Saturday, March 6, 2010


A bit chilly this morning but the promise is of the 50's today. I'll take that and be happy. Just a hair over two months until planting time. I am thinking about not being bean concentrated this year. We have plenty of beans and I will plant some of them, but we are loaded with dried beans and kindred foods. We had remarkable luck keeping some squash over the Winter. They did well and tasted fine. They are easy to grow and make lots of food so that may be a new endeavor to go into. A few hundred pounds of squash would make a great stash for the preps. Another thing to grow besides beans would be Rutabagas. I never knew those things were so good! And I ran a nutritional analysis on them and they are shockingly good for you. I just don't know how to wax the damn things for over-Winter storage. But I will learn. If some industrial farmer can do it then a prepper can do it also. I have to wax the Hard Cheddar Cheese I am going to make with Leeners kit, which should be here any day. That should get me started on picking up on how to wax Rutabagas. Rutabagas are very good for you and they make a good "bulk" food for your diet. I am so close to going off on a tangent about industrial farming it's not even funny, but I will leave it alone.

The thing we are all trying to tell each other is that you need to put back a lot of food for the future. Even if it is canned food from Aldi's. It may not be the best food around but it could save your ass and keep you from starving and that is what counts. The good stuff is what you can grow in your organic garden and can and dry and whatever. Before the food industry got too involved in what we eat and the especially knowledge of it, you could go on the web and find out the 8 or 9 trace minerals that were NOT in hybrid corn. I learned for instance that hybrid corn will not take up Cobalt. Now there ain't much Cobalt in a dish of corn, but there is some. And the good God put it there. But man has decided we don't need Cobalt because they want to keep their patented seed all to themselves and not share it with the working grunts that eat the stuff. Shame on them and I will eat my non-hybrid, heirloom grown vegetables while the idiots go eat shit. And shit is what most of it is. There is an epidemic of obesity in this country right now and it stems from people eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods. Sugar is a wrong food. You can eat sugar all day and still keep on cramming it down. Try doing that with local made honey. As soon as your body gets all it wants of honey you will stop eating it because your body turns off the desire to eat the stuff. You can only eat so much of it and then you are through. What other foods are killing us with gluttony while we indulge way past our capacity?

And speaking of eating good food, I finally found where my young friend Jason Baker gets his breading for his chicken wings and other stuff. He buys it from a company in North Carolina named House-Autry. It is the best chicken wing batter I have ever had. The company is two years short of being 200 years old and they know what they are doing. They started grinding flour up in 1812 and have been going at it ever since. I can't find words to describe how good a breading they make. It is just head and shoulders above all the others I have tasted in my many years of eating fried chicken. Just wonderful. You can reach them at and place an order if you so desire. I can assure you that we will be doing our order Monday morning bright and early. Jason does his wings in a combination of the chicken breading and the medium hot breading. Just superb. Good things come out of North Carolina. We knew about Pete Smith and now we have House-Autry. You can read Pete Smith at and then order some good breading mix.

I read an article on Lew Rockwell about Gerald Celente being in Santiago, Chili, when the big mutha earthquake went off. What a story he will have to tell his grandchildren. They were up on the 14th floor of their hotel when the quake struck. It says Celente grabbed his clothes and shoes and hit the stairway out in the hall. They left eveything else behind. You can read the whole story on This is quite a story, to say the least. But his martial arts training came in very handy in saving him. And his connections got him out of the country very quickly. People know each other out here in this world we live in.

I just ate some Kimchee and ground up raw garlic. Good for what ails ya. I suggest to anyone involved in food to read a book called "Food Is Your Best Medicine" by Dr. Henry G. Bieler. Big Pharma does not have the answer, my friends. The answer is on your plate. When you make up your mind to eat to live instead of live to eat you will start making good choices for your diet. You will start eating things that will keep you healthy and help you live longer. It is not all that hard to do. My Handmaiden has a little rule of thumb when she goes to shop. You shop around the edges of the grocery store and buy very little from the things out in the middle of it. The things in the middle of the store have all the bad shit in them, except for some beans and rice and lentils and whatnot. The rest is mostly crap. Not that you can't get things for your survival stash from the middle of the store. Even crap food will keep you alive for a while. But I am not saying it will keep you healthy. But you do the best you can with what you can afford and we go on from there. Our first goal is to stay alive. Please help yourself accomplish that at every opportunity.



Pete Smith said...

If you like the House-Autry chicken breading then try the Hushpuppies you will fall in love with them.

Cliff said...

Good Morning Michael,
Just wanted to drop a quick comment on the food situation. The bad weather took out the tomato crop in Florida. All tomatoes are now coming from Mexico. The $14,000 truck load of tomatoes from Florida now cost $54,000 from Mexico. Restaurants are now only giving slices of tomatoes if you ask for them and I think they are putting an extra charge. Tomatoes aside, in the same news report they mentioned that squash, and a few other veggies are affected by the big price increase and almost as an afterthought, "corn" was also on the list. Being corn short is a serious issue.

Mayberry said...

That "edges of the store" thing is true! The outer perimiter of my local grocery has the produce, meat, cheese, and dairy stuff. The canned food aisles are near the periphery, and the garbage food is all in the middle. Which is where my wife shops... When I go to the store, I stay on the outside. I buy good food, and canned goods. No boxed crap. Which is why I'm not "allowed" to go grocery shopping. I still do, for myself. The wife will buy cheap ass "ham and water product" for sandwiches, I buy good mesquite smoked ham. I can't stand having to wring out my ham.... I buy good smoked turkey, roast beef, and chicken breast. I buy real cheese, not the oil based "cheese" slices. All that cheap shit will kill ya, and I pass it on by. Fresh meat and veggies is the way to fly. I feel run down if I eat that fake garbage they sell nowadays.....