Monday, March 15, 2010

Since I started the work week out by kicking the Catholic Church I may as well continue and kick the fedgov and the medical profession a bit. To be truthful, they need and deserve it.

I want to rant a bit on calories and their supposed effect on your weight. I could start out by saying that calories don't have a damn thing to do with your weight, but that would be a little bit off the mark. I can feed you 5000 calories a day and let you sit on your ass all of your waking hours and watch TV and you will lose weight! And it is simple as pie. You eat meat and eggs and cheese and green leafy vegetables and all the fat you want but you can't eat any carbohydrates. And you will lose weight. I have done it myself and it works. It will cure Type 2 diabetes. It is a great thing to know. You just cannot eat grains and sugars and things of that order. Those are the things we call carbodhydrates. And those are the things that are killing America. Those are the things that have brought us an eipdemic of diabetes in this country.

I know about Dr. Leon Smelo of Alabama. A brilliant man. His namke is pronouced Smee-low. He discovered a technique where by a flashlight is shined on the face of a sleeping diabetic and if the diabetic squints his or her eyes then they are okay but if they do not react to the light they are in reaction and thus are in trouble. Did you know about that? Google the damn thing and learn something. Smelo had a pupil named Mike Kemp, who I happen to know, and he has gone maybe a little further than Smelo in the field of diabetes. Smelo was brought off a death bed down in Alabama with the first shipment of insulin by Eli Lily back in the 1920's. He cut it kinda close. He wasn't too far from dying.

But he lived and he went on to be a Doctor who specialized in treating diabetics. He focused on the ability of his self-medicating patients to stay alive. And back in the days when Smelo started his career it took a week to get the results of a blood sugar test back from a state lab. The good Doctor had to figure out how his patients could wing it by themselves. They were flying kinda blind but they were flying and that was better than being in the local graveyard. But Kemp has kept the study going and modern instruments have given us almost instantaneous blood sugar results. Dr. Robert Atkins released his ground breaking findings he summerized in his diet book. There are other people trying to get it though the thick heads of American eaters that their diet is killing them. Sally Fallon and her friend Mary Eng are two that come to mind.

The main thing I find from reading these people is to stay the hell away from carbohydrates. Carbs cause you to get fat. Carbs cause your blood sugar to soar. And there is not one lick of evidence that there is a necessary carb in the world. There is evidence of necessary proteins and vitamins and minerals and fats, but nothing essential about carbs. And I want to say that fat will not make you fat. FAT WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Did you catch that? I know it flies in the face of modern advertising and modern medicine, but it is true. And if big Medicine and big Food tell you any different then they are LIEING THEIR ASSES OFF. Remember my thought of feeding you 5000 calories a day and you getting no exercise but still losing weight? I did not say that to make words, I said it because it is true. You re being lied to day after day by the food and medical industries. The advertisers pour the propaganda on thick as concrete. You hear it, you watch it, and you read it. You are inundated with it all your waking hours. And they are lying. LIEING THEIR ASSES OFF. Remember the song we heard as kids about the Florida Sunshine Tree? Another big lie. Oranges are full of Vitamin C and SUGAR. The sunshine vitamin is Vitamin D-3. You were lied to ! If you are fat and want to lose it, DON'T EAT CARBS. Cut out your carbs for a couple weeks and watch the weight fall off of you. How much fat you eat does not matter if you are not eating carbs. FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! But the taste of most things is in FAT. Fat is tasty. But all the diet goodies on the shelves are FAT FREE. Why is that? Fat does not make you fat. Carbs make you fat. But when you look at the ingredients of the no-fat, low-fat stuff on the shelves you will notice it has plenty of sweetner in it. It has to get it's taste from somewhere! It is either going to get it from sugar or from fat.

You remember what I told you a while back about the Handmaiden having to shop around the edges of the supermarket. That is where the meat and dairy and fresh stuff is found. Except for dried stuff like beans the center portion of the displays are full of things containing HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. And corn syrup is killing us. Stay the hell away from it as much as possible and stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I saw my twin girls stop eating carbs and they both dropped weight in two weeks. So I know it works.

Rocket said...

High Fructose Corn Syrup should be outlawed! It's pure crap! And for those out there drinking diet sodas, STOP. It has aspartame which is a freakin poison! This country has lost it's freakin mind! Come on people, wake up!