Friday, March 12, 2010


Good morning to all of you. It is a little chilly this morning but we have not had the slam of Winter returning to us as I predict. I would say we have a 90% chance of a snowstorm yet this year. Just a couple days ago the little girlies were out walking in shorts and little tops working on their tans, but it ain't here yet ladies. It is going to get cold again. It's like when Al Gore is going to a big climate meeting. You know they are going to have a blizzard. Works every time. Now if Al would temporarily retire from the game we might get a break. How about it Al? Wanna give the little guys a chance at a nice Spring?

We are prepping away as per usual. Either buying and storing or reading about how to do it. It is imperative, in our estimation, to do so. We do not want to go hungry or to FEMA camps. We want to live upright and as solid citizens. We want to be left alone. And prepping is the main feature of our dedication to our freedom. We need some rechargeable batteries and a solar array to do the job. But we had way more than that to do when we started. I remember the load off of my mind the day we got our wood fired cookstove. Such a feeling of relief. We had off grid heat and cooking all rolled into one item. It is cast iron and it just sits there, quietly, waiting for the day when we must use it. No fuss, no muss. Just a reassuring presence.

And that is what it is all about. Prepping is not about a lot of noise or hoopla for the crowd. It is expressly for the people who are doing it. It is for them and their families and their friends and whoever else they decide to share their bounty. It is for their well being. Preppers depend a lot on God, it would seem. But in his scriptures it says "after having done all, stand." That is what we are trying to show God, that we are ready when he is. We go along with his program and do not rebel. We are obedient.

It has been a long and arduous path to being prepared. I remember when we first started out. I went and bought a $100 worth of extra canned goods for a storage spot I had picked out. My God! I thought I had the world by the tail. Well, there have been many more trips to the store since then. The Handmaiden made one last week just to replace what we had used this Winter. And believe me the food was good! We enjoyed it immensely. And we have gotten on different types of buying spells. We had one jag we got on that was just for spices. I had to do something to make the beans and rice a little bit more enjoyable, a little more up-beat in it's flavor. The two times the fedgov threw us a bone and we got small checks in the mail we spent them on preps. Every little bit helps. And the garden! The lasts two years I have grown Cranberry Beans and stored them away. And it has been a profitable experience. We grew beans like crazy. You can't imagine the bounty of those bean seeds. And they are non-hybrid and I can save the seed for the next Spring's planting. To hell with the crap seeds I can get at Walmart! I like the seeds I grow myself. I KNOW they can produce and have not been tampered with by some un-Godly Genetic Corporation that does not give a shit about me in the slightest. My food is grown clean and free from crap. My food is grown for the table and not the bottom line of a corporation. The Handmaiden has added so many different legumes to our stash I no longer have any idea of our selection. I have seem bags of split peas and black beans. God only knows what else lurks within the interior of those garbage cans. But I know you can't pick them up! Much too heavy. The rule is that any bag that goes into the can has to be frozen for at least two days. She checks them periodically to make sure no vermin are in there with them. Not that vermin are so bad. The little bastards are almost pure protein and can upgrade your diet if necessary but it is hard to get people to enjoy a good plate of worms. Picky, picky, picky.

We are now to the point where we are thinking about the LUXURY items we NEED. Yes, There are luxury items. Things like chicken coops. Things like food savers. Things like battery chargers with solar arrays. Things like Grundig radios and NOAA weather radios. The day is not too far off when Obama will shut down the Internet and all our blogs will just be a fond memory. That is the day we MUST BE PREPARED. There will be no more talk and planning for the future. We will be IN the future. It will be the time to start pulling guard duty and listening to our shortwave radios and listening to strange sounds with an air of interest. It will be a time to notice strange vehicles driving our streets and roads. It will be the time of the nightly ritual of bring in the dog and put out the cat. It will be the time of securing your neighborhood and your roads. It will be a time of getting ready for the unknown and hoping God helps you out. The only thing that is keeping the Internet up and running is the fact that there is too goddamn much commerce taking place over it to throw away. I believe the amount of money is approaching $300 billion dollars. Maybe more. And the fedgov tax receipts are falling off like a stone and they need the taxes off the sales. They are kinda between a rock and a hard place.

But, you all know about this and you have been preparing and you should come out okay. Martial Law is about all the evil they can to us and it will be minimal in most rural areas of the country. Get your guns cleaned and your food checked. Get all the Over-The-Counter medicines bought and stored. Any extra ammo is worthy of consideration. Diabetics are warned to get old fashion insulin stored as much as they can. Keep it in a well casing if you can. It will not go bad if you don't puncture the seal on the top of the bottle. Put it in a plastic bag and get it into a cool place. As an experiment, Mike Kemp was shooting year old insulin. It worked fine, But once you pierce that membrane on the vial the clock is running. Keep your tools clean and the sewer pipe also. If you have a slow sewer pipe, get it fixed NOW. Don't wait until the system breaks down to do your plumbing. Not good sense. Stock up on your dog food and show interest when Fido barks. Go check his act out and pat him on the head. He is your friend, not your enemy. Their smell and hearing are miles down the road superior to yours. The dogs in Santiago, Chili, set up a howl you could hear on the 14th floor of a downtown hotel before the earthquake hit. That is impressive. And that is the testimony of one Gerald Celente who was on the scene. Very impressive hearing on those dogs. I hear that China uses dogs as an earthquake warning system. Stay alive.



Loco Gato said...

The day is not too far off when Obama will shut down the Internet and all our blogs will just be a fond memory. That is the day we MUST BE PREPARED. There will be no more talk and

I did a post at California Preppers Network about just that. Time to fire up the old BBS system! Go check it out.

Loco Gato

Mfskinner said...

On that note we have reacquired all the software to reinstall a BBS system and given copies to all our friends. I agree they hate the web for the truth it has made available and they will shut it down.

Our preps are coming along well and we hope to be around for a good while.


Cliff said...

Got to remember that BBS software only works when the phone lines work. I was sysop on an 8 line MBBS a lot of years ago and it was a lot of fun and a pretty good way of passing info back and forth.