Saturday, March 13, 2010


I sort of look at the news and wonder what the hell is going on. Obamacare is still hogging the headlines and making all the noise. I am sick of Obamacare. I am starting to get visual weakening if I merely read the word 'health" in an article. We have been in this combat for 14 months and I weary of the battle. Put it to bed, says I. Give it a rest. Start saving money instead of spending it. But I reckon I am climbing the wrong hill if I expect this government to quit spending and start saving. And now I read that some department in Washington wants to put in a national wireless broadband system that will connect 100,000,000 more people to wireless. I figure with so many billions of dollars invested, the fedgov will have a strong case for regulating the Internet. And regulating it will entail taxing it, which is what they wanted to do all along. This country is broke, if you haven't noticed, and they are looking for some revenue streams to make up their shortfall. Cutting back is not in their vocabulary. No way. With more people working for the fedgov than working in manufacturing, you know these people are always going to be on the hunt for more money. And as these fedgov hirelings retire they will have to be paid pensions. And their wages are high as hell. I was reading on THE COMING DEPRESSION and the analyst says the three highest paid counties in the country are in Virginia, right next to D.C. In fact, 6 of the top 10 counties for income per household in the entire United States are right around D.C. The fedgov is turning into big business and that is not good for us peons. California is losing people like crazy as it goes into the tank but the D.C. burbs are doing fine. The shopping centers and the stores are packed out. We will have to remember this as time passes. The fedgov is dependant on us peons to pay our taxes and tax receipts are dropping like a stone. You don't reckon they will have to let a bunch of people go do you? That won't be bad unless they think to come to Indiana and then we will have trouble. Don't need the bastards here and don't want them. They can starve in D.C. as well as here and they don't need to burden our welfare bill any more than it already is. Let them burden the D.C. welfare system.

I am starting to think about Obama taking a bunch of money from Social Security. In the election process he would be committing political suicide but under Martial Law it would be a horse of another color. One of the superior financial writers has offered that with the country in the financial fix it is in tight now we need another BIG war. Maybe a world war. Then the fedgov can do what ever it wants to "save" the country. So the old age pension system, started by a good Democrat, can get robbed by another good Democrat. Sounds like a fitting end to me! Except I don't know how God would look on such a thing. Would he be pleased to see hardship visited upon the aged? The young don't think much of the Social Security pension plan but they have not reached the ugly years as yet. The ugly years are when a sickness can be fatal if not treated. It's when a broken bone can land you in the hospital for 5 or 6 weeks like my friend Fred is doing right now. He got a bone break below one of his knees and he got it operated on and they put the pins in and all of that and declared the operation a success. Wonderful. But the old age thing cropped up and his operation was not draining properly so they had to go back in and install a wound-vac. But then he got MRSA and he has to go on an antibiotic drip for 6 weeks. And the nursing home does not want him because he doesn't have the money for all of this wonderful care. Fred, who is 82 and my wife, who is an unoffical caregiver to him, have both been very upset about this. Sort of a weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth kind of thing. And this commotion has been going on for at least a week. Finally I got tired of listening to the bullshit and dug around a bit for stuff to help Fred. Fred will not be thrown out to the wolves. We have laws against that. He may have to go to a lower-down-the-ladder hospital for awhile but that don't bother him in the slightest. He will get his drip and he will get his wound-vac, which he has been told costs $10,000. He will not have the patient to nurse ratio he has been getting but he will get care. He will be okay as far as I and some of my medical friends can tell. But younger people do not have this experience. They have not reached the point where they can't cut the mustard any more. They don't worry about falling and not being able to get up. They are strong and capable. This is the time they should be serving God so that when the ugly times come upon them they will have a savings account built up with the Father and he might show them mercy. I got in this thing because I was getting the story from the financial people at the hospital and the nursing home. It is against the law for them to tell my wife what is really going on with Fred. So they told her a bunch of half truths. That was the real killer in this soap opera. The not knowing and not getting told the truth. But things are settled now and folks are sleeping better at night and we all hope Fred will be home very soon . But thinking about the old folks losing their Social Security is gonna keep a lot of folks awake at night. I can take it, I think, but a lot of people will not be able to stand it. Prepare and hope for the best.

The wife has gone to the Amish this morning as per usual. It is egg day and the orders are in from the villagers to get their Amish eggs. It is hard to eat a factory egg after eating Amish eggs. And the Handmaiden is sort of providing a luxury service to the villagers. A phone call is placed and the number of dozens is recorded and off she goes to Amishland to make her buy. She comes back and delivers the eggs. Pretty damn good if you ask me. But things are going to get rough for EVERYBODY in the days ahead. Who knows if we will get the fuel to go get the eggs on Saturday. Not I, said the Michael. Nor do I know if people will have the money to pay for any eggs.

I think a lot about the future and what God might bring on this country. It has become decadent and sissified. The boys in the cities don't even know how to make an outhouse. They don't have wells. They have greatly weakened municipal water systems. Just like everything else that government does, they neglected their water service in order to buy other goodies for the voters and now that the tax base has eroded they don't have the money to rebuild the water systems. Ain't any way to sell municipal bonds to put in new water mains and settling plants. The big credit market is history. And no one thought to bring this up while the system was merrily chugging along and doling out debt to anybody and everybody. So now the era of trying to build an infrastructure begins with no credit and no tax base. Good luck fellas.

Stay alive,



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,looks like strange days indeed.Our Prayers are with your buddy Fred.


Did it MY way said...

And the assholes that run the system fail to remember that old age will get them to. So sad.

Wishing Fred the best.

God Bless.

See Ya.

george said...

All of these government employees have an entitlement attitude that will transition over to what is your is now ours {mine} looter attitude. Think future golden horde looters -- especially the armed ones from the various government thug classes.

MEB said...

Gee, I wish I had some Amish eggs, but I leve too far the Evansville area. Like darn.

Mayberry said...

I'm sick of it all, and I've adopted a "f*#k them" attitude, in case you haven't noticed. I will do as I please, and live as I wish, government be damned. I might be the next Randy Weaver, but at this point, I don't really give a shit. I will die, but I'll die on a big pile of spent brass....

TJ said...

If Fred got MSRS in the hospital and I don't know any other place you can get it, it's time to get a lawyer. The hospital gave him this problem and it is my understanding they are required to cure him of it, no charge. An acquaintance in Colorado got MSRS after a back operation and he is getting big bucks since he can no longer work. Just because you are cured of MSRS doesn't mean that it didn't do some damage that will require special care for the rest of his life. Good luck.