times I find myself yelling at the car radio! People really listen to this Putts and he’s a stock trader…part of the Great American Con. Wednesdays are great…Good News only on Wednesday…what a pack of lies. The 40-50% that believe this BS and not preparing will be first to join "Club Fema"! The Thieves in DC will spew anything to Con the public out of their remaining savings & retirement…just like JP Morgan said, “there’s a sucker born every minute” …not the preppers! Regarding the confined boxes we call churches…I’m with you…Yahweh and Jehovah are everywhere not a confined 4-corner building…besides how many pastors are on the Fema payroll these days ready to quote Romans 3:15…sell-outs!


Northwoods said...

I can remember as a kid a Sunday newspaper funnys strip that became very much my way of thinking.(Hipshot Precusion I think it was).
Anyway..in the cartoon a good guy Gunman (vigilante) was riding his horse up a mountain road on a Sunday morning.
He came upon a family in a wagon headed into town. They ask "Well Sir are you not attending Church this morning"?
He simply pointed toward the top of the mountain and said "I am indeed Good day folks"!
Point being..Don't belive that heaven waits for only those who congragate!

Patriot said...

I am also surprised by the two camps of people out there. The group very small in number and the others who just don't believe things are about to come crashing down. You didn't really answer my question other than you said you were mad I went to church every weekend. You can judge me/those if you want sorry I'll leave your judgement to someone of higher authority. My question, what is a salvage economy? Mob Rule? The only society that will ever survive without authority is one with a moral compass as perscribed in the 10 comandments. Our best option is to restore the Constitution, government will always be corrupt. If government is only 5-10% of the economy the corruption won't affect you as much. Not like it does now. With Respect KO

Mayberry said...

Common sense should tell us that mortgaging the farm as the criminals in DC are doing ain't sound financial practice. Especially when they're throwing the proceeds away on welfare, crooked wars, and enriching their banker masters....

As to church, I've always stated that I've come much closer to God out on a 20 foot boat, 35 miles offshore in 4 to 6 foot seas, with an 80 pound wahoo on the end of some 50 pound monofilament than any deacon or preacher could dream of.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,great post.I with no disrespect to others gave up on organized religions a long time back.And if this shakes out like most of us think,folks better get used to salvage lifestyle.


PaleRider said...

The truth always hurts, so bring on the truth because with pain comes solutions to end that pain.

We have forgotten what God commanded Adam & Eve to do with the earth and our lives this is why we have so much turmoil in modern day life.

A lack of Faith is worse than anything a enemy, politician, thief or bully can ever do us on this journey we are on.

Keep up the work my friend of reality.