Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sorta warm this morning but a little breezy. Come July and August we won't get any breeze. Just hot stagnant air. But it is a seasonal thing, you know. It won't be the end of the earth but just the changing of the season. I have talked around a bit this morning and it is raining in Georgia, Mississippi, and here in Indiana. Thus, it must be raining all over the world. If it is then it must mean the world needs a drink.

A little group in Georgia had a little meeting, just about 5 men. They were talking about God and the seriousness of the economic situation we face in this day. One of them got lifted up and said that men will have to make their own jobs! I liked it. We have to use our think-wad between our ears to come up with gainful employment. We need not mourn the passing of the soulless corporations but rather we are to devise our own businesses and make our daily bread on our own effort. Thus we will become leaders and not followers. Love it. We have paid too much money to the system and have gotten screwed for it. Not much appreciation for our labor at all. So we must be diligent and vigilant in our actions and pick up on where the money is for us. Think like you own General Motors and not like you punch a time clock for them. Don't try to start big and play the executive because it doesn't work that way. Start small and humble and learn as you grow. Keep records and watch your expenses. If you will be honest then your figures will tell you what is going on in a true and accurate portrayal. Remember, your figures will tell you the truth if you put down true figures. Forget your ego and your pride. Hitting the jackpot is what you are after, or at least making a decent living. The days of getting blind rich may be gone for a while, but making a living should be possible for those with the eye to see and the ear to hear.

We have skills and we have the opportunity for starting a business. And it does not mean that you have to become a diamond cutter or a laser operator. Can you make bulk compost? It sure would become a popular item to many folks, especially gardeners. Some folks just like to garden and don't like to fool with making compost. Make it for them and charge either money or vegetables, whichever works in your region. Then there is the story about the guy who drove a Ford pick-up and got all of his parts from a buddy who did nothing but scrap out Ford pick-ups. Got a couple extra acres of junk land. Start your own junk yard. Specialize or generalize. What ever works for you.

And you can always grow food and sell it. The more popular it is and the cheaper it is the more you will sell. People always need food. Gotta have it. And if your garden produce s high quality and nutritious then people with kids will be anxious to buy from you. A lot of people will scrimp on themselves but they will do without to feed their kids.

The wife bought a new broom yesterday, the same time day she bought our new food saver. The broom is the interesting thing. It is an old fashioned corn broom, made with corn straw and wire and a wooden handle. $8. You could make several at one time and sell them for a profit if you can grow the broom straw and you have the wire. A broom is an overlooked item in our lives. It's always around and doesn't raise any commotion. But you let a woman not have a broom and you will catch hell. It is just something a man is to provide, a broom. She will work it until her arms are so tired she can't lift them but it is up to the man to afford the damn thing.

We all plan on a financial collapse or some other calamity but once it is over, or well underway, we need to figure out how we will carry on. It will be nice on the evening of the collapse to sit around and have roast beef and candied yams but we needs something to do the next day. We can't just sit around and shoot Zombies for six months. We need to get to producing and growing and taking care of business. There are days in the future not seen and we need to be ready for them also. Use your head. We will have to make our own jobs. Stay alive.

p.s. Hector. TP stands for toilet paper.



HermitJim said...

Makes perfect sense to me! And it's something we all need to be thinking about to some degree!

Pete Smith said...

Very good post, and let me know how you like the food saver I love mine.

Mayberry said...

The little guy will rise again, recycling the ashes of bloated corporations, able to do so in the absence of tyrannical government.... Sounds like heaven to me...

Northwoods said...

"We can't just sit around and shoot Zombies for six months."
You're right Michael that'd probably get boring after while.
That's unless a guy could start a business like "Zombie Extermination and Compost LLC."
Good post Sir..