Thursday, March 18, 2010


It seems that everywhere I look there is a problem, a calamity, or SOMETHING, that is looking to make life difficult. Earthquakes, threats of war, crop failures, civil unrest, phony climate schemes, threats of Martial Law, and on and on. And I am not saying these threats are not real. No way am I denying their existence. But I confess to getting a little weak in the knees sometimes in thinking about how I am supposed to handle all this crap. This morning I got hit with possible war with China. Good Lord! How the hell am I supposed to whip a Chinese invasion? Beats the hell out of me! It takes some sort of organization to stop an invading force like the Chinese Army. You don't go out with your bolt action 30 caliber rifle and send the Chi-Coms home with their tail between their legs. It just don't happen that way. Those guys will be seriously trying to kill you and they will have the means to do it. It is one thing to fight it out with 20 or 30 bad guys, if you have some help. But with 5000 Chinese soldiers coming over the ridge your bowels sorta get a little weak, if you catch my drift. How the hell am I supposed to handle anything like that? I would give it a shot if I had a chance but it doesn't seem to be much of a chance looking at those kind of odds. And I want to go to the beer blast after the victory, you understand. It's important. The kids would talk about it for decades.

But going to, or missing, a beer blast is not what it is all about. Winning and staying alive are what it is all about. I was writing to a fella this morning and I mentioned that China was 30,000,000 women short of having enough to provide a bride for every man. That is enough to make a guy nervous! I mean, those guys in the Red Army haven't been spending their time in prayer and meditation all these years. There are bound to be some real close buddies in there somewhere. And they won't give a shit about making YOU one of their close buddies either. We may have to fight just to preserve our masculine virginity. The toll on the female side of life will not be any different. They will become whores for the Red Army either in a willing mode or an unwilling mode. The result will be the same. Those people not assigned to sex slavery will be working in food production for the visiting Army. They have to eat and their leaders know that growing it here will be a lot cheaper than shipping it from there. And our people will do the work or they will become compost. Life will be reduced to a very simple form. Work or die.

And I look for the Mexican Army to help their Chinese brethren out to a large degree. They will finally get a chance to put it on the gringos. And the Mexicans are well armed. They have the same shoulder fired weapons that we do, to a certain extent. I don't know what they have in the way of tanks but I am sure they have Armored Personnel Carriers and we know they have helicopters. They can make a mess for us for sure. And on the East Coast we have the Russians and the Arabs coming at us with a great fury. There will be no problem talking Cuba into marching up Florida and going across to New Orleans. Things will be a bitch. No doubt about it.

I must go now and do some serious studying. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Well Michael, they'd have to get through Texas first (New Mexico, Arizona, Kalifornicate). I can assure you, they will not get through Texas. We could probably put a man every 10 yards along the Rio Grande with a couple rifles and cases of ammo, and you bet your ass we would too! It would be like Admiral Yamamoto said during WWII: You can not invade mainland United States, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass... It would be interesting to see how they planned on moving all those troops across the ocean, China not having much in the way of naval capacity... I'm more concerned with our domestic enemies at this point in time, but if the Chi-coms wanna dance, they know where we live...

Shy Wolf said...

Michael- whether the Chinese, or anyone, invades or not, it won't be up to just you to send them to hell. So if 30 or 300 appear on the horizon, you'll have plenty of help. Don't be worried, my Friend.
Besides- they'll have to fight their way through half the country to reach the midwest- do you really think there'll be that many left to crest your hill?