Monday, March 22, 2010


I am tired of reading government propaganda. We make our own propaganda down here in southern Indiana and we don't need to read anyone else. Our homegrown variety does just fine. We get our ideas from the bloggers and go on from there. And if you have been paying attention you will have noticed that the bloggers are where it is at, as far as the truth is concerned. Like anyone else whose IQ is above room temperature I want to know what the hell is going on. And trying to find out the truth of what is going on is getting harder by the minute. Obama and his promises of openness in government is nothing but a lie. This is a most secretive bunch of folks in D.C. This Obamacare is another one of those 2000 page bills that no one has ever read. But like I said, we write our own propaganda around these parts. And like any other form of propaganda, you read at your own risk. But at least it is homegrown and has all natural ingredients. If you have anything wrong with you I would advise getting it fixed before the collapse comes. This only happens once in a couple centuries. Go lightly on the medications and more on the surgery. They train pretty good mechanics at medical schools these days.

It would seem that the European guys are NOT getting it done for Greece. The talk is there but the walk is lacking. So who gives a shit? Greece made it's own bed and now it will get the opportunity to sleep in it. I would care but I have too many things to watch on my own economic front. I know too many people who are not prepared and who will need help, help they will not get from Obama. It will be up to us, the nasty preppers, to feed whom the good God brings our way. We are mocked now but maybe pretty soon we will at least be liked. And that is low compensation for what we have to do. All I can say for those who might be thinking of coming this way is to bring your Beans, Bullets and Bandaids with you in your travel trailer, We ain't got any room here and most likely will not have any room until the country is well into complete collapse. I ain't saying that is wrong but I am saying that is how it looks from my chair. Pale Rider and I will try to get at least one chicken coop built for eggs this Summer. I will try to enlist others as I find them. Pale Rider doesn't seem to be a flashy kind of guy. He seems like the kind of guy who lowers his shoulder and the dirt starts getting moved and not a lot of talk is necessary. Good man.

It is a good day for contemplating the life of a prepper. In fact a lot of preppers seem to be doing just that. A few of them are swearing off of most everything else and going at their preparations full time and with a vengeance. I can back that 100%. The days are getting longer and the time is getting shorter so we may as well make the best of it. This collapse is looking like a huge bomb about to go off in our midst and Obama is not the guy to make it better. Not at all. The latest data I have seen says that there are only ten and a half million people involved in manufacturing in this country. And we have twenty-two million people working for the fedgov. Anyone with half a brain will know that this cannot go on any longer. We have been screwed rude and soon will be tattooed. At least if they can catch us. If you reach out to grab some of these guys you might see your arm vaporize before your very eyes. Sounds like a bad deal for the reacher. But people are getting pissed off and that is a fact. And they are not going to be pushed anymore, at least not the 3% who are aiming to fight. And if my history book is close to being right, that 3% turned into 20% before the war was over. And with 20% we get the whole enchilada. And that is just simple math. The 20% are the people who make the country run anyway so what is the difference? It may get split up into a few smaller countries and whatnot but no one with any brains will try us out or they will get their asses tore off. We will be in no mood to negotiate with any would-be tyrants. Fighting tyranny is what this whole thing is all about. The tyranny of the banks and the fedgov have conspired to enslave us all for generations. Ain't gonna happen. We are gonna write that debt yoke off with the stroke of a buttstroke. Eat teeth, bastards. Ain't anyone with any brains gonna feel guilty about kicking your ass so you can forget about mercy. Mercy belongs to the household of faith, not to a bunch of slobbering dogs. You have done your best to make us all feel guilty and it has failed, you dumbasses. The truth got out and your asses are cooked. And you deserve the blowtorch of humanity on your balls. I am so close to cursing you bastards I can hardly restrain myself. The spirit gets on me and and I can barely keep my seat. Beware ye sons of Hell! Your time approaches.



chinasyndrome said...

Indeed.Crank that torch Up.


I am Stan said...

Yo Micheal,

Here in blighty 52% work for the guvmint,we dont really have a prepper`s movement which is a shame,I have tried to talk to people about it and generate some enthusiasm but most either think your a nut or laugh you off.

So now I`m a one man band,(and a patient wife who lets me get on with it),hens sorted!,even that raises eyebrows with many.

chinasyndrome said...

Stan we get called nut jobs or wackos type.Is being prepared to survive crazy,I think your crazy if you dont prepare.Goodluck.


Staying Alive said...

Nutjobs and whackos. Bullshit. I read a poll on today and 80% of Americans think this country could fail at any time. The game is over folks. Everybody knows. Now it is time to pay the Piper. Hang on!


erniesjourney said...

Rant on my friend! I did the same because I am so mad and antsy that I can hardly see straight anymore. Idiots.

Mayberry said...

Whatever, I'm just ready to get it on. Fuck it, I'm sick and tired of the bullshit, sick and tired of the games, sick and tired of the spineless chickenshits who sit back and let the government shit all over them. Welcome to Cuba, that's where we are now. Fuck that, Live Free or Die!!!!!!!

Pete Smith said...

The government propaganda is thick and deep now days. I I'm sure it will only get worse as the days go by. Obamacare is just one step in there control game, you know the End Game