Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's almost supper time here in Indiana and still no news on Obamacare. I guess I should not be worried one way or the other. My son said I was paranoid and I told him that you are not really paranoid if they really are after you. He may have changed his mind a little bit when I told him that the Obamacare bill would force EVERYONE to buy health insurance. After I let him in on that one I asked him where in the Constitution it is written that the government could force us to buy health insurance. Then I brought up the issue of 17,000 NEW IRS agents to enforce the buying mandate. He sorta quieted down after that and is chewing on the facts. Good for him says I. He is pretty smart and he will pick up on it.

But if this bill passes today then we will all have health insurance. We will be insured against everything. Cancer, carwrecks, bad falls, the diseases we pick up in hospitals and all the other good things to be insured against. My major problem with this is how will it get paid for when the economy collapses? I am afraid that it is a hoax. It ain't gonna last six months. It will get sued out of existence anyhow. Seems like the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Mayberry sent me an email talking about a couple of pretty good sized earthquakes on the island of Cuba and in Guatemala, I think. Things are shakin' pretty good these days. It is supposed to be something to do with the Sun, so we can't do much about it. But these big quakes are tearing things up to no end. And right after the quake we get looters and arsonists and rapists. Fine time to go pick on somebody, you know. Bastards. String 'em up!


It is now almost eight o'clock Monday morning and I am just finishing this post. It appears that the Obamacare bill was passed last night and is headed to Obama for his signature, making it the law of the land. Well, at least SOMEONE did something to try and help this problem we have with too many people not having insurance to pay for medical aid. I don't like the IRS growing by 17,000 agents in order to police the damn thing but no one asked me about that. And this measure will fail as America collapses economically. But at least SOMEONE took a stab at helping the people with their medical problems. I don't like it but it will have to do for right now. We live in a sick world where the AMA and Big Pharma have such a stranglehold on our lives. It has brought us this Obamacare. May God preserve us. And stay alive.


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I am Stan said...

Yo Micheal

The bill would never have passed without the insurance companies giving the nod.

Forced to take on more customers!,in fact the whole of the US population.

I bet they are loving it!

It like telling everyone they must,by law ,eat a Mc Donalds a day....