Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's supposed to get warm again today. Up in the 50's. Love it. In one week we went through the 3o's, then the 4o's and finally the 5o's. The rain is forecast quite a bit so we could get our feet wet. That's okay too. Plenty of water in the soil will bust the garden out of the ground like gang busters. And we want that garden to do well. I was reading about a guy keeping an inventory on the livestock in their area. It wasn't his livestock you understand, but he knew where it was. He was also keeping track of who might have fuel in his area. And some people took offense at that. Sure is obvious to me that people do not have basic survival instincts. I don't care if your plans are to rip-off or not, you had better know where the things are that can keep you alive. I will be guarding my stuff and you had better be guarding yours. Law enforcement will be in short supply or non-existent when the collapse comes. All kinds of people will be out there looking for food and fuel. Not my plan but rather my observation. Personally I think cattle rustling is a waste of good food if you do not have enough people to eat all of it. Chickens and rabbit and ducks will be much more efficiently disposed of. Enough for a meal and then you are on your way. And that is why I want to build my chicken coops close to my dwelling. My son has walked our property these last two weeks and he says we are overrun with game. Fine by me. Beats the hell out of stealing, but if stealing is the only way you can stay alive you had better get proficient at it. You can get shot if caught doing it. Times will get tough, more than likely, and you had better be prepared to do what you have to do to live. Remember, one of our prominent industries in the future will be "salvage". Enough said.

What there isn't enough said about is the perverted twist the media is conjuring up to demonize legitimate organizations. Of course the fedgov stooges give them all the ammunition they need to go ahead and run decent people down. I was reading this morning about some East Coast state that had a gun store called "Constitution Arms" and the guy wanted to sponsor a little league team. The league officials would not let him sponsor a team because the store name was Rabble Rousing. It was deemed to be provocative of violence and disrespect. The Big Sis DHS is going off a lot about internal terrorists who would stir up trouble and violence in this country. Oath Keepers and numerous other groups are getting demonized extensively. And it is all propaganda. Nothing provable. But a lot of these groups are against what Obama wants to do in this country so they are being called social misfits and other unkindly names. I guess they feel that if you are against Obama then you are a social misfit and possibly dangerous. Let it be recorded that I do not like the things that Obama is doing and let it be noised abroad throughout the land that it is so. I don't like the man's programs and I will vote against him at the polls. So long Obama! You are political history as far as I am concerned. Bye Bye.

As the weather warms up folks are speaking more and more about gardening. I got an email from a guy in Kentucky and he is going to enlarge his garden quite a bit this year. He just wants to be ready. He made a point of writing about what we have forgotten to do. And you know there are things we have omitted and just don't know it yet. I remembered that I need some Mill Bastard files. Can't afford the energy of dull tools. Hoeing a garden with a dull hoe is a spectacular waste of time and energy. Hit it a few licks with a file and you are ready to go in a proper manner. The same goes for shovels, scythes, and other cutting tools. Your axe will work so much better if it is sharp. So will your Tomahawks. You did see Patriot with Mel Gibson, I presume. Tomahawks are bad ass if your get caught on the wrong end of them in a fight. But whatever we are short of will make itself known pronto. The money boys are starting to talk about stocking up on medicines and ammo. I'm all for it. But I think they would be well served to throw in some food and tools too. I lost my hoe last fall and I need a new one. Gotta get that taken care of. And if Pale Rider thinks I have forgotten the building of those chicken coops he is mistaken. We will need eggs and chicken flesh most rapidly when people get hungry. Nothing like a plate heaped up with good home grown eggs to help you get started in the day. It will keep you strong and it will keep you healthy. Or you can forget about that and just depend on Obamacare to keep you going. Me, I'll go for the eggs. Much more dependable.

