Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I read a very good quip on Survival Blog this morning. Rawles put it up and I thought it worth mentioning here. "We are only nine meals from anarchy." Nothing could be more on to the point than that. Looters were on the job in Chili immediately after the big earthquake. Don't think it won't happen here. Obama doesn't have 80,ooo troops training for crowd control for nothing. When it becomes official, the lid is coming off this kettle we call a country and it is coming off quickly. There will not be any hesitation from the looters and arsonists. Just like in Chili, they will be going at it in a big way. Those guys aren't stupid. They know that troops and law enforcement will arrive quickly and they will be in there doing their damnedest to get what they can and flee. There will be crime unspeakable. All morality will be off the table. And it will be off the table hard and fast.

You might give a consideration as to wages and prices during this initial chaos. I don't care what you make for a salary or wage. Will you be able to buy anything? Will any bank cash your check? Will the stores have food in them? Will you be able to get medical help if you need it? My gut feeling is that most of these questions will prove out to bring a negative response. Your money will be worthless. The bank won't cash your check and you will be up shit creek without a paddle if you need medical help. And there will be some exceptions to the medical, I am sure. There are people who are really dedicated to bringing aid to all they can. But how many will be there for the fun and games of anarchy? Especially when a few nurses get raped and murdered. There will be a significant drop off of medical services at that point. And I can't say as I blame them. I would not be surprised if the USA didn't send a couple aircraft carriers to Chili to get a couple of cities back into shape. Those health and medical people will need electricity to make all their machinery go and an aircraft carrier can light up a town. They pull in to shore as far as they can go and then they run the cables to the city. Presto! The lights are back on. Meals will start being cooked and hospitals will start to function and police will have power to run their equipment and handle calls. Things will start to function again. Refrigeration will be available to stores. Trucks will start to run because they have electricity to pump their fuel. The pharmacies will reopen and life saving drugs will become available. Diabetics will get their insulin flowing again.

But all of this recovery will hinge on power being restored. Without power the modern society is helpless. Very few individuals will have the ability to do anything without power and that includes being able to feed themselves. Something preppers have a leg up on is their ability to feed themselves and their children in times of emergency. But there are not many preppers and certainly not in any government. We have the survivalists who came before us to thank for that. But that is how things are supposed to work. You take hold of the good and make it better and life gets stronger and more efficient. Prepping is all about being ready for emergencies. This earthquake in Chili is an example of how being prepared could lengthen your life to a great degree. Do not waste any time in getting ready for trouble if you can help it. This old world is getting closer to the edge of darkness every day. I sometimes wonder why God is still holding it all together, as much as it is together.

Of course, after any calamity happens in this country we are going to have a declaration of MARTIAL LAW. This will come about because we have an EMERGENCY on our hands. We are not to handle any emergency on our own. We are not gifted with the ability to govern ourselves. We are merely cogs in the federal wheel. And Northcom is getting ready, don't think they aren't. 80,000 troops are in training at Fort Stewart while you and I are on the subject of this blog. There is no way the fedgov does not know this is coming. The fedgov wants to control things and they are taking steps to assure that position. MARTIAL LAW is a sort of nice way of saying DICTATORSHIP. The fedgov says march and you start picking them up and laying them down. My take on the subject is that since God has let this thing fall on it's ass so hard as to be unbelievable, why would he turn around and let it regain it's strength? Not that he can't do that, because he is a God and I am just a baby in matters of the universe. But this sure looks to me that it is going to fall and we ought to get ready as best we can. Times are going to be rough as hell and to the prepared go the spoils. And to the blessed also. I hope I get in on the ground floor of both of those scenarios. But, it is his call, not mine. I am just a student in the school, not the president of the whole celestial university. Stay alive.




vlad said...

"They have electricity to pump their fuel." hmmmm
I have seen barrels of gas with a manual fuel transfer pump on trucks. How high can that
pump lift fuel? If there is no power, might you drop the intake hose into an underground tank and transfer fuel to your barrel?
As usual I have more questions than answers.

Mayberry said...

Vlad, maybe 15-25 feet or so....

Michael, that's why I've got the means to "neutralize" 4,000 "zombies", not counting my 10,000 rounds of .22lr. Nobody is gonna take from me, at any time. Especially when I'm clanned up with 20 more people, and tens of thousands more rounds of ammo, stores of food, and a bountiful garden. It's way past time for people to wake the fuck up and smell the manure! We're all just one "calamity" away from losing everything.....