Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The winds of change are blowing across the land and we are witnesses to the effect. I am now reading about the Hutaree militia and am witnessing their crucifixion in the mainstream media. They are getting the full treatment. Guilty by virtue of the media! Guilty by virtue of the federal prosecutor's opinions. Guilty by virtue of the sold out militiamen in their own state. Guilty by virtue of Big Sis and her minions. What a bunch of crap! The way I read the law the militiamen get a trial of their peers. They get a defense. They get to question potential jury members before the trial. The way things are set up in our legal system there is a very good chance that the militiamen will get acquitted. They just need some very good and very fearless defense lawyers. That might be the rub in the whole affair. You get the legal defense you can pay for. O.J. Simpson had a legal dreamteam and got acquitted. Will the Hutaree Militiamen get the same deal? Somebody better be ready to cough up a lot of FRN's to get them off. I hate to say that, ya know. Money should not have a damn thing to do with your innocence or guilt, but it does. It is in the hands of God at this point.

I was accused of being a Christian in a comment earlier in the week and nothing could be further from the truth. I serve God and NO CHURCH. I am a member of no denomination. I give no money to any earthly religious organization. And as far as Christians go I like them fried along with my eggs in the morning, except my God does not approve of eating human flesh and thus it is denied me. My background is of the Bible and the truth contained therein, plus additional information received from God. God is not dead and has seen to it that I have gotten the latest part of his plan. At least I think he has. You know how we humans are. We are always positive we have the mind of God on a matter and that ain't always the way it goes. But we do the best we can and at least let it be said we stayed within a multitude of counselors and tried our damnedest to walk in the light we had. Selah.

I read a very interesting report on http://www.urbansurvival.com/ this morning about something George Ure saw Monday morning, if I got that part of it right. He had been thinking and dreaming about earthquakes and as he stared to wake up he saw a sign that read: Wednesday Los Angeles. Wow. That really does impress me and I shall be doubly impressed if it comes true. The pandemonium in our economics will be out of this world! California is in trouble with it's finances right now and an earthquake of major proportions will just push it over the edge very quickly. It is going to happen any way but the misery of the quake will make things twice as bad, or more. I can make a lot of comments about the people running California's finances these days but I wish the people no harm. They want to live the same as I do.

I think of Pete Smith, living out in California, and the antenna I have just started using today on my new Grundig radio. The antenna works like a charm but I am not getting much shortwave right now. Brother-in-law and I will start playing with the shortwave reception this evening after supper. Evening seems to be the time to hear it. It is Tuesday as I write this post and day after tomorrow will bring the first day of April. Spring is coming on! But I have my new radio working and we will see if we have the antenna set the way it should be. The slinkys are pretty versatile in how you can set them up. I really like it. But what I really want is for all the great preppers out in California to be okay. Guys like Pete Smith and Catman have tried to help a lot of people. They deserve all the help our thoughts can bring to them.

I just called Pale Rider and told him how to get to George Ure's site so he could read the message about the possible earthquake in L.A. I will get his response and we will put it up on the blog.


His response was that his import season is just getting underway and Long Beach is the place where it comes in. Bummer. The stuff going to the coast for shipment can go to Seattle or Tacoma and make it's voyage without too much trouble. But something as powerful as a major earthquake has ramifications all over the country. Even all over the world. What kind of world are we facing? Sounds like a bitch to me!

The days of trouble are coming on us and we must be prepared. While chaos and mayhem exist on the earth let us pray that our little portion of preparedness is blessed and safe. It is what we have prepped for and longed for. We have given our work and sweat and what little money we have to our continuity. I hope it is enough.. There are those who would enslave us and try to make us serfs in their twisted little world view but I do not intend to be in their plan. My God has talked about Liberty and I find myself in agreement with Him. Stay alive.



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Pete Smith said...

Michael I have to say I have met a few good people here in CA, and I have to say that the few good people I have met here are Patriot's at heart and when the collapse comes they will stand strong as I plan to do. I hope the antenna works the way you want it to. And I agree with your post we are in THE DAYS OF CHANGE!!