Sunday, March 14, 2010


This post will probably piss a lot of people off but that is how it goes sometimes. I am reading lot of stories about the officials of the Roman Catholic Church fooling around with little kids, mostly boys, in a sexual manner. I find this to be a disgusting state of affairs. Men who call themselves servants of God are raping our little boys. What the hell is going on?

I'll tell you what is going on. "CONFESSION" is going on. The Catholic Church has a ritual they call confession and in this ritual you confess your sins to a priest and the sins are forgiven you and you are straight with God again. Simple little exercise, but in the plans of a baby raping monster it can have terrible results. The baby raper does his thing and then goes to confession. He gets forgiven and thus is considered white-robed once again. The baby may be having problems with his bowel movements but the guy who did it is now innocent and clean before God. Ain't this a hoot! And the priest who forgave him might be of the same persuasion as the baby raper. They could call themselves the Brotherhood of Baby Rapers. Helluva deal.

Catholics, for the most part, are not Bible scholars. I went to one of their schools for a semester many years ago and the Bible was never mentioned. What is mentioned is Catechism. This is the teaching of the Church and not not Biblical in nature. It is what the Church says and not what the scriptures say. The kids in the Church schools are hammered with the Church rules from day one. And the Church says that Confession is a sacred ritual and must be respected because it is through Confession that you can obtain entry into heaven. And getting to Heaven is what it is all about! And you cannot confess your sins to God. You have to say your sins to some guy on the other side of a screen. He is acting in the place of God. You never know if God is really forgiving you or if it is just the guy on the other side of the screen.

There is a world wide shortage of priests in the Catholic Church. They don't get very good press anymore. They get funny looks on the street sometimes. Their numbers are shrinking. They are starting to get priests from shithole nations where guys will plead belief in just about anything for a guaranteed place at the table. Survival is a strong instinct. And the big thing is THEY CAN'T HAVE A WIFE. The Church curses them with an unnatural existence from the very beginning. And there is NO BIBLICAL ADMONITION TO DO WITHOUT A WIFE. Is it any wonder that a homosexual would look at the Catholic Church as a good place to get his itch scratched? And is it any wonder that a Catholic Priest is not considered to be heterosexual, because his actions by virtue of not having a woman bar him from that distinction. A Catholic Priest is not a heterosexual. He is not one of the guys. His lifestyle is strange. And he is to have the say in how normal people behave? This is outrageous. But not having wives has given the Church a lot of money they would normally have spent on maintaining families. It has allowed them to build churches and monasteries that they might not have afforded otherwise. But it has left them with a crippled clergy.

So when I read of high ranking Church dignitaries being accused of allowing perversions and such to infiltrate the Church life and functions, I am not surprised. All of those guys who do the baby raping bit are clean after stepping out of that confessional booth. That is their law. In our system of law in this country your criminal past is available for others to read forever. Not everyone can read it, but it is there. In the Catholic Church it is NOT THERE. You come out of that booth and you are a clean soul before God and the Church. You are once again innocent of transgression upon your fellow man. And so the baby rapers are protected. They are moved about the countries from post to post. Though they take their propensity to rape little boy butts with them wherever they go, they are forgiven. Their robes are washed white. But they do their baby raping time after time after time. Funny how that works. Makes you doubt the truthfulness of Church's teaching on forgiveness of sin. And it damn sure will make you doubt it's effectiveness. Stay alive.



Anonymous said...


EXCELLENT!!! The Fed Gov is a microcosm of the Vatican and it's evil ways and means.

Andrea said...

Wooooo boy. I'm just gonna get my bag of popcorn and get a seat waaaaaay up in the front cuz this is gonnna get interesting.

Cliff said...

While I agree with you about the Catholic church and the hidden abuse, don't forget that child molesters show up anywhere youngsters are. Lots of regular preachers in regular churches are being caught, Boy Scout leaders, Girl Scout leaders, teachers, police, military guys, joe six pack guys. Makes you wonder about anyone working with kids these days. Are they doing it out of a genuine interest in teaching stuff to kids or are they doing it for the opportunity to be close to kids so they can pick out their next target?
The moral fiber that holds this country together is coming apart quickly.