I was reading some gloom and doom predictions yesterday and it was said that when the USA does the Chapter 7 on all the debt it owes, foreign countries will be pissed off and might even attack us. Britain and Holland will be wanting to loot and plunder Iceland pretty soon. Iceland had it's big banks go tits up and default on a a little over five billion dollars worth of deposits from the two countries. England at once came to the rescue of it's citizens who lost money in the Icelandic bank and made all of their deposits good with Pound Sterling. Now they want Iceland to pay up the money to Britain and Holland via taxation and the Icelanders said a resounding "NO!" Somehow or another the proposition got put on a national referendum and the people trounced it. Our bailouts have never been put to a vote of the people and we all know why. The politicians can be bought off but the man in the street is independent of the banksters. Remember the night the bailout got passed? The calls flooding in to Washington were 99% against the bailout but money talks and bullshit walks and we lost that round. But I have no doubt that we will get another chance and Obama knows that also. I think we can win the next battle but it will be a phyrric victory. The damage has already been done. It is going down. And as it goes down so will the dreams of a few million young people. And that is a damn shame. Some of these kids have worked long and hard to get educations and training to get them through life in a decent manner. And these greedy bastards are going to ruin the whole damn ball of wax. My kids, the apples of my eye, will have their dreams dashed upon the rocks on the shore of life. Someone will pay for this crap. Big time. These young people are physically fit and smart as whips. They are not going to take this lieing down. It could be big trouble for those who screwed things up for them. Big trouble.

I just got a comment from Cliff down in Georgia and he said the Florida tomato crop was ruined by the weather and the $14,000 semi loads of tomatoes that come up from Florida are being replaced by truckloads of tomatoes from Mexico for $54,000. It seems that squash and some other stuff and CORN was affected also, so get ready. They are fixing to do it to us again. Get out there and plant your asses off! Grow everything under the sun! Can and dry and pickle and dehydrate everything you can get your hands on! Store up so much food that your floors groan when you walk on them. Beat this rotten system. Beat the hell out of it. It will be the death of us all if we don't whip it first. And remember,the extra thirty grand we pay for the Mexican food is not going to the Mexican people. It is going to the Elite and the big sell-out corporations. They would be selling much cheaper if they thought they had to compete with the Florida growers. Remember, labor is cheaper in Mexico. Get your seeds and plants in the ground! And do not listen to any"Conservative" bullshit on this topic. It is a pure and simple rip-off. I just put my last $20 bill in an envelope marked Garden Fund. Our globalist government can't engage in trade wars but I sure as hell can. I will walk through the supermarkets and laugh at their wrinkled tomatoes. I will watch them wither on the displays. I will withhold my money from their greedy little paws. I will let the market wither on the vine. What is it to me? All I am doing is showing some support for my own family of Americans. The price must come down or the vegetables can dry and wither. I have declared my own personal trade war with imported vegetables from Mexico. And I will see to it. I ain't asking for people to join with me or anything like that. I am just telling you what I will do. I am not playing around. I suppose this will get me branded as a non-conforming, anti-social basket case but that is tough shit. I will grow my own vegetables. Try and stop me.

Stay alive.



Andrea said...

I read that letter on Survivalblog and it irritated me too...not so much that the author was taking note of local resources but that he didn't mention any other preparations he'd made other than plans for stealing. The impression that I got was that it was just too much work to prepare...he'll just wait and loot before anyone else has a chance because he is EVER so much more clever than all the other folks in his area. That punk will be one of the first to develop a severe case of lead poisoning when TSHTF

I too have taken note of local resources; I know where to find water, grain, beef, chicken, goat, fruit, veggies, but I've also made an effort to store food and necessities so I don't have to resort to stealing to feed my children. I've also made it a point to keep barter-worthy goods on hand in order to obtain said grain, beef, chicken or goat.

If worse comes to worst, maybe I can get a job with Dr. R down the road? I can sit on the fence in his cow pasture and shoot at looters in return for a hunk of beef?

PaleRider said...

Not to worry my friend I have not forgotten about the chicken coops.

I have been rather busy with my business and seeing how things are unraveling all over the place.

For those who think that the produce is going to get unreal you just wait and see, meat, eggs, bread & all the wally world crap is about to go through the ceiling, I do pray that people heed he warnings that are on the winds. Start those garden prepping people freedom is on the way when you can provide for yourself.

Be strong my friend and keep charging the mental batteries of all those that read your blog.