Friday, March 5, 2010


A little nippy out this morning but certainly nothing I couldn't stand. Sunday morning we are not even supposed to have frost. I can't remember a morning without frost! We have not had any extremely low temperatures this Winter, nothing below zero, but it has been steady cold for months. We just couldn't seem to get out of the freezer. Day after day of just plain old cold weather. Snow on the ground a lot. I have been getting tired of the cold stuff for a couple of weeks,, but it may be on the run, headed somewhere up North. I sure hope so.

My mind is telling me that most preppers are telling the world to shit or get off the pot. Kind of a crude way of expressing frustration, but nevertheless effective. Shooting at the Pentagon. Riots out in Berkeley. Have I seen this movie before? Mish Shedlock even had a stanza of "The times they are a changin" on a recent blog. That brought back some good memories. I tried every trick in the book to get off work to go to Chicago for the 1968 Democrat convention. Just could not pull it off. Had to sit down in Anderson, Indiana, and watch the Chicago pigs riot against the peace activists on TV. But the youth gave a fairly good account of themselves up in Daley Land and most were acquitted at trial. The son of Mayor Daley is now the Mayor of Chicago and he is trying to hold on to his bastion of the Police State as best he can. You can't get me to go to Chicago. Don't want a damn thing to do with it.

The news is full of violence. Shootings at the Pentagon. Riots out in Berkeley. Break-ins all over the place. The level is going up and there does not seem to be any thing we can do about it except shoot back if it happens to us. I get so tired of the mundane bullshit going on in this country. Let's have the collapse and get it on! I remember the billboards of 5 or 6 years ago that said. "We can be ready or we can be scared." Well let me tell you, I immediately decided to be ready. To hell with being scared. I had me a little business and a new wife and I did not intend to be cowering in my house being scared. And I am the same way today. I am not scared. If I have to go take a bullet then that is that will happen. I have led a very unique life and I do not feel robbed in the least bit. Life has been educational and enjoyable. I have met a lot of interesting people along the way. I raised my share of hell and it was good and very good. I have learned some very good lessons. And those are the things you take with you when you leave this plane of existence. You can't take as much as a fingernail when you leave, but the memories are yours forever.

I am still troubled by Greg Everson's article in the EU Times last December 11, 2009. I put it aside as just a little too much for me to believe. It has US troops attacking the citizens of this country and killing us by the millions. Hard to fathom something like this. But I guess it could happen. Kinda gives you a feeling of emptiness in your guts, like maybe you ain't even going to get a chance to defend yourself. That would bum me out to no end. I would put the URL up for all to see but my machine will not do it. There, I typed it out long hand on this slightly crazy machine.

I was just out on the porch puffing away on a cigarette and wondering about the collapse. The collapse is relative to other countries, of course. And those countries are fading fast. In fact a lot of them are already gone. What we are seeing now is a sullen truce among nations as all the players try to hold things together a little longer in hopes that a miracle will come along and save their wretched asses. You can feel the resentment in the air. Folks are looking at life and work as not bringing them a damn thing. Make the house payment, the car payment, the insurance payment, buy the food and hold on for the next financial earthquake. Where is the satisfaction in that? Where is the fulfillment in living life on a nickel and it all greased up to slip out of your fingers? That is what is making things so damn miserable. We are stuck on a bad record and it is playing the same old lyric over and over. And we want it to quit. And it ain't gonna. It is gonna try and grind us to a pulp and weaken us to such an extent that our resistance to failure is absolutely minimal. And we know that down in our guts. The path we have taken is the only natural way of surviving I know of. When you drive to work in the morning you are driving through a war zone. There is a temporary truce in effect but it is gonna fade away and the war start again. And it will be a bitter sonovabitch. I think the next crash will ruin this country. I think it will cause the creation of something new, maybe many things new. Hang on!

Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

is where the article can be found.

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Quick note: your link was missing the "e" in "direct". Corrected link:

Mayberry said...

Once again, you've managed to put into words my thoughts exactly. And that's why I advocate doing the things I've been ranting about for two freakin' years now... Starve the beast!