Greg said...

Mike, What is a the Catholic church or any church, nothing but people, and people are sinners. Child abuse in the Catholic church makes headlines because it is the "Catholic church". Is it terrible? Yes! Is it devastating to families and to the Church? Yes! Is it trying to be corrected? Yes! I wish you would look at the numbers of excellent and wonderful priests vs. the number of abusive priests. But that is not reported in headlines. I'm sorry evil is in the Catholic church or any church but it isn't Christ that puts it there but He will deal with it in the end.

Greg said...
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Scott said...

Mike, nothing wrong with the post at all, in fact if more people were straight forward and outraged at this we might see something more done about it. Now as a parent there is no way I would ever put my children anywhere near people like this, I keep a pretty tight reign on my kids, they don't like it but tough, they can thank me later in life when they understand it...

Greg said...

Michael, as a Catholic I will tell you I am standing on one side of a castle wall and you are on the other and you just shot over a lot of arrows. Some were right on and hit a target, but most were way off the mark and a waste of your talent as the "Archer". Especially your understanding of the sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession. The Catholic church is a microcosm of our society. There have been terrible things done by terrible priests and terrible bishops but it happened not because of the sacrament of Confession but because they were liars, sexual perverts and were hiding their crimes. There was no "Reconciliation" no Penance, no dealing with the penalties for their sins and no change of heart. I am not a writer and have no desire to try to explain everything dealing with Catholicism. But where do you think the Bible came from? What church? I used to be a Lutheran and through much research I found out the mistakes Martin Luther made in his theology and books of the Bible he wished to delete because they didn't fit his ideas. As for priests marrying, that is a commitment they make. It is their word to God. The Catholic church does not force them to be priests. Being called to marriage is a vocation in the Catholic church. Contrary to what has been fed to me from every media source known to man since the 1960's sex is not the highest calling. Christ is the head of all Christian churches. He is final judge. That is the "Staying Alive" I am most concerned about after I am through defending this life.

Pete Smith said...

Michael you are right on target with this post. I have never had any trust for the Catholic Church and my wife was raised up for her first 9 years of life. She still talks about the abuse she had to indure. Is far is I can see it's not a church, it's more like a cult.

MEB said...

Over the top you are. In one fell swoop you have condemed with her ALL Catholics, rather than the individual perpertrator. My best friend was having sex her minister behind the Alter while just a young teenager. Your not God and have not the right to pass moral or civel judgement on all Catholics. All things being equal I have the right to wonder about your moral fiber.

Fatebekind said...

I read your blog everyday and usually enjoy it. The same goes for Pete Smith.I think it's important to give people sound advice on preparing their families for disaster. I won't be reading your blog or Pete's anymore. While there are many problems going on in our society and the Catholic Church, I don't need to read the anti Catholic excrement that you just spouted on your blog, and I read Pete Smith's comment supporting it.

Wyn Boniface said...

The seminaries are full of left wing homosexuals. I have watched 3 friends go and leave due to that problem. A left wing homosexual is not somebody to teach morality. I discerned 3 years once and have yet to meet any weirdos, but once you left the small community I knew it got horrible from all reports. I believe those reports.

I see no reason to discuss theology. I will say their is a cardinal screaming the devil is in the gate. I believe him. Maybe the world is coming to its ends? Who knows, I prepare regardless.

I also will probably go Orthodox at this rate and just join with the Greek Church or some obscure E. European one. I have not gone to Mass in a long time. I am hacked off for many reasons. The current news cycle is just adding to those reasons. I have plenty of experience with the Eastern Rite, since I dated a Greek girl for several years.

Mayberry said...

Interesting responses so far...

I was raised Catholic, somewhat. My Mom is Catholic, my Dad Methodist. Neither of them practicing today. Mom forced me to go to CCD on Wednesday nights, which interfered with Cub Scouts, and pissed me off. She also made me go to mass on Sunday, while my Dad went fishing. Pissed me off some more. I rebelled like crazy, and finally Mom gave up. I never did get "confirmed". And I reckon all that has a lot to do with my "dislike" of organized religion. I live life on my own terms, and my own schedule, as much as possible. Church is just one more bunch trying to control my life and empty my wallet, so I skip it. I know what's right and wrong, and I don't need no damn priest, rabbi, preacher, or whatever telling me. Besides, as you pointed out, some of 'em ain't no authority on the subject...

