Friday, March 19, 2010


Wheee! It's the last day of Winter! Hot damn. We can say good bye to the cold hearted bitch. It gives you an idea of what old Mother Nature is really like. But she is gonna put a new green dress on and get all prettied up and try to make us forget what her true nature really is. Her true nature is drowning you while you are in your boat or crushing you when an earthquake shakes your house down or destroying you with a hurricane or burning you with a the lava from one of her beautiful volcanoes. She can also hit you with poison from a thousand sources, disease from a thousand more. She can get you with a savage animal attack. Mother Nature is a bitch, pure and simple. But soon it will be good wine and a kiss or two from the Handmaiden and maybe the Eagles on Hell Freezes Over. A good time will be had by all.

The media is still crying up Obama and his socialist plan for America. The boys and girls in Congress will try to get the Obamacare bill passed without an up or down vote this weekend. You will not know who voted for what when it happens. It's just a way to keep things a secret from you poor miserable bastards we call the electorate. Too many politicians know they will be defeated in the next election if they pass this bill and they do not want to have their name on it. So the main push right now is to not re-elect a damn one of them. Throw all of them OUT. They are a blight on humanity anyhow. It will be good for Pelosi to go home to her faggot constituents in San Francisco and live out her life in her AIDS ridden district. You can see the attitude those people have when you look at Pelosi. I don't care much WHERE Obama goes, as long as he goes.

And they will all go. America hates their guts and they know it and they will hit the trail with all due haste when their time comes. And it will be good to see them go. This country needs another political party and I think they will get it pretty damn soon. This functioning Twiddledee and Twiddledum monstrosity we have now is wrecking our lives and the lives of our kids and grandkids. Oh Lord, get me out of this mess!

Things are looking pretty bad over in Thailand these days. Might even be worse than the riots in Greece. The riots will spread far and wide pretty soon and the fedgov goons will get their share of the whirlwind. It is going to go on all over this globe and the Powers That Be are trying like hell to avoid it. Best of luck guys but I think your greed has overruled your brains and the mess is inevitable. And it will be one hell of a mess. Never doubt it. And I see the political mess taking a decade or two to clean up. Not only will the establishment fight hard to keep a grasp on power but there will be pockets of it all over the place for years. But we will get 'em!

The wife and brother-in-law have gone to the garden to pull last years stakes up in preparation to having the tiller run over the dirt. That 7' Maschio tiller is great for getting the ground ready. It is called a New Frontier and is sold by John Deere but it is a Maschio.

Looked off the porch this morning and saw my first Dandelion of the season. Pretty soon there will be Dandelion greens for supper and fried Dandelion flowers for a treat and the Handmaiden will make Dandelion Wine. She uses the roots for something but I forget what it is. But not much goes to waste from the Dandelion plant. They're a weed you know. Hah!

The FDIC has taken to culling banks on days besides Friday and this week the total is NINE banks out of business. Sure is good to know that we are in a recovering economy. I just wouldn't know what to do otherwise. I am sure the preppers of this country are very comfortable with the money we have in this country. Y'all do have money, right? I mean you must because the economy is recovering, right? Obama said it was recovering and he is the man who knows, right? But just in case someone may have read some bad figures I think I will keep on prepping my ass off. It sure would be embarrassing to bite the dust over someone giving me bad data.

Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,you are right Brother, They all have to go.This end run around the Constitution is im my mind The reason to truly throw all of em out.In addition to all the other reasons. This should be the last straw.


Pete Smith said...

"I think I will keep on prepping my ass off. It sure would be embarrassing to bite the dust over someone giving me bad data" I'm with you on this Michael, Mr. Obama telling people that the worst is behind us. He is such a fool.

Mayberry said...

We're watching the dominos drop, yet the sheeple still don't believe it could happen here. You can add Latvia to the list of collapsed this morning...

Shy Wolf said...

I used to have money, then they closed down the Aurora bank... now I dunno what the hell's gonna happen.
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