Monday, March 1, 2010


I was just reading an article from the Washington Times that said that Americans took more from the fedgov than they paid into it last year. Hot damn! At least we have learned what it takes to get our money back. And it is our money. Bloggers all over the country will tell you that the government does not make money and that is true. YOU PEOPLE make the money with the sweat of your brow and the government spends it. How many days of your life are you disgusted with your job but you go right on working because you have a home, a family, and obligations. If you are like me there were lots of days you did just that. All that mind numbing work that you did to make a company a profit and keep you employed. But you are getting it back, my friends. The taxpayers are getting more than they put in. The fedgov is a little upset, but when ain't they upset? Keep taking that money!

We have enjoyed a two day visit from my son and his Pit Bull this weekend. We got to dog-sit for a few hours today but the young man got a lot of work done on his car in the process and he is thankful for that and so am I. He spent a lot of time hiking the land while he was here. He keeps up on the Valley scene pretty well. I know of one hike he took that was 8 or 9 miles if you took the easy way. But he enjoys that sort of stuff and I say let him go for it. He has a restless nature and likes to get out and roam. And he put in 320 hours of work during February, riding in an ambulance and taking care of people. Let him have some fun. He can't be expected to want to sit and talk to an old man all day long, though he does more of that than he used to do.

He got into finding antlers this weekend and did a hell of a job. He found three single antlers and one big skull with a complete 8 point rack on it. It is finishing drying out on the porch right now. It should be quite a trophy when it is done. He was going to boil it but a guy who has done it told him not to bother. Boiling will take out all the color and he wants that left in so it will be more natural. The best place he found to hunt antlers was the top of a hill that had been dozed off about 25 or 30 years ago and used for a log yard. It was full of saplings all about the same diameter. And it was thick as hell with them. He figured that no deer was going to get through that hill top thicket without losing his antlers and he found a few, sure enough. It was the last day of February and the first day of March when he found them. That's a big clue for finding antlers in these parts. And antlers can be of great benefit in a primitive situation. They can make knife handles and buttons and certain kinds of jewelry. They have all kinds of utility and they can be had by figuring out where the deer would lose them. Simple enough.

It has become apparent that the mission of the United States is to engage in a slow slide into the morass of Depression. a Depression to startle the world when it finally gets into full swing. This Depression will turn American cities into shit holes we could never have imagined. We will make Mumbai look good before it is all settled. The only thing I can do about this is to prepare and invest in TANGIBLES. My money will not be any good. Inflation will eat it up faster than the fedgov can print it. You know the drill. Beans, bullets, and band-aids. Non-hybrid seed. If you absolutely have to have a form of money I suggest gold and silver. Be very careful about buying gold. The market is oversold by 25 years production. That's right boys and girls. The rats have sold the world gold production out 25 years into the future. Only an insane bunch of bastards would allow such a game to even be played. Watch your act very closely. And for God's sake stay alive.



The Urban Prepper said...

Great your son every chance I get to walk the land I do, once a farmer always a farmer. Nothing like wild onions, mushrooms, berries etc. Mother Nature provides so much more than a walk through the aisles at Wally-World! We have a few knife & gun shows going on this month and scuttlebutt advises to attend while you can...the last one I attended a vendor had taped a sign on the back of an undercover BATF Agent..."I'm a BATF Agent...don't talk to me"...he walked around the show that way for at least an one said a thing not even the police guard! You’re right about the demise…you can see it picking up steam every day and then the finale! Bless you and all preppers!


Shy Wolf said...

Interesting statistic... but I wonder: how many of those "Americans" recieving the money from the fed were here illegally, living on the system, or just plain not even working to put in any funds to the fed?
It's wonderful that more is returned to the owners, but it's more wonderful if it's returned to the people who actually put it in.