Geoff said...

As one priest told me, "Those priests bring out the Sicilian in me. I want five minutes with them and a bat in a room."

Those priests, and the bishops that covered up their atrocities, should probably be tried and hung from the tree closest to a tribunal hall, as they have proven themselves dangerous to society, like the rabid dogs they are.

But Jesus said, "It must needs be that scandals come. But woe to him by whom they come!" Jesus warned us about wolves in sheep's clothing. Hireling shepherds whose own the sheep are not, and who have no concern for the flock.

God will give them their proper eternal reward.

Now, as another poster mentioned, you don't seem to understand what confession is about. You can't go in and confess your sins, intending to sin again, and be free of sin. Such an abuse of the sacrament of penance is called sacrilege, and it is another mortal sin. You go in with four grave sins on your soul, and you intend to commit the same sins again? Congratulations, you've now got five grave sins on your soul. Confession is efficacious only for people who are truly sorry for their sins and make a strong intent never to sin again.

As for your claim "There is no biblical admonition to do without a wife?" I'm not a Biblical scholar either, but I have read 1 Corinthians 7, in which St. Paul says "Now for the matters you wrote about: it is good for a man not to have a wife. . . . Are you unmarried? Do not look for a wife. . . . An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs — how he can please the Lord. But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world — how he can please his wife — and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world — how she can please her husband. I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord."

I think it is very clear that there is a biblical admonition toward celibacy for the sake of God. Child molestation is not the result of celibacy. It's a ghastly violation of celibacy and the basic human dignity of human beings.

It is absolutely ridiculous to say that someone who does not engage in heterosexual relations, or who chooses to remain unmarried naturally or is more inclined to molest little boys. (Or frequently, post-pubescent boys, showing that they are homosexuals of a sick predatory bent, not true pedophiles.)

Next, Jesus was very clear that it was a noble thing to leave all and follow him: in Matthew 19, he spoke of physical eunuchs (those who have been castrated) and those who make themselves eunuchs (refrain from sexual relations) for the sake of the Kingdom of God. "10 The disciples said to him, “If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry.” But he said to them, “Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”

As he said, it isn't for everyone, but he said that everyone who is called to give up marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of God should.

Why did Jesus breathe on the Apostles (not all of his disciples) and say, "Receive the Holy Spirit: whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; whose sins ye shall retain, they are retained?"

Geoff said...

I can't blame you for your hatred of what you think the Catholic Church is, and your hatred of your misconception of what confession is about, and how it works. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, "If the Catholic Church was really what they thought it was, I would hate it a thousand times more than they."

He also said, "The fact that the world is a thousand times more scandalized when a Catholic commits an evil is only a proof that the world expected so much more."

I've been scandalized by people in the Church, too. I hate the sins those animals have committed. But their millstone-worthy atrocities do not make the truths taught by the institution of the Church any less true.

As I said, Jesus warned us about scandal-mongers like this. Where is the outrage at Jesus, because one of his disciples, someone Jesus himself chose, betrayed him? Turned him over to be killed?

Jesus never promised that the Church would be perfect. He promised scandal. He promised the sword. Strife. Contention. But he also promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church on earth, which he founded upon the Rock, Peter.

When Jesus handed over the "keys of the kingdom," do you realize the significance of that statement? It's not just cute or flowery language. The words Jesus used have a huge historical significance. Handing over the keys of the kingdom was something that a King did when he left his kingdom for a time. The keybearer was, literally, the vice-roy: second only to the King himself. He spoke with the authority of the King until he returned. The person in whose custody he left the keys would wear them on his shoulder as a sign of his position. What he said went. He was responsible for guiding and protecting the kingdom in the absence of the King. Because the King has not yet returned, the keys have been passed down in an unbroken succession of viceroys: the Popes. From Peter, Linus, to Cletus, to Clement, to Aristus, and on until today. When the King returns, the keys shall be handed back to Him. Then, woe to the hireling shepherds. Woe to those who scandalized the children. But we pray God's mercy upon those criminals, and we pray God's comfort and consolation upon their victims. We do not preach hate, but justice, and that such crimes never happen again!

Mayberry said...

Fatebekind, that's a shame. Because the Catholic church, along with many others, are feeding you a line of socialist crap. They are fleecing you almost as much as the government, saddling you with unwarranted guilt, and basically leading you astray. Michael and Pete have good information, and they ain't distracted by a bunch of so called "holy" men trying to separate you from your hard earned money in support of a scam. Ever seen the Vatican? Makes one wonder just how much the Catholic church really doles out to the poor... Guess you'll scrub me off your blog list too. See ya....

Geoff said...

Mayberry, I don't need to wonder. I know the Catholic Church is the #1 provider of charity in the world. Hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, disaster relief and social development (look up the Catholic Relief Services, ranked in the top 25 top charities.)

Mother Teresa seemed to like the Church. Look what she accomplished in her lifetime, acting in full accordance with the teachings of the Church. She lived a beautiful, giving life, and she would never have said "organized religion" was a problem.

Look at Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan Friar who wrote against and spoke out against the Nazis on ham radio, and earned himself a train ticket to Auschwitz and a striped uniform as a result. He traded his life for another man in Auschwitz, a behavior "the like of which we had never seen before, and we would never see again," as one survivor said.

How quickly is the fact that Pius XII had a tree planted for him in Jerusalem and was named among one of the "Righteous Gentiles" for his work in saving Jews in WWII. The Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, converted to Catholicism based on what he saw, taking the Christian name Eugenio (Eugenio Pacelli was Pius XII's original name) saying Pius XII could not possibly have done anything more. The chief Rabbi of Jerusalem also thanked Pius XII after WWII. Hundreds of thousands were saved.

People always lambaste Pius XII (who wrote an encyclical, Mit Brennender Sorge "With Burning Concern" against the racist and nationalist philosophies of the Nazis,) saying he didn't do enough to stop Hitler. Right. What didn't he do? Did he fail to roll out his thousands of tanks and millions of troops from the top-secret underground Vatican Papal military base? What more could he have done without risking complete military occupation of the Vatican by the Germans, thereby shutting down the entire rescue network that was being run out of those few acres? When I was privileged enough to get a tour of certain parts of the Vatican not often seen by I ran into a lady who still remembers the names of the Jewish children who were being hidden in the Vatican. The Jews who were hidden in Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, actually pitched in and gave Pius XII a CROSS made from railroad ties, in thanks for the Pope hiding them from the Germans. Can you imagine? Jews giving the Pope a cross! The pope was asked where he wanted to put the cross. He said, "Let it be put up where they suffered." It still stands today in the basement of Castel Gandolfo.

There are some evil people who claim to be "Catholics." I've always considered a Catholic to be someone who believes in and strives to adhere to all the teachings of Christ and His Church. If you show me where pedophilia or other atrocities are officially sanctioned by the Magisterium of the Church, I'll renounce my religion immediately.

As it is, I believe the Catholic Church has, and always will have the most consistent, most uncompromising set of moral teachings, true philosophy and doctrinal orthodoxy in the entire history of the world. If you set a high standard, there are surely many who will fall tremendously short. But if you build your house on a foundation of sand, it will get washed away when the driving rains and the howling winds come. If you build your house on the Rock, it will withstand the darkest days.

Patriot said...

I had typed for a while, when I realized my condemnation of you, was no different than yours. Well said Greg and Geoff. As for the priests you speak of: Matthew 18:6 "Whoever harms one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better for Him that a millstone hung about his neck and he drowned in the sea." There will be justice, just maybe not on your timeframe.

Fatebekind said...

I have to go on your blog. You have the Daily Read List of most of the blogs I read. I'm not going to defend the Church, you are the guys w/ blogs and you can rant all you like. I just think w/ all the troubles that are coming we would be alot smarter finding common ground among us all than starting sectarian religious wars among the prepping